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  1. 1. Test sims were certainly less decisive than the outcome of the game! I expected a great game with some back and forth, with roughly equal odds of either team winning. But I think this was a statement win and our franchise history will remember it! 2. Pengu. The man threw for 17 TDs in the playoffs and really put us all together. 3. That was the plan, and how I sold our team on this season. We knew we had a good squad, it was just overcoming that big Western Conference block after we did so horribly against them in the regular season. 4. CMC's stats weren't perfect, but Funk a
  2. I wish I had a chance to draft a non-GM player, but congratulations to the rest of the draftees! Looking forward to playing against all of you guys in the upcoming season.
  3. After 9 eventful seasons with the New Orleans Kraken, Hiroki Renomitsu declared his retirement. Hiroki retired at the start of last season; this is primarily for carryover purposes. 1,718 TPE x 7% = 120 carryover TPE to FS Renata Gonçalves.
  4. I really appreciate some of the feedback I've gotten from users in the EFL so far. No doubt it addresses some concerns and misses others - but I think getting what's been on some peoples' mind out there at all is better than holding it back. Claim #2 of 3, week ending 1/16/21
  5. Understanding Change Handling Stress, Mistakes, and Escapism in Sim Leagues After a real-life year of uncertainty filled with a pandemic, political happenings, explosions, murder hornets, and the loss of beloved athletes, entertainers, and political figures, many have desperately clung to any sense of stability. In real life, it’s manifested as a desire to keep things the way they were in a world that’s forever changing; and in spaces to which our free time is dedicated, some have found solace in those that offer their time and empathy. But one of the hardships in
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