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  1. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/49737-one-of-the-and-friends/ Claiming for the +6
  2. Another win? The Skyhawks dont have many of those. This most recent win featured a heavy dose of Sanchez agency talent. Cody Sackett produced 10 tackles and forced 2! fumbles. Asahel had a run of the mill 129 yard rushing performance, but doubled his TD numbers for the year adding 2. If only Asahel wasn't so old, he would be a guy Toronto could build around in the future. Sackett however, he has potential to become a cornerstone of the defense. The dude showed he had talent at LSU with b2b DPoty worthy seasons. If that potential is ever unlocked in the EFL... and boy, does that look like something that could happen. Sackett has yet to blossom into a consistent threat on the defensive end. Perhaps he needs to get faster or stronger. Maybe his fundamentals need work. But then again, I would not be surprised if he led the league in tackles next season. He's close. He's almost there. Asahel is old. But he has enough juice to remain relevant probably 3 more seasons maybe 4. He'll always be fast and have good hands. If Toronto ever discovers a QB, I can see another move to wide receiver. Either way. The Sanchez agency bros are the present of Toronto. Good luck.
  3. So basically... Asahel is the worst offense in the league
  4. Asahel... When he was nabbed in the expansion draft by the Toronto Skyhawks, maybe someone should have seen this coming. While it's been a disappointing career for the former #10A pick, Asahel has all the talent to be a top running back in this league. His speed is nearly unrivaled, and he has soft hands. Put on a team with a journeyman QB, and an unspectacular receiving corps, Asahel has been given the chance to run the ball as much as his regressed body can handle. In every conceivable situation, and from every formation, the ball finds its way into Asahels capable hands. It's been working... Sorta. Through 6 games, Asahel leads the EFL in rushing with 845 yards. His 4.5 yards per carry isn't terrible especially considering how keyed in on him defenses must be. But, mainly due to an offense that can barely move the ball except one Asahel carry at a time, he has only found the endzone twice. Of course, Asahel has a desire to take home the RBoty award. It won't be easy. Oscar Jebaseelan is not that far behind in yardage, but actually scores touchdowns. One thing Asahel is definitely in the running for? The comeback player of the year award. He's back baby
  5. Well, I guess the simmer just wanted to showcase the force that is Asahel... It's fun being a teams only relevant player....
  6. https://simbaseball.forumotion.com/t504-sanchez-s1-sbl-mock-draft#2788
  7. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/48958-when-you-dont-know-what-to-say/
  8. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/48335-glass-of-oj-in-the-morning/
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