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  1. Let's build off that preseason Biscayne Bay!
  2. First Season - Justin Vincent’s first high school season with his hometown Harrisburg Mountaineers was mostly uneventful for him. His lack of size (he was only 5’9”) and athleticism kept him pinned to the bench or the special teams unit, which meant it was up to him to make the most of his time in practice. He made a habit of going all out on the practice field and the weight room, and as the season progressed, he slowly started getting more opportunities to get out and run routes in games. The results were mixed; his small stature and lack of top-end speed were still significant limitations f
  3. 1. Rent and a sensible Kia automobile. Banked the rest of it. 2. Northernlion is my guy, he's most of what I'm watching, 3. Chicken all the way. 4. Depends on how fresh we're talking. Fresh squeezed give me Orange>Apple>>>>>>>>>>>>Cranberry 5. Yeah I'm a professional athlete so I can do 30 pushups. 6. Little guy has places to be. 7. I love the team make up! Great locker room and staff. 8. See above. It's the only pro locker room I've been in but I can't imagine there are many better out there. Also we're nasty at footbal
  4. looking forward to the day my guys are in the draft pool
  5. Username: Sokatre QB: Alex Sonfire (5) RB: Apollo King (5) RB: Dale Cooper (3) WR: Jakob Markstrom (5) WR: Robert Joseph (4) WR: PJ Jackson (4) TE: Cash Carter (3) K: Mo Bad (3) DST: Seattle D (3) 35 Total
  6. Accept! Looking forward to the season
  7. 1. Of course I am! 2. On a personal level, hard to say it's anything but an improvement over last year. 3. Just put my head down and work to contribute to the great things I know this group can accomplish one day. 4. Let's say 10-6. Hitting that double digit win mark would be big. 5. Oh I think just fine, especially with the steady hand of this coaching staff to guide us. 6. See answer 1, add a few exclamation points. 7. 11 like Julio baby. 8. Ice cold and all adherents to the Church of Room Temp should be shunned.
  8. Will there be over or under 809.5 yards of offense in the EFL Championship Game? Under Which EFL defender will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? Blade In the EFL Championship game, which player of these 4 will have the most receiving yards - Henry McDolin, Charm McClain Callahan, Butter Fingers, or Kam Bam Chancellor? McDolin Which team will win the EFL Championship Game? Kraken Which kicker will score the most points in the EFL Championship game? Marion
  9. Will there be over or under 35.5 points scored in the ECFA Championship Game? Under Which ECFA rusher will have the most rushing yards in the ECFA Championship Game? Fenton In the ECFA Championship game, which player of these 3 will have the most passes deffended (PDs) - Tayvon Maxwell, Daniel Eliason, or Trent Jackson (if there is a tie it will go to who had the msot tackles of the tied players)? Maxwell Which team will win the ECFA Championship Game? Rangers Which punter will have the highest punting average in the ECFA Championship Game? Wyatt
  10. Justin Vincent takes the podium to discuss his early days in the ECFA with the Biscayne Bay Pirates: "First of all I want to thank the Pirates for having such interest in me from the beginning and showing that they have faith in me to be a difference maker for them. Not every team reached out, which is more than understandable for a relative unknown like myself, but to have been courted like I was by this team meant everything in terms of my decision to be here. So far, I've been overjoyed with my choice. Great locker room environment, a coaching staff that knows what it takes to w
  11. Let's hold it together Biscayne Bay!
  12. Name: Trent Samuel Team: LSU Tigers Workout Name: 6 TPE + 1 TPE Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
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