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  1. I'm the last neutral as Turncoat. KDD was the other neutral as Parasite You and Tac are town, the rest are mafia. Ri Dog is GF, that's why he showed up as sharing Caboose's alignment and didn't share Wheaties's
  2. I am in fact the Turncoat. Let's end this mafia. @Ptyrell you
  3. I can win with him, and I outed myself on n2. If he decided to douse me after that...then shame on him. I'm willing to roll the dice that I wasn't doused n1. Allowing him to ignite speeds up the game for me and I ally with the winning side easier Yes, I did not vote for him because the game wasn't as decided as it is now, so I opted out of the vote. I guess I could have thrown some a late vote like Latti and Wheaties, but that also would have been suspect to you
  4. Okay fine, here is the math then. 3 town/2 neutral/3 mafia remaining Town claims Tac - seer Ptryell - investigator Gus - medium Ridog - veteran Wheaties - BG Neutral claims Beo - survivor No claims KDD a_ferk So two of the town are lying. I know I'm survivor, so my money is on Wheaties and Ptyrell as the liars. There still exists a possibility of me being framed twice, but that seems extremely unlikely. Tbh, it's a bad play for him to investigate me again since he has results and a claim from me, so he should get results from someone else to pressure. You've claimed that you are an "important town role." Please, spare me the lies, mafia.
  5. So here's what I think. I think Wheaties is the arsonist and KDD is mafia. In order for town to secure a victory, they need to basically hope Wheaties ignites tonight and takes out more mafia than town. Lynching a mafia right now also lessens their numbers to stay equal with town (down to 2 mafia and 2 town after the night actions). We can lynch Wheaties the arsonist right now, but then it's 3 maf vs 2 town (after night actions) and that is not a winning strategy for town as I will align with mafia. And for as to why I think Wheaties is the arsonist. He is claiming BG which is in the investigative results with arsonist. He's at least covering his tracks should ptryell have investigated him. He cannot be GF because he and ri dog aren't aligned, and GF shows up as town to the seer, so they would have matched. That means he must be the arsonist. With that said VOTE KDD
  6. Totally unrelated, but why do I always feel like Nyko is evil and Caboose is always a doctor?
  7. -1 Town for flex the Jailor -1 Town for Jeffie the BG -1 Town for Caboose the Doctor -1 Town for Latti the Vig -1 Town for Doncutta the Vig -1 Town for Spartan the Tracker -1 Mafia for Nyko the Poppet Current grand total of 3 Mafia/2 Neutral/ 3 Town This has gotten spicy. Personally I think we need to find that NK.
  8. Oh my god that is fantastic
  9. Seems like a waste of a bullet when you can use it on someone else with suspicion. Literally no one else has claimed a neutral role except me. Obviously the NK won't say anything, but most other neutral roles would have no problem outing themself I'm wearing it regardless, but just my two cents
  10. Unless I'm missing something, there is no direct evidence against Nyko, so he's as much suspected mafia as you are. If nyko is telling the truth, then given spartan's results (inves/consig/mayor/tracker/plaguebearer/parasite) he could be... I guess he could still be any of those lol. There is still the possibility that he was attacked, was healed, and is still lying because he has defense, but man he is leading town and one slip up will end him if he's lying.
  11. I'm just asking per your request But it's a joke. I'm bored
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