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  2. College Career Review: Luka Hol'This Luka’s college career was somewhat short and, for all intents and purposes, pretty uneventful. He broke out in his first season with 1,118 yards (good for third overall in the league) on just 66 catches (tied for fifth, 16.9 yds/catch) and a respectable four touchdowns while being thrown to by a freshman quarterback in Big Ben Burger. The team saw a lot of success (9 wins, 5 losses) second only to Roswell in their conference before facing a regrettable 10-27 loss in the Legends Conference Finals. The team wasn’t able to make a huge splash with two significant pieces in their offense as freshmen, and their only true other weapon – running back Dusty Wilson – was run ragged by the end of the game against a superior defense. But in the following offseason, Roswell faced a significant upheaval – one that included Maurice Hartless’s dissatisfaction with the Encounter management (and simply no room to play quarterback), leading him to transfer over to the Hades Creek Phalanx. Roswell predictably fell, though still had a respectable offense that was able to put up the single best back in the league (Poe, with 2,307 yards and a 5.7 yards per carry average) by an extremely large margin – second closest was Hades Creek’s Anthonis Pratts with 1,699 yards. The team predictably had a meteoric rise in performance even compared to an excellent one in Season 36: Hades Creek went 11-3 after a bit of a rocky start in the first half of the season and put forth a soul-crushing 506 points for (1st by 127 points) and just 210 against (second only to Athens). A lot of that is owed to the team’s new-fangled offensive versatility, with Burger undergoing an offseason transformation to Big Chest Brown at receiver. But even with the most offensive talent by a mile, Hol’This’s performance actually suffered, with the receiver regressing to 762 yards with an increase to 8 touchdowns, largely in part to the new split in offensive weapons. HCP as a whole underwent significant offensive proliferation at the cost of any hope Luka had of becoming an ECFA award winner. And had they won the title, a lot of that “what could have been?” might have not existed. [369] College Career Review: Frau Bonk On the other hand, Frau Bonk, the merciless heavy hitter of the ECFA, quickly became respected as one of college’s most feared defensive backs. Although she had intended on playing a low-lying box safety position, she mirrored the opposing teams’ best receiver virtually every game, even as a freshman. Indeed, she’d managed just 45 tackles while playing way out at corner, nabbed 3 interceptions, 4 defensed passes, and a magnificent pick-six mid-way through the season. Indeed, opposite fellow corner Wilson, she managed a decent first season for Hades Creek while attempting to back up a decent linebacking corps headed by El Shrektabuzz. While the Hades Creek offense made tremendous strides in Season 37, Bonk’s second and final season with the team, the defense wasn’t quite as lucky. Gone was Wilson, her only other comparable defensive back. Gone was any other speed on the back end of their defense, even, as the second-fastest player was a linebacker in Prattis (fantastic at 90 Speed) and their third-fastest was – get this – another linebacker in Belov (77). Unfortunately, this left the defense in a bit of a tricky situation as they were middling-at-best against the pass (176.3 yards allowed/game, fourth overall). Bonk made her presence known against each and every offense with a massive 8 INTs and 14 PDs (while throwing a TFL in there for good measure) as one of the fastest defensive backs in college ball to help turn the tides. Indeed, she was only equaled by A Convection-Oven in turnovers, but is likely to be slighted in her award run because of her lack of a defensive touchdown. Unfortunately for Frau, her performance in the playoffs was middling at best: she was quiet, without a single turnover or pass defensed to her name – and it wasn’t for a lack of opportunity. Savage City’s Zimmerman threw 33 passes (and an INT to Shrektabuzz to boot!) but Bonk managed just 4 tackles as her entire stat line. She was similarly quiet in the finals showdown with Athens: 4 tackles… again. There’s quite the mountain to climb in the professional scene for Bonk, and it’s time to put up or be relegated to another college hotshot disappointment. [363]
  3. yah, one of my regrets is going inactive at the end (and for a few seasons of Renata's career), so CMC never got to top 15 or so in all-time TPE
  4. For carryover purposes; CMC retired a few seasons ago. Player Page Here 1994 TPE * 0.07% (improved carryover) = 139.6 -> 100 carryover (maximum) Carryover TPE to be assigned to WR Luka Hol'This, claimed 11/5/2022
  5. Germany? Well sure, they’ve got the GFL/ELF (yes seriously, the ELF). But they’re nothing compared to good ol’ USA American Football. The level of competition, even at the professional level, doesn’t hold a candle to even the US collegiate scene. Frau Bonk left her home country in search of greater competition, as rugby and football simply weren’t interesting enough in Germany for her to be entertained. It was in her name – she was meant to hit, and not in the card shark, finesse-oriented casino way. Make no mistake – she would never be large enough to act as a defensive tackle or end, or perhaps even as a more imposing linebacker, but she needed to be a bone-crushing safety for the ages at the absolute least. She had a passable 40-something tackles in her first season, 3 interceptions, and a single defensive touchdown, but what was missing was key to her very soul: forcing fumbles and absolutely crushing players at the line of scrimmage. She couldn’t do that while playing corner, or at least couldn’t do it as frequently. So, what’d she do? What any good safety would: bulk up over the course of the offseason and thicken her skin to lay out some of these huge hits. The Phalanx, of course, faced a crushing loss against the Encounter after clearly hitting a wall when Dusty Wilson hit the 100 yard mark. But what was most frustrating for Bonk was her lack of participation in the game, even at a basic level: she managed 3 tackles and absolutely nothing else on her stat line. With the number of rushing attempts the team made, she needed to be at safety for that game. Live up to her potential – and her name. This isn’t as much as a “College Spotlight” as it was a sudden exposure of her lack of impact on the field: indeed, when it mattered most, she essentially did nothing. She’ll get those forced turnovers and the opposing running backs and wide receivers would like it. None of her offseason training will go to waste – and the league will remember Frau Bonk. [352]
  6. Luka Hol’This “Really? Declaring early? You can’t even make first team. Don’t kid yourself.” Self doubt is always crippling. Social media has always worked to amplify that concern. As much as digital ‘connection’ helps us feel as though we’ve got relationships all around, it’s impersonal – and when your doubters are detached from you as a person, they’re rather quick to turn on you. Lip service in the rare event that Luka were to break through was easy – nothing more than a few words typed into Twitter or Instagram. But as soon as the All-American Teams were announced – a crushing defeat, as Luka, who was top-three in yards, led the league in yards-per-catch, and above league average in touchdown, was relegated to second team. Below Sena Kobayakawa, who didn’t even manage 75% of the yards per catch Luka had managed and hadn’t managed nearly as many touchdowns. Fine. Let them have their nomination to the higher team. Put that shit on the bulletin board for everyone in the league to see. Shame is hardly a great motivator. But more material to help prove you’re the best? People have made careers out of that. Nominations without a win? That’s been the case Luka’s entire career. Most of Hades Creek’s fans (and plenty of greedy merchandisers) made a killing off of “Hol’This L,” the way that Luka’s name is displayed in box scores when he goes off. But there’s a whole lot less hubbub around Luka this offseason as the locker room becomes even more crowded: five-star running backs, a second star wide receiver, and a quarterback who’s expected to distribute the ball to all of them. What a drag. “Draft this year? Yeah. That one’s mine. I’m outta here after this season.” Maybe Luka was brusque in the offseason presser – but social media hadn’t exactly been kind to him this offseason, and he had no inclination to participate in a one-sided relationship. The student newspaper would have their day with it, he guessed, but favors after this long in Hades Creek needed to be earned, not given. His play would do the talking, just as it always has. [354] Frau Bonk “Yes, indeed. I’ll take a seat there. I’ll take Earl Grey, steeped, hot please.” After a remarkably successful season where she tallied 45 tackles, 3 interceptions, and a defensive touchdown, Bonk was ready to capitalize on her success – in more ways than one. She was a bright spot on a Hades Creek squad that fell just short of expectations last season, another middling finish for a team with too much talent for its own good. And this season was building up to a similar set of concerns. She saw what was in the newspapers nationally – “Hades Creek just doesn’t cut it, again,” she’d read, with just a flit of irritation crossing her mind. Frau would not be satisfied with such words being levied against a team she played on. The mind is fickle. Indeed, after multiple seasons of reasonable success without breaking through to the pinnacle, Frau was of the opinion that many had become complacent, unmotivated to become better because they were ‘pretty good’ to begin with. Pretty good!? She would spit in the face of “nearly perfect,” let alone “pretty good.” Anything less than the best is unacceptable. “I would like to declare my eligibility for the EFL Draft. Unfortunately, this means I will be leaving the program after this season. We will win the championship, and I will accept no less than that as our result.” “Does that mean you’re guaranteeing a championship, Frau?! Can we quote you on that?” “Hades Creek will win the championship. Lesser results are unacceptable. I will see to that from our defensive side.” Flashes of camera succeed the declaration. Hades Creek’s assistant coaching staff and position coaches collectively held their faces in their hands – this would be hard to live up to. They’d only have to hope Frau’s line didn’t make it to the national media – as they were positive the likes of Athens, Death Valley, and so on would use it as bulletin board material (not to be self-referential but see above). Frau allowed for a single nod and got up from her seat, seeing the coaches were displeased. No matter, the result is what matters in the end. [359]
  7. 1. Biggest surprise game during the playoffs? Seattle winning the West! I was unbelievably excited with that, but felt there was (unbelievably) a more even matchup going into the finals. We had a series of unexpected victories from the last week of the regular season through the championship. 2. What are you working on this off-season? Speed, speed, and more speed. It's uncapping time, baby. 3. Other than working on your game, what do you do to keep busy? I work in a hospital. Keeps me busy from time to time. 4. What is your favorite meal to have? Ooh, probably a seafood boil with plenty of crab. Reminds me of home! 5. What pre-game song gets you hyped up? Y'know, someone in the locker room just BLASTS Taylor Swift before every game... @NotSoGood88? That you? 6. What's one weird fact about your player(s)? Uh, my WR's stat line always reads "Hol'This L." which is always worth a giggle. 7. Water or gatorade and why? Water. /r/hydrohomies 8. Which is better Remember the Titans or Waterboy? Ooh, both great. Remember the Titans for me. 9. What is one motto your player(s) live by? "Good enough" is never good enough.
  8. Himalaya Griffintown has to be a surefire hall-of-famer from a sheer longevity perspective I'd have to think. He's never had a prolonged period with excellent QB play but has produced despite that, and has always been a good blocker.
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