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  1. Now that's a win. Oregon looking great so far!
  2. I don't mind it, to be honest.
  3. 1) Silent but deadly. I don't want anyone expecting how much of a threat I can be. 1?) I'd say at least 10? I have no idea. I assume I could just boot a few of them in the head or clothesline them right at the start. One 10 year old is weak. A lot of them together could be difficult. 3) I just wear boxers as pajamas. It's pretty awesome. Nothing fancy. 4) I'd like to shoot mayonaise, because it's probably the condiment I use the most. 1) Put it right under the field. Nobody would expect it to be right in the open. 2) More strip clubs, to be honest. 3) Honestly, any team award is awesome to me. It's great to just get recognition. 4) Award for most times getting sick drinking after a big win.
  4. LET`S GO DUCKS!!! Hemakeit was amazing that game.
  5. Week 3 Miami Michigan Texas Oregon Week 4 Michigan USC Oregon Texas Week 5 USC Oregon Miami Texas
  6. 1. You know what? Not usually. Maybe I"ll tell a buddy about something I found interesting, but I don't go around looking for acknowledgement. I do things to be nice and that's it. 2. Shoes every second. That's an easy one for me, I think? I mean, I don't know what happens when they get itchy, or what the consequences of that would be. I feel like there would be harsher consequences to not wearing shoes than to doing it the other way. 3. This one is stupid and not really interesting. I changed a headlight bulb in my car for the first time. It was actually super easy. 4. As a big hockey guy, it's probably the stick and nets we used for road hockey all the time. Either that or my Bionicles, which was like this themed Lego set. It had movies, etc. They were these elemental robots. 5. Probably never have to eat again. Obviously I'd still eat whenever I wanted, but feel like getting hungry is a lot worse than getting tired. 6. I've always picked the water guys. Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, etc etc. I know Charizard is the favourite choice, but I've always been a water guy. I would always get a Charizard later on, for sure. 7. Reddit. 100% Reddit. Lmao. Either that or Netflix, PS4. 8. For a long time it was a lynx cat. I think it might be a white tiger now or a shoebill bird. Shoebills are scary fuckers.
  7. Away Home Feb. 11th Detroit vs Buffalo Arizona vs Toronto Florida vs New Jersey Philadelphia vs NY Islanders Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh Vegas vs Minnesota NY Rangers vs Winnipeg Carolina vs Dallas Ottawa vs Colorado Chicago vs Edmonton St. Louis vs Anaheim Feb 12th Montreal vs Boston Calgary vs Los Angeles Chicago vs Vancouver Now for the tie breaker! Correctly predict the winning team and be the closest to the actual final score for: Calgary vs Los Angeles 4-2 2nd tie breaker just in case, Correctly predict the winning team and be closest to the final score for: St.Louis vs Anaheim 4-2
  8. Hell of a game between the Ducks and Canes. Glad to see myself get some yards on the board, and happy to see those rushers get TDs!
  9. I'm just saying in general, let's all be nice to each other.
  10. Turn this around before we lose affiliation to SBA like VHL did.
  11. 1. It's gotta be Ito Bush, right? Proven active, lots of TPE. Track record of great players. Don't really need anymore than that. 2. Honestly, I'll go to whoever wants to draft me. I think it's well known that I'll play many seasons for whoever drafts me. Although I definitely wouldn't mind going back to the teams that my old players were on, which were the Seattle Predators or San Antonio Wolfpack. 3. I think we should be a top team. We have uncapping players and our AD is a great one. I think we'll do quite well. 4. Cereal before milk! You gotta pour the milk into the cereal to let those flavors mix together with the pour. 5. My parents would tell you I'm a sarcastic mother fucker. I can be a very quiet guy, but I don't pass up opportunities for a smart ass or sarcastic remark. 6. Own a dragon, for sure. If I was a dragon, I wouldn't be me. I mean, owning the dragon is assuming the thing is also tamed, right? I'd hope so. 7. Usually I just sit back and watch, and maybe come in to make some stupid, joking remarks to help calm the situation. I never care for drama, especially in a sim league. 8. My last meal? Chicken fettuccini alfredo. I love that shit up.
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