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  1. Solid stuff. One suggestion that I assume you are thinking about, fake college teams. Might be hard to come up with. But I know football is probably the sport that's most related to college teams. I personally don't care but I thought I would suggest it just in case. Keep it up.
  2. TheNano74

    S18 EFL Week 1

    50 yards in 5 attempts looks good. Poor Jugga Nano got the loss in this one.
  3. Antonio is fine.
  4. New Orleans Kraken's draftee Jugga Nano had an interesting exchange in his first EFL press conference. "It still feels amazing, getting that championship with that amazing group will be tough to top. Specially because I had great games in the playoffs, I was able to give us another chance against Texas in the conference finals and then a pick six in the championship game. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my NCAA career. And to do it with that group, with some of my brothers on the defensive side. It's special, It's something I will never forget. Huge shoutout to the coach and all of my USC teammates." "Now I just have to focus on my game, become even better at what I do and help this organization as much as I can. I'm excited to start my EFL career and I'm grateful to the Krakens for believing in me. It will be awkward at first, but also fun to face some of my old teammates in the field, I will be sure to let them know who is the best defensive player. I will play extra hard in those games, you have to leave it all on the field."
  5. 31 for Gonzalez. That's a good amount.
  6. Hello sir, teammates forever.
  7. You know what to do. SBA +12
  8. People not voting for the clutch picks guy, smh.
  9. You are welcome. Next time you need a clutch player I won't be there.
  10. Ayy another interception. And a trophy.
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