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  1. 1. How happy were you to see DVR win back-to-back championships? As much as everyone rags on DVR for being the powerhouse, I'm happy about it. Tac always puts together a fantastic team and frankly should have the best shot at championships most seasons because of the culture he cultivates between Rangers. It's a bit less about him being nice (which he absolutely is) and more about him being a fantastic recruiter with excellent experience and a nose for strategy - even as it's shifted between extremes in the last couple of seasons. 3. What is your favorite EFL logo? Minnes
  2. Dang, so we're back to WINconsin, huh?
  3. Which receiver will have the most receptions in the EFL Championship Game? Tres Uno Which defender will will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? Luke Holloway Which running back will have the most rushing yards in the EFL Championship Game? The Ice Which passer (Kelley or Falk) will have the better passer rating in the EFL Championship Game? Kelley Which kicker (Mortenson or Gnarby) will have the most points in the EFL Championship Game? Gnabry Which player will score the first touchdown (rushing, receiving, defensive, or return - a quarterback do
  4. VHL Affiliate,  Media Wk +6
  5. VHL +6 Using for Media Week
  6. Punters for both teams getting quite the workout today, hah.
  7. Welp, frustrating end to the season. Better luck next time.
  8. What's this, the 3rd or 4th consecutive season with the Rangers at 14+ wins? Nuts.
  9. Claim 3 of 4, Week Ending 7/17/21 (7/18/21 in VHL)
  10. ECFA Conference Finals Heroes home vs away Home 28-17 EFL Conference Finals West home vs away Home 34-20 ECFA Finals Heroes vs Legends Legends 31-27 EFL Finals West vs East East 44-38
  11. @TacticalHammer , could I have this added as a +1 to Agility for Renata Gonçalves? Thanks!
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