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  1. EFL Predictions Champion: Memphis East Finalist: (New York, Miami, Minnesota, Memphis, Toronto, Wisconsin): Memphis West Finalist: (Denver, Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans): New Orleans MVP: Tugg Bote Award: Ja LongArm OPotY: Trey Masters Award: Oscar Jebaseelan DPotY: Chocolate Thunder Award: Zane Montgomery QB: Martin Isaac Award: Vince Carswell RB: Marcus Johnson Award: Oscar Jebaseelan FB: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. Award: Robert Hunter WR: Colt Cream Award: Henry McDolin TE: Joplo Crittenden Award
  2. Ah I see lol, I was gonna say was Flex just gonna fire me out of the blue (Because I don't think I was even announced as expansion GM yet)
  3. How did you have Roswell as an option lol, I was still AD and hadn't decided on whether or not I would step down for a season.
  4. Lmaooo this funny af, the Wally and Sid one's hilarious
  5. Ok I'm not gonna lie Bowl Games would be extremely dope if the simmers would take that on.
  6. Agree with most of what you said. This is probably a pivotal point in the leagues existence with both relatively frequent turnover and Turner stepping down. I trust the admins but it will be interesting to see how this goes.
  7. What are your thoughts on where your players went in the draft? Some players that your players look up to?
  8. Happy I could be a part of your journey and helping you get more invested, that is the job of an AD after all
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