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  1. Thorn Forg punt return OT TD win!! I'll take my TD as well, thanks. Big OT dub!
  2. 2 TDs for Choybuk and a big win for the Preds? I'm taking that all day.
  3. 1 reception. 1 yard. 1 TD. I'll take it.
  4. Thorn Forg with the clutch interception to let us be able to hold out that win for the Preds!
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  6. A loss here for the Preds today. On to the next one.
  7. Choybuk wasn't anything special, but we got a win so that's the important thing. W!
  8. Mambas killed us, but I had my first TD in my first outing with the Preds, so that's cool.
  9. It was a big day for the EFL during this past draft, and that is an understatement. Through all the chaos of trading that unfolded during the S21 EFL Draft, WR Travis Choybuk departed the New York Herd and will now be playing for the Seattle Predators. "I had a great time on the Herd. While I did not know I was even available for a trade, I have nothing but kind words for the Herd organization and the players within. I wish them good fortune moving forward, unless they are playing against me. I look forward to showing my skill to the Seattle fans and trying to win a championship there." - Travis Choybuk It may come as a surprise to some, but the DollarAndADream Agency has previous ties to the Seattle Predators franchise. S1 player Hands McSafety won a championship there in S1, and spent a career playing for them. The agency is familiar with the colors of the franchise and it will be familiar territory, although while being run by different leadership. It will be a very interesting season for both the NY Herd, Seattle Predators, and other teams involved in the blockbuster of the S21 Draft. We will just have to wait and see how these players mesh together and what will unfold for the teams.
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  12. Scoring from all angles for the Herd! Big W!
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