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  1. Someone still managed to exceed expectations
  2. No way I fall to 14 Good mock otherwise
  3. Bo Linbaugh enters the transfer portal.
  4. I've considered retiring Sackett. Like I said with Arceneaux, I don't know if I want to commit to another players career. But, Asahel still exists. He's turned out to be a very good 600 TPE receiver, and I'm not planning to abandon him. So, I probably won't retire Sackett. Still, I don't expect to maintain 9 a week updates with Mr Sackett. As you may have noticed, Asahel definitely slowed down in his training post NCAA, and I expect Sackett to do the same. I know linebackers are needed in the league. So, Sackett will enter the draft. Be prepared for a likely scenario in which he stops training as soon as Asahel retires, if not sooner. Sackett has a strong build in my opinion. He will have max speed shortly after the draft, and he is strong. He needs more intelligence, hands, agility, and of course tackling perhaps. Regardless, He's been dominant at the NCAA level, and I believe he will be solid up in the EFL. I am open to playing for any team in the league with him. Who knows, maybe life gets less busy and doing the extra work to claim affiliation and write a brand here won't feel like such a chore. Either way, I've gotten much more enjoyment from the EFL than one could have expected when Arceneaux and Johnson were IA useless college dudes.
  5. Cody Sackett believes 100% that he was last season's Linebacker of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. He's let the committees decision fuel him, and drive him to even greater heights this season. Perhaps it can be attributed to his exceptional LB partner Kurt Martins heading to the Wolfpack. Either way, Sackett's stats through 10 games are almost as good as his stats through the entire past season. He has racked up 118 tackles along with 10 tackles for loss and 3 sacks. He's done alright in coverage too, accounting for 4 passes defended and 2 interceptions. Unfortunately, Despite the work of Sackett and Frost, the team's defense as a whole has been rather sieve like. This could be partially attributed to a young offense which struggles to stay on the field? But, Sackett could be seen as putting up empty numbers. But boy, he's putting up a bunch of them. In Michigan, Bo Linbaugh has been doing his part to make the Wolverines a playoff team. Through 10 games, he has rushed for 1245 yards and 12 touchdowns. His yards per carry has stayed at a respectable 5.3. Of course, Devine Jr has been a huge help. Having 2 1000 yard rushers keeps both fresh and allows for cheat code level rushing numbers from them both.
  6. Receiver Asahel is working out better than anyone could have expected. He's had big games with 100+ yards or 2+ touchdowns practically every outing this season. Who knew being so fast was so overpowered. Bo Linbaughs been doing his thing for Michigan. That one thing is run fast. Maybe he'll never reach the heights Asahel was able to reach, but for now, he brings a surprisingly similar skill set to the table. He and Devine Jr make Michigan almost competitive game in and game out. Talking to Bo, you almost wouldn't see a RB that didn't get carries last year. He really doesn't seem to care that he was kept off the field to help make another RB look better. Cody Sackett is feeling both the sting of missing out on any awards last season, and thing sting of an 0-5 start. LSU is struggling, and he's left wondering if he shouldn't have graduated last season. Starting a freshman QB, and having one decent RB is not a recipe for success at the NCAA level. And it's not helping that despite Sackett, the defense bleeds points at a concerning level. All in all, the Sanchez agency is thriving. Will be interesting to see how the upcoming draft unfolds.
  7. Seattle - Reginald Sharkstrong: 1264 TPE/ 834 APE (regressed) Los Angeles - Duke Starscream: 1040 TPE/ 1008 APE Seattle - Emry Park: 648 TPE/ 648 APE (regressed) New Orleans - Boaty McBoatface: 594 TPE/ 591 APE Los Angeles - Asahel: 585 TPE/ 585 APE Wisconsin - Jean-Baptiste Levesque: 564 TPE/ 562 APE (regressed) San Antonio - Marlon Grey: 529 TPE/ 520 APE (regressed) Wisconsin - Danton Howlson: 481 TPE/ 481 APE Miami - David C. Moriarty: 433 TPE/ 425 APE (regressed) Teamless - Jon Karol Chodkiewicz: 413 TPE/ 412 APE (free agent) Memphis - Tragedy Helmsley: 405 TPE/ 402 APE (regressed) Wisconsin - Desmond King: 383 TPE/ 357 APE (regressed) Memphis - Victor Von Vanmort: 321 TPE/ 320 APE New York - Charlie Hudson: 262 TPE/ 250 APE (regressed) Los Angeles: With both the league's best running back, and Duke Starscream (:p), running back should not be a problem in LA for the foreseeable future. Besides, with no draft picks for the foreseeable future, what would they do if they did need another back. Memphis: The Mambas are in full rebuild mode now. With the franchise QB retired, and last night's blockbuster trade, this is quite apparent. VVV should be a passable running back for the remainder of his career, but he won't be someone to build a team around. But really now, you can't build around a running back in the EFL. The Mambas still could target one of the backs in this draft. Miami: Moriarty is old. The consistent RBoty contender will not be so consistent much longer. Miami needs to find the future of the run game, or perhaps, abandon it entirely. New Orleans: The Kraken made a calculated decision to let Howlson leave in free agency. They entrusted the backfield to McBoatface. Anyone who followed "Goaty" McBoatface during his time at Alabama understands that entrusting the running game to him is just good coaching. New York: The Herds running back situation is rather bleak. It's hard to see the intent behind trading a 2nd year talent for 2 years of Charlie Hudson. Nothing against Hudson, but he isn't going to be very effective rolling behind his OL in a wheelchair. Targeting Jebaseelan or Gesicki in the draft is a must. San Antonio: Same song, different verse… San Antonio is relying upon an older runner in Grey. I won't make a joke about hair color. They did draft USCs longtime star in Jimmy Numbers. But his lack of attendance at the teams rookie mini camp is concerning at best. The Wolfpack are yet another team that should be eyeing the running back market in the upcoming draft. Seattle: Seattle has to really good running backs. Both are heading into the last stages of their careers. The Predators shouldn't have to worry for another season of 2 at least. Sharkstrong looks to have another couple seasons in him. Unless Seattle sees the next Sharkstrong in this draft, they probably have more pressing needs to attend to. Wisconsin: Wisconsin supplemented an aging group of RBs by adding Danton Howlson. If they keep him aboard, they should have no worries. Conclusion: The running backs of the league are old. Asahel, Howlson, Starscream, and McBoatface represent the future, but there are only 4 of them. Fortunately, RBs don't actually matter all that much. It's clear that Jebaseelan and Gesicki should find ready suitors. https://giphy.com/gifs/nfl-football-dallas-cowboys-l0HlxFqH9QjhHijcc
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