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  1. This better be a big play or I want a refund
  2. Oh crap, my teams are playing each other
  3. MVP goes to KDD for finally showing everyone how to play veteran
  4. Or don't jail anyone because I can't kill them if you jail them. If things have lined up the way they have, they can't convert tonight anyway. If Doom is playing us, props to him, but I still have yet to see how that's possible. Why would Z16 show up as sus as the GF? Think man, his will is a lie. Him being converted on night 3 is the only thing in there that I believe.
  5. I mean, unless there is something weird with the special role against vampires specifically, this is his role description: I have no reason to believe that he wasn't on you every night meaning he has had invincible defense the entire time because there has been no such alert. If I glossed over it, feel free to point it out. This is the vampire rules from the wiki Obviously the wiki doesn't have these special roles, but considering TPs negate a bite, I think it's safe to say that provided he was guarding you each night he isn't a vampire. He was
  6. Oh my god, don't be dumb town. It's 100% not Doom
  7. In the Rangers vs Phalanx game, which player will score the first rushing or receiving TD of the game? Charm McClain-Callahan In week 14 how many ECFA rushing TDs will there be - Under 14, between and including 14 and 17, or over 17? Under 14 Will Dewey Jackson have over/under 110.5 receiving yards in week 14? Under Which EFL passer will throw the most TDs in week 14 (if there is a tie, which of the tied players will have more yards) - Gavin Rose, Gustav ManCheetah, or Teppei Renomitsu? Gustav ManCheetah Which EFL team will have the most rushing yards in week 14? San An
  8. This is the game that doesn't end. Yes, it goes on and on, my friends. Some people started playing it not knowing what it was and they’ll continue playing it forever just because...
  9. I just checked hatty last night and he is clean (unless JUST bitten in the same night). Doom has immunity essentially and we'd be notified if he lost it
  10. Sure, but we had a jailed execution last night, we've yet to hear about the knight losing his immunity, I checked hatty last night, and that leaves Tac and Lefty, of which I can check one of them tonight.
  11. Did you not see lefty visit doom last night?
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