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  1. Turner do you need to go back to 1st grade?
  2. Nykonax

    S19 EFL Week 3

    3 teams in east tied for first
  3. Nykonax

    S19 EFL Week 3

    i dont know what that means are you okay reno
  4. @Berocka this is a racist free place your gonna have to leave
  5. Nykonax

    S19 EFL Week 2

    nah just misplaced in temporarily, good news though we found it
  6. i was roleblocked last night
  7. im not the survivor, i am a town member, think why my action would fail...
  8. no im saying i was practicing social distancing in a storm cellar thats why i couldnt be controlled
  9. hi guys, some tried to control me last night but I was practicing social distancing in a storm cellar and I didn't want to be seen
  10. thanks witch, really saved the town
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14HJhfEYk6w58vup3TJkFXTtEq8188lAOe1rQVH5FOfc/edit#gid=397742527
  12. Prestige Worldwide, their most famous song is Boats N' Hoes
  13. does a blocked punt and a FF really outweigh 14 more tackles, 3 more TFL, 1 more sack, and 1 more PD
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