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  1. In this article I’ll be giving you my personal top 7 draft big board. I don’t have a first this season so I will not be able to select any of these prospects but this draft class definitely has some talent especially towards the top. 1. Kara Moon Kara Moon is my #1 prospect in this class. Although Moon didn’t put up the flashiest stats, I believe part of that may be due to teams being afraid to throw at Moon. Moon’s player agency has produced some all-time great players and Moon will look to become one as well. 2. Ahhh Specriggivi Ahhh Specriggivi comes in as
  2. Congrats Wisconsin. To Denver: I’m proud of us for making it this far. It’s been fun to be the villains and hear people complain when we win. Let’s make it our goal to be back here next season.
  3. Yes ok that’s game. Wish it could have been last years Denver team vs Wisconsin, think it would have been a much better game
  4. Manchester Lookout (14-2) vs Death Valley Rangers (14-2) Presenter: @PigSnout Time: 8 PM EST
  5. Which receiver will have the most receptions in the EFL Championship Game? Jurgen Flugel-Hagendorfen Which defender will will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? TJ Dunne Which running back will have the most rushing yards in the EFL Championship Game? Ajay Krishna Which passer (Kelley or Falk) will have the better passer rating in the EFL Championship Game? Falk Which kicker (Mortenson or Gnarby) will have the most points in the EFL Championship Game? Mortenson Which player will score the first touchdown (rushing, receiving, defensive, or return - a qu
  6. Crazy that the two teams that ended up winning the chip on this list I was on
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