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  1. accccccccccccccccccccccccccepted
  2. jhatty8

    Welfare 3/29 - 4/4

    SBA 6 im updating are you happy gms
  3. Well, I was gonna say to push Latti cause of the results but he and Jcole the lier are dead. Any leads town?
  4. I doubt a Maf would cc a TI and get all the pressure thrown on them. Of course from my experience with Ri as an evil, he just did what he was told.
  5. Damn I wish there was an LO on the Jailor lol, we could've found out so many things.
  6. There can be multiple Investigators.
  7. Hmm. @Latti role claim?
  8. Yep I'm guessing we have an SK as our NK if Sym tells the truth. Janitor game as well hmmm. Whoever you are Medium, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP AN UPDATED WILL. That goes without saying for everyone in the game but especially for you, Mr. Medium. As always, TIs, please get your roles and info on the table. We need info.
  9. jhatty8

    Updated TK Sig

    oh god, young me used that background as a phone wallpaper lmao
  10. you're dead, you can't react to shit
  11. we only take dubs i did shit the whole game
  12. unvote ri i do what i want, don't tell me to vote for people you townie plebs
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