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  1. I’d help you out if ye’d help get me ship back.
  2. Its true, I do be the scoundrel jack sparrow. But am I here to plunder, or am I here to help save the town. The truth be that the lion scar has stolen the pearl, and I am here to get her back
  3. Tigers @ Ducks(-34.5) thought i'd give y'all a mismatch this week
  4. User: Uphillmoss player 1 name: Quinton Barnes postion: QB player 2 name: John Tweedy Postion: LB
  5. Can I ask a question? So we are worried about NCAA colleges who constantly allow Highschools to use their logos without any problems. But we are fine using actual corporations who are much more strict about copy right laws
  6. Once again tweedy does nothing
  7. This was amazing work bush, thanks for all the presentations
  8. lol I would say this is good, but it’s Texas so it’s shit
  9. Lmao this is a great podcast, but it’s better when I am on it
  10. congrats to are closest winner @Cornholio you get 1 tpe
  11. again, what's with all the hype over becoming so close to sba? why is this so popular
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