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  1. "Oi, youse ever done something that feels so right, it feels like ya swimming outta your mum's snatch again? No? Oi, mate, don't be weird, we all crawled outta some snatch sometime, eh? Anyways, that's neither who's nor what's, I'm talkin about kickin', mate. Back home all the sports got some form of kickin', it's Australia's national pastime, that. Kickin'. Oh sure, growin' up we kicked mammals, marsupials... Oi! It ain't animal abuse, mate! It was self defense! The little rascals would come right at ya! Ya had to boot the bastards across the yard or ya'd lose a pinky toe! Pinky toes ain't cheap, mate. Damn Steve Irwin had everybody thinking "oi, these animals are so cute". Then the damn cute animal stabbed em in the heart, right in the the heart, didn't it? I don't trust no damn cute animal. Oi, what were we talking about? Kickin'. Right. So anyways, I boot this monster, it flies, oh it had to be, say, 60-70 yards, it was a beaut. Did I make it? Oi, mate is that important? Did you hear how far it went?"
  2. SBA 6 Uh, guess I'm claiming this for this week though. Stupid EFL and your Saturday updates.
  3. -- BOOMER -- "So me coach says to me, he says to me, "Oi mate, how's about you start working on your accuracy a wee bit instead of just kickin' the ball outta the yard", and I says back, oh, I tells em ,"Oi boss, does it seem to you like me dear ol' dad raised a right stinkin' pussy to you, mate? I look like the son of a pussy, do I?" and get this, best part of it right here, I look em straight in his dead little eyes and tells em, "Oi, you tell me that again, mate, and it's your balls I'll be kicking outta the yard, how's about that?"" The reporter doesn't know what to say. -- Pookie -- "Look, I may not be the "fastest" guy, I may not be the "best in coverage", I may not be very "aware", or "agile", and maybe I can't "make a tackle" or even "show a willingness to do so", and I'm not sure, but I'm probably not very smart. I don't know, I play football so they just kept passing me in high school. But one thing Pookie does do well, Pookie can get the ball. All my life, I don't catch the ball, the ball just seems to come to me. Like a long lost puppy."
  4. Abaddon


    Soooo NY gotta discord or?
  5. SBA 6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/44267-atlantas-5th-consecutive-playoff-appearance/
  6. @Sharkstrong what's the Preds record when Donovan has at least 3 tackles? Undefeated, right?
  7. LET'S GOOOOO 3 TACKLE DONOVAN BACK AT IT Both of my players now have Championship rings
  8. Go Preds! Maybe this is Donovan's time to shine
  9. SBA Donation 9 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/9599-s43-league-donations/&do=findComment&comment=756434
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