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  1. Close win over the Reign! GO PREDS!!
  2. Wow. Huge 4th qtr and win by the Frenzy over us. GG
  3. Big 30-14 win against the Neptunes!
  4. Big Preds win over the Skyhawks!
  5. Loss against the Wolfpack. GG, Wolfies.
  6. That was a less than stellar game. GG, Kraks.
  7. 2-0 for the Preds! Huge 3rd quarter and BOT BOT2 seals the deal with a 2yd run at the end.
  8. 1. I'm super excited. I think we have a very strong team and I can't wait to get started! 2. It's been good. Just training a lot as per usual. Everyone is on the same page. 3. Absolutely. The goal this season is to go out there and win it all. 4. First and foremost: a championship. 5. Of course! I love this team and management. 6. Championships come first. 7. Like question #6, team accolades are the most important. Personal accolades are just cool add-ons. 8. Preds will win the league outright.
  9. GG, Miami. What a game that was. Obviously not the greatest way to go out, but it's a sim. A loss is a loss, I don't care how it happened. It simmed us a loss. Great season for the Preds. Love this team. We had a lot of battle in us and we came back in this one with the game in our hands on the final play. Sad times, but it's on to the next one.
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