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  1. The tale of Teppei Renomitsu cannot truly be told without significant contribution from his family – particularly his brother, Hiroki. The two were inseparable even after completing high school, and reunited for their second two years of college before finally taking their separate ways with Midwest/South teams in their professional careers. Indeed, Teppei and Hiroki Renomitsu are twins, both of whom had played in the EFL for the last seven years. But their story starts much humbler than that. They were born sons of a paralegal and waitress, naturally academically talented but with
  2. Wisconsin, USA – After just seven seasons in the EFL, Teppei Renomitsu has called it quits on his quarterbacking career – which lasted just nine seasons in total, even including the NCAA (before the ECFA). The announcement came as a shock to many even in the professional football world, let alone fans, as some would argue he posted his best season yet with a 119+ QB rating on the season. “I am utterly and completely grateful to the states of Wisconsin, Oregon, and Louisiana for making it possible for me to play a game for a living,” he commented at a year-end conference. “Ever sinc
  3. Renomitsu


    Accepted. Pleasure doing business with you boss.
  4. OVER Deiondre Colt Calle Colt Miami Neptune Diana Gunner (Miami)
  5. I'm impressed Spartan and his Trenton Generals were able to make it this far, personally. Everyone doubted them as having 'average' offensive weapons and a middling-to-good defense, but I don't think anyone gave them a shot coming into the playoffs this season. Testament to the AD's continued leadership and his players' hard work. They're going to be great next season. That being said -- congratulations to Biscayne Bay! Well-deserved to Stacks and his crew.
  6. Are Season-Long Free Weeks A Problem, Or Is Being Against Them Elitist? I know that’s a weird question and arguably a bit of a leading question in two directions. But after the announcement regarding the EFL Season Pass earlier today, I started thinking. And that’s always a recipe for disaster. Everyone Spends Less Money There are two main benefits to this change: first, it saves those who purchase free weeks throughout the season some cash, allowing them to have a competitively-earning player without needing to put up with the ‘chore’ of PTs or sim att
  7. welp. one last chance to go out on top and here it went a miami vs. san antonio finals
  8. i actually count this drive as a negative if it doesn't end in a TD... caps are no joke
  9. Will there be over or under 40.5 points scored in the EFCA Championship Game? OVER Which EFCA defender will have the most passes tackles in the EFCA Championship Game? Caleb Watt if you mean tackles, Lincoln Lake if you mean Passes Defended (PDs). In the EFCA Championship game, which player of these 3 will have the most rushing yards - Kamari Okonjo, Tomas Kacer, or Danny DeVinter? Kamari Okonjo Which team will win the EFCA Championship Game? Biscayne Bay Pirates Will there be over or under 5.5 passes defended in the ECFA Championship Game? OVER
  10. Gg Biscayne Bay. As much as others complain about HCP being a powerhouse, there's a good ol' saying in football: Any given Sunday. The second you assume anything is yours in this league is the moment you lose it. Biscayne Bay never forgot that even as a high-tier team and they're in the championship for it. Kudos to @StackTheRacks12 and the gang - represent us well!
  11. You know 'em, you love 'em, please welcome back our re-signings for S23 and beyond! LB Jabari Spalding @TotallyNotGus S23 - $3,500,000 S24 - minimum S25 - minimum K DeShaun Marion @okochastar S23 - $4,000,000 S24 - $4,000,000 S25 - $4,000,000 RB Victor Von Vanmort (inactive) @Abaddon S23 - $2,250,000 FB Quentin Barnes (inactive) @Uphillmoss S23 - $1,500,000 CB Djibril Kabore (inactive) @Pandar S23 - minimum CB Squaliforme Chondrichythes (filler) @Sharkstrong S23 - $1,500,00
  12. oh hey there's my 1,500 TPE CB with a 200 TPE stat line
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