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  1. I don’t actually think he did get much faster as work prevented me from updating as much as I would have liked into the second half of the season
  2. Let’s go DVR!! Wonder whatever happened to that RB who just wasn’t fast enough … any idea @124715?
  3. What just happened?! Huge performance from the lookout, love to see it. Top presenting Tac, love your work
  4. Love the work fella, great stuff!
  5. @GGOriel keeping the DVR RB freight train rolling - you love to see it
  6. Wasn’t nervous at all … totally calm the whole time
  7. Screenshot of my browser on the NFL website (chrome in this case on a Mac) then a bit of editing with GIMP. Nothing particularly impressive (I’ve never really done photo editing before), just the following two or three things; 1) Photo of Najee copied and pasted into the space where the original photo was 2) ECFA logo overlaid where the NFL logo was 3) Painting over the original text (headlines, stories, tabs and url) with a brush the colour of the respective background, then typing in whatever nonsense came to mind. That and some motivation from a (entirely comical and loved yet) disrespectful rankings article from @124715 … you started this!
  8. Jackson has taken an unconventional route to the ECFA to say the least. For starters, he’d never actually played American football. A natural athlete however, those who’ve worked with Jackson never doubted he could compete in any sport he chose. Born in the north of England, just outside of Newcastle. Jackson Robinson attended Durham College on a full sports scholarship due to his extracurricular dominance of the track and field teams. Bored however of simply running in straight lines, and causing immense frustration to the hurdles coach when dodging between and around the hurdles rather than jumping over, Jackson was spotted by the college rugby league team. Told simply to run when he got the ball and ‘avoid the bigger fellas’ Jackson was an instant hit, breaking the school tries record in his first year. Jackson managed to gain some renown too for his wide grin and apparent joy of the game – always laughing, even when flying past an opposition player. This was never necessarily malicious, however there is definitely something unnerving about an athlete breaking land-speed records, laughing in the process. Towards the end of his first year however, the rugby union coach (a big distinction for you non rugby loving folks) managed to start to sow the seeds of greed into Robinson’s impressionable mind. “Jackson, [rugby] union is so much more popular these days, and all of the money really is here. You know your scholarship is doubled if you play for the union team, right?”. Say no more. The following day, Jackson was a college rugby union player, simple as that. In the following few years Jackson would establish him as a prodigious talent and commanded the full back position from the word ‘go’. The number 15, or full back position in rugby is a hybrid of attack and defence requiring both a strong tackling game and a lethal running game. Hardly a giant of a man, Jackson’s defence always let him down, and instead relied on simply outscoring the opposition. Which he did. Every time. Jackson’s teammates often even said of him that he could beat a man in a phonebooth, so lethal was his agility. As the sun sets on an illustrious high school career, bordering on national representation, that thirst for money has not been satiated. What sport involves carrying a ball, running insanely quickly and pays well … ooh, American football. Swiftly on a plane to the states, Jackson Robinson starts applying to college football programmes looking for a running back. **PING** 1 new email … Death Valley Rangers Recruitment? Hmm, let’s have a look ….
  9. Simply not enough speed eh? Week 1: Rangers 13 – Lookout 24 The lights come up in the Rangers post-match press conference. Journalists are packed into the room, as a tense atmosphere swirls. This is not how the championship finalists planned to start the season. “Jackson, Jackson! Could you comment on the comments made by online journalist using the handle '@124715' singling you out as a weak link in an otherwise impressive Rangers team?” An eager journalist speaks up from amidst the clammer of shuffling papers and low chatter. Jackson, a little shocked, tries to deflect the question. “I don’t read the rankings, it’s about what happens on the pitch and I really feel we’re moving in the right direc-” “Yes, sure. But Jackson, you were specifically mentioned.” “I’ll humour you. What did they have to say about me then?” Jackson replies, determined not to appear rattled. Not missing a beat, the journalist whips out the article. “I believe the suggestion was that despite your potential, that you ‘simply didn’t have the speed’ and that it ‘felt wrong for Rangers to be weak in the RB position’.” “Too slow?! Ha. Watch this.” Still laughing, Jackson storms out as the Rangers press secretary rushes to end the conference officially. Week 2: Rangers 41 – 0 Encounter Jackson Robinson 2 TD’s, Offensive POG Week 3: Rangers 47 – 0 Generals Jackson Robinson 2 TD’s, Offensive POG Week 4: Rangers 42 – 0 Pirates Jackson Robinson 2 TD’s Not enough speed eh, how's that ...
  10. @124715 I see you lurking
  11. @PigSnout with another epic presentation, thoroughly enjoy your work! GG, but we all know the real show was put on the rangers … Ooft.
  12. Big game from Rangers and my boy Jackson - two games, two touchdowns! Eagerly keeping an eye on the Lookout scoreline, strong final quarter to close it out. Sick presenting man, well done! Thanks!
  13. @TacticalHammer daddy I got me some moneys. Remind me in four years? Cheers! (don’t read into the ‘daddy’ comment too much, you’ll go to a dark place very quickly …)
  14. I’ll take ‘fast-earning’, even if that is qualified subsequently with ‘but not fast enough’ in the same sentence! I like a challenge …
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