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  1. As per usual answering 4 questions is worth 1TPE, answering 8 is worth 2TPE and Answering 12 is worth 3TPE. A maximum of 3 TPE per week can be earned from answering or asking questions in any press conference. What’s the most memorable book you’ve ever read that helped you with your mental game? What’s your favorite color? Does it relate to your Fav EFL or ECFA team? What song do you most associate with the toughest moments that hit you on the field? What major historical event took place the year you were born? What is your favorite on the road city to visit in
  2. Which receiver will have the most receptions in the EFL Championship Game? Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen Which defender will will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? TJ Dunne Which running back will have the most rushing yards in the EFL Championship Game? Ajay Krishna Which passer (Kelley or Falk) will have the better passer rating in the EFL Championship Game? Kelley Which kicker (Mortenson or Gnarby) will have the most points in the EFL Championship Game? Gnabry Which player will score the first touchdown (rushing, receiving, defensive, or return -
  3. Wait @Latti has my baby? sad to see turts leave but happy to see the storm have someone amazing willing to take them on. Give a hoot for the hooters is what i say feel free to use that in your recruiting lol also i'm only a month late on this lol
  4. that was a real close one @Cornholio, your living the dream buddy! Congrats @Wheaties you are always dangerous. Amazing game
  5. SA just attacking anything that moves...
  6. what a nail biter, congrats @Lefty_S
  7. ECFA Conference Finals Heroes home vs away 24-14 EFL Conference Finals West home vs away 35-31 ECFA Finals Heroes vs Legends 17-24 EFL Finals West vs East 35-34
  8. 1) Venom 2) Between and including 12 and 16 3) Lookout 4) Yes 5) Herd
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