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  1. Over 3 months ago, I applied to be an Athletic Director here. Some time passed and IRL got busy, and I didn't think I could fully support an NCAA team anymore. But now, I think I'm up for it. I understand that it'll be a long wait given we just filled 4 spots, and that I'll probably be thrown into a new branding if I do get a spot in the future. But I'm very passionate about football, even more so than basketball, and I've had loads of coaching experience in the SBA (GM and HC). I'll also be a GM in the upcoming EFL World Cup. Not much else to say other than I want to devote more of my time to this fantastic league.
  2. Fuck it, throwing my name in. If I ever want to be an AD here, this seems like a great way to learn.
  3. Username: Jhatty8 Player 1 Name: Lorrence Longfingers Position: WR Player 2 Name: Steven Stiffland Position: LB
  4. I just found out the "G" in Evans stood for good person.
  5. hey the image was deleted for me, could you repost it?
  6. Accept. I will also be donating all my salary to the Santa Turner foundation
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    Detroit vs Buffalo Arizona vs Toronto Florida vs New Jersey Philadelphia vs NY Islanders Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh Vegas vs Minnesota NY Rangers vs Winnipeg Carolina vs Dallas Ottawa vs Colorado Chicago vs Edmonton St. Louis vs Anaheim Feb 12th Montreal vs Boston Calgary vs Los Angeles Chicago vs Vancouver Tie breaker Calgary vs Los Angeles 3-1 St. Louis vs Anaheim 4-1
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