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  1. I wanted to surprise someone, I'm glad it was a good surprise
  2. less they payin' your bills, pay them bitches no mind A-dubbs
  3. Well this was a shit show...idk how anyone was suppose to predict that clusterfuck lol At least it was entertaining ...
  4. Your Signature fills me with life, the fuck you and your lemons just made me laugh so hard LMAO.... Also I up-voted
  5. for the #BannerContest
  6. Congrats guys, it was so long since I did these graphics that I forgot I did them, lol One day we will be caught up Big Congrats to the Legends Who got immortalized today
  7. ^actual picture of Diana #LadyGoat
  8. You are cute Snu and a little delusional lol
  9. 8 answers/questions for 2 capped 4 answers/questions for 1 capped This week I will be answering my own questions along with you guys My answers will be in Pink The @Sharkstrong Portion Sharkstrong mentioned he is stepping down how do you feel about that? If I am honest it is a double edged sword, we are losing a great AD but he is also committing more time to what he loves. At the end of the day I just want him to be happy and find success in real life so I wish him the best but he will also me missed. Describe Sharkstrong as an AD in 3 words. Intelligent, personable and impactful What is your fav memory of Shark as an AD? When he told me they hired him, I was like this sucks now i have to AD against one of the most loved guys in the EFL. To make it worse he knows the sim like the back of his hand, I just knew he would be amazing and bring joy to the ppl who signed with him. I am glad i got him, even if it was for one season What is farewell message to Sharkstrong? Live long and prosper my fine finned friend The @Wally Portion How do you feel about wally coming back to ADing? (especially considering that this team is the bones off his old USC team?) I was not surprised at all because the timing was too perfect and it is always nice to see an AD step back into their old role when possible Write Wally a welcome message make sure he gets a case of the feels lol So happy to see you back and look I finally made it on your TEAM Are you looking forward to having a AD with an amazing win history run our team ? Of course I am, Wally taught me some of the most helpful things i know about our sim and I think whoever joins this team will benefit from his experience. Give or illustrious AD a nickname befitting our brand You will all ways be "The Trojan" to me Wally
  10. apparently @Nykonax feels unloved ... let us fix that ...
  11. HOFing it is never a guarantee so I wanted to honor these 2 guys who had pretty Golden Careers Welcome to my gold card collection for Retired EFL stars @Symmetrik @oilmandan
  12. I mean when your team carries you there is not much to say Snu Still I highly doubt the accuracy of this list if Diana is only at #5
  13. Always a little sad to be on this side of a loss @AW13 you did amazing and I know I appreciate being on your team every season rain or shine. @Jetsqb101 congratulations on the most snek win ever, you boys deserved it and it was fun going up against you and your roster! @oilmandan you said Wilinski needed this, I’m happy he was able to get it. Enjoy your win
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