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  1. Seattle fans having flashbacks
  2. Stephen Gunnar Linebacker from Calgary, Alberta, who has played for the Grand Rapid Griffins and the Anchorage Storm has declared his intent for the EFL draft. As of writing Gunnar was a nominee for DPoTY and won LBoTY as he tied the season record for EFCA sacks in a season with 9. His career started off with him playing for a winless team in the Grand Rapids Griffin and in an attempt to win more games, he made the transfer to Anchorage to play with his brother. Clearly the switch worked as he became a dominant force on the field even with an up and down start to the season. To look at his career stats he has 244 tackles, 19 TFL, 11 sacks, 5/3 FF/FR, 7 passes defended, and 1 safety. He lead his team in tackles for each season he played. So, when he heard if he attended the draft combine he’d take up his chance to be drafted, he had some serious hesitation, but he decided to go along obviously. He’s ranked 18th however, and he’s ranked 5T for linebackers. However, it seems tpe isn’t always the answer, and last season he shows he has some strong sim luck. He definitely shows some resemblance to Patrick Willis of the NFL's 49ers (formerly), and maybe he’ll be that consistent franchise cornerstone like Willis. Gunnar has also been a consistent dog when it comes to working hard which will definitely make a team feel more comfortable drafting him. Now we will have the LBoTY come up and talk about his declaration for the draft. "The Adrenaline really gets to ya sometimes, and this was definitely one of those times. It took me maybe a week to make my decision, and I feel like I maybe should’ve stayed with my team, but sometimes you gotta make the best decision for yourself to move forward and take that next big step up. No matter what team drafts me, I’ll give them my damn best. I’ll put in the work 24/7, and I’ll be a crazed dog as Lawrence Taylor once said. I will be the best linebacker in the league. That’s not a promise because promises can be broken, that’s a guarantee." (371 words)
  3. Very inspirational, I’d like to thank Bushito, Zeke, and especially Blade for being great sim league mentors leading up and moving on from this moment.
  4. Player Name: Stephen Gunnar Current TPE: 185 TPE: 14
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