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  1. Congrats San Antonio. Losing by 3 points sucks, but ultimately games can go either way. I like that Choybuk had 2 TDs in this game as well, but it's on to next season for Seattle. San Antonio was the first EFL team I ever had with Alistair van Persie in S1. Go win it all.
  2. Big victory from the Brigade here in a pretty competitive game!
  3. Over 100 yards for me with a TD, 44 points for my team in total and a big win! GG
  4. Happy to give my team some insurance in that 4th quarter and get a TD! GO PREDS! Great win!
  5. Wowzer. Lose the 4th with 21 points against. That's not the way to be. GG tho
  6. I wish my player had some better numbers lately, but that's another dub for the Preds!
  7. Preds big win over the Skyhawks! Wouldn't mind Choybuk getting a TD some time soon, tbh.
  8. A horrible 1st quarter against the Neptune that we just couldn't come back from. GG.
  9. @11 Eleven Hope the deadline is okay. Have to work all damn weekend.
  10. Big W for the Preds to bring us up to 5-1! Held off a late surge by the Herd.
  11. Fuck yeah, let's go Athens!
  12. Big W over the Reign for the Preds! Man, some of these EFL logos these days look so sick. Those Frontier and Skyhawks ones....damn. SLICK
  13. I'ma be reviewing on every league I'm in at this rate, smh
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