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  1. 1. The season has gone 4 games for the ECFA and 3 for the EFL, what is one positive that your player(s) have done so far? I've actually played in a game! Huzzah! There was some funny sim business going on so I missed the first couple. 2. Flip the script and what is one negative thing about your player(s)? I'm pretty far from leading the league, though I have multiple seasons to rectify that. 3. Outside of your player(s), how has your team(s) performed so far? Better than anticipated! We lost the first couple because we straight-up didn't have some players, but we've won the last couple now. 4. What goal(s) do you have set up for this season for your player(s)? Lead the team in receiving (for Luka), and be vaguely competitive (for Renata). I don't know what to do with her anymore honestly, as she lost a lot of competitive seasons from inactivity. I just want to get her to 2k for the max carryover for the time being. 5. The Athens Carnage are the only undefeated team left, how many more games can they win and who could potentially stop them and why? They might remain undefeated through the rest of the season because they faced us while our critical players were at their worst -- but be forewarned, we've got a lot of growth left before the end of the season!! 6. The same with EFL and the Miami Neptune, who do you see potentially knocking them off and why? Always Wisconsin... because Wisconsin, ya know? They're always lurking out there even during deep regression. 7. The Wisconsin Brigade are 1-2, did you expect this to happen or what did you see their record after 3 games? Yep. Sandbag to get people a false sense of security. 8. In the ECFA between the Biscayne Bay Pirates and Hades Creek Phalanx, who gets their first win? HCP of course!!! I'd make that homer pick any day, and I'm just glad it's true now. 11. What is your team(s) weakness so far? Lack of the right players playing in our games! I think we can still bounce back and make a playoff run, but let's wait and see.
  2. When you create, do you prefer to send your players to the same team in the ECFA? Do you also plan to get your players on the same team in the EFL?
  3. 1. The off-season ended, how prepared are your players for the new season? Uh... I'm not sure Goncalves is even really paying attention. She's oooooooold. On the other hand, Luka Hol'This is ready to rumble in the ECFA. 2. Pre-season games already happened, how do you feel about your players performances? I unfortunately wasn't even on an ECFA team so that was a bit of a bummer. Goncalves I expect to have a quiet season. 3. Do your players have any pre-game rituals and if so, what is it/ or are they? Yes, of course! But if I tell you them they'll be easier to disrupt, so... I'm not going to tell you? 4. When not playing football, what do your players do for entertainment? Renata goes back to Brazil because it's absurdly fun down there (if you know the right people). Luka Hol'This does other fun things like catching animals falling from trees, or catching babies falling out of buildings that are on fire, or catching.... you get the point. 6. What is one hidden talent that your players have? Goncalves is very good at fighting (especially jiu jitsu) -- Luka is very good at catching things that aren't footballs, in addition to being good at catching footballs. 8. Do your players come from backgrounds in the sport or have they worked hard and got here on their own? Renata barely even had a shot at joining the ECFA anyways, as American football isn't very popular in Brazil, so I'd say yes. 9. Do your players have any rivals and if so who are they? Luka isn't entrenched enough in the league to have any rivals. Goncalves is too old to worry about rivalries anymore - she also hasn't won a championship yet, so a rivalry would just seem petty. 11. What goals do you strive for when creating or recreating? I need to understand that I have a high earning demand when creating or recreating, so I can't go into a season with just half effort (which unfortunately has been the case for Goncalves the last several seasons). If I need to retire Luka after his ECFA career then I'll do it. 12. Time to be thankful again and thank either a GM or AD who helped you out so far. @Nykonax gave me my first EFL championship on Teppei, so I feel like I probably would include him on that list!
  4. Okay, probably not what you mean but... @Spartan I CHALLENGE YOU... to throw me the ball on HCP (no seriously give me like 50 catches even if your player name makes me a very sad person, please and thank you).
  5. Question of the Week +3 WSBL PT Affiliate (as EFL Brand) +3
  6. User engagement. I agree that some degree of parity at both pro and college levels would be ideal, but I also understand that the latter isn't exactly designed with balance in mind while the drying up of talent on the pro side leads to a lot of high TPE players just moving about together. Overall I think the league's activity has waned despite a core of very dedicated members and I think there's a compounding effect when that happens.
  7. Although defenses haven't regressed all that much, I expect Tactique Marteau to take a step forward this season. We'll be in a very interesting era of QB play, as the old age of several elite QBs in the league is probably nearing its end.
  8. 3. If you could make an OL would you and why or why not? Probably, but only if we could make it in addition to current players, and only if DE/DT would also be used! 4. If you could replicate one previous EFL players career, who would you copy? I dunno. Probably someone who got drafted below expectations to a really good team and surprised everyone by just casually max earning. 6. How do you feel about the question of the week being added for TPE? I think it's a good idea to essentially crowdsource some ideas and improvements for the site. 7. What could make the sims feel more immersive? Better times! I wish I could see some of them but my schedule is so unpredictable that it's virtually impossible. Would also love to have a live chat while it's going as we get more members.
  9. Is this the part where Wisconsin starts approaching hated dynasty status?
  10. I could give or take a Rookie/Sophomore game. Would love to see a Pro Bowl and an "All-Time Roster" sort of game, whether that's for the ECFA or EFL. Long-time members field the best rosters their teams could muster and just let 'em rumble. It's a pretty big undertaking and probably should only be done once in a while, but why not? Better yet, surely we have enough Hall of Famers to get two absolutely stacked teams against one another.
  11. Some pretty lopsided games here, ouchie. Looks like there are some teams who definitely need help a lil more than others
  13. oooooo seattle let's get it done
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