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  1. 1. lift and train 2. not atm, but RWBY FMAB and GOT are all great shows. 3. 11 4. Mac n Cheese 5. No 6. SBA kind of 7. make out with the ref 8. I want to be the kind of player that defines a team
  2. HarDRaiL

    A tough loss

    your preferences mean nothing to me, only free freddy's pizza on a weekend
  3. HarDRaiL

    A tough loss

    the punishment for failure is death.
  4. HarDRaiL

    A tough loss

    49-7 That was the final score of the last game of the season for the Biscayne Pirates. If you tuned in to watch the game live, you know how much of a shit show it was. Prince had never thrown an interception before the game, then he threw four. The entire atmosphere of Biscayne Bay was in ruin, no one wanted to talk about it. We often joke about scores like 28-3, 24-0, but in those games the team who ended up losing still played well at some point. The pirates did not. They looked like a high school team who had their starting lineup injured. They looked like the Walmart version of a professional sports team. They looked like they were mere simulations created by humanity in order to provide joy at the cost of ones time through writing and earning points to improve their virtual avatar. They didn't look like the Biscayne Bay pirates. Many pirate fans have been voicing their disappointment over the seasons end over social media, going so far as to call out both the staff and players. While no one but the Storm are happy about the game, it isn't a complete wash. Biscayne Bay is a young team with a lot of talent still developing and it wasn't expected for them to win this game. The only issue was the manner in which this team lost. There was no heart, no attempt at a comeback. they didn't improve in the second half or stifle the bleeding, they just kinda rolled over and died. Is this what we are supposed to accept as Biscayne Bay fans? No, and I hope it doesn't continue. We have to hope that the staff and players of the organization are going to put everything that have towards becoming better, because there was absolutely no heart in that game. I believe the offense is going to improve tremendously this year. We had an entire offensive core of freshman who were inexperienced and plagued by a quarterback switch mid season. It's not surprising to see why they struggled so much on offense, however the defense was looking much better throughout the season, and looked a thousand times better than their showing during the playoffs. Forty nine points should be something no defense should ever give up. If you are from Biscayne Bay, whether it be a staff member or a player, now is the time to get this organization back on track. As of right now the entirety of your fan base is still rooting for you, but we want results. We want wins, playoff wins, and trophies. Freddy's is offering a free pizza weekend if you guys actually do it next year so you have to pull it off. - Letter directed at current Athletic Director of the Biscayne Bay Pirates @StackTheRacks12. The demands of your fan base is unconditional and if we are not receiving free pizza from Freddy's in exactly three hundred and sixty five days, expect a formal complaint. Side Note: I think the word counter for clipp e is a bit off. I tried to submit and was short 4 words so I added 4 words, then was told I was short 2 words.
  5. imagine not giving up nearly 50 points lol suckers
  6. beginning of the 42 point comeback in 8 minutes
  7. what's the most points scored in a playoff game in the d league? (including the ncaa)
  8. Pigsnout knowing we are not making a comeback but finishing the sim anyway
  9. @StackTheRacks12 "Hey we've lost you don't need to pile it on" Me: "Yeah you can just fast forward to the end of the game" Sim gods:
  10. well I can so without a doubt i am not having a good time
  11. Following the recent article about Prince still not being signed to an EFCA team, Biscayne Bay reached out to the young quarterback due to a sudden lack of activity by their former quarterback. Prince accepted the offer shortly after, saying that 'he just wanted to play'. So far in the short few games that the Pirates have played, Prince has shown he is more than good enough to keep the starting spot. While his stats and the tape may not jump off the screen to you, he is still a freshman on an all freshman offense and is putting together solid games that allows the Pirates to get wins. Early on, Prince and fellow freshman wide out Daniel Johannessen have proven to have great chemistry. In a victory over the Mammoths Prince threw for one hundred and fourteen yards, one hundred and one of which were to Johannessen!. It is true that the pirates have been relying on their rush game more so than their pass game so far with the young Prince starting, as in the very same game running backs Agrias Oaks and Tomas Kacer ran for one hundred and thirteen and one hundred yards respectively. However the building blocks that form a solid base are clearly seen here, and Biscayne Bay fans can't wait to see more. In other news, Biscayne Bay linebacker Arcturus Norrmund has failed to record even a single sack this season so far. Expectations were high for the pass rushing talent, however it seems he is being more involved in coverage rather than getting to the opposing quarterback. So much so in fact, that he has even recorded an interception! We asked Normund what he thought after getting the pick and he claimed that he 'never expected to make a play like that, or even be in a position to make a play like that.' While some fans question the logic of putting Normund in a position he is not comfortable with, the coaches clearly are sticking with their instincts and keeping Normund in pass coverage. They may question the reasoning, but it's getting results. Normund himself has come a long way. Even with the short interview I had with him this past weekend he seemed more mature and responsible than he had been before. He's even adapted to the extreme heat here in the bay and goes out swimming with the team sometimes. We here at the studio think he is going to be a Pirate legend for a long time. All in all it's been a great week for Pirates football. They are looking more and more like their old selves and may be trying to make a playoff run here in the coming weeks. If players like Prince and Normund continue to improve like they have been, then perhaps a natty appearance isn't so outlandish? Regardless, we'd like to thank you for reading tonights article, and be sure to tune in next week where we go through Arcturus Normund's rigorous workout routine and diet that keeps him pumped for every game.
  12. 1. Have you been keeping up with your player(s) stats so far this season? Not really except for Normund failing at his job as a pass rusher 2. We won three of our last four games! Any thoughts on the chemistry growing with the team? We're all goats up in here 3. What player or combination of players in the NFL does your player(s) compare to? Prince = Brady Normund = Von Miller 4. Five games left, how many games do you think we'll win? Do you really need to ask? 5. Do your player(s) have a nickname you'd like to be called? JP3 6. What was your player(s) greatest moment playing football in high school? Going to state 7. iPhone or Android? Both have their upsides and downsides 8. What's your jersey number? 13 and 97 I think
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