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  1. One more season on Fred.. was hoping he could play one more. If someone wants to sign him let me know. https://efl.simflow.io/forms/player_page.php?pid=3126 Missed a few updates so adding 50 TPE as we speak.
  2. This might be Flinstones best season yet. He’s a member of the Los Angeles Reign and they’ve haven't had the best season. This season is new and Flinstone has been training pretty hard. He wants to get back to winning offensive rookie of the year and has the breakout speed to make that happen. Flinstone is the only true running back on the Reign and touches the ball quite a bit. He is currently the 5th highest running back in the league with 372 attempts last season for 1620 and yards, an average of 4.4 and 10 touchdowns. With Flinstone increasing his strength in the offseason and working some routes, let's hope he can pump those numbers up. New Orleans has an amazing RB who scored 29 touchdowns this offseason but had an insane amount of touches. Lets hope Flinstone can get to this level at some point. Good news though is he is now ranked 19th for top 20 punt return yards on average. He is also 18th for top 20 rushing touchdowns. This is just motivation to push his team over the top. With the introduction of the Reigns new star QB this should give them a lot more offensive options and take a bit of pressure off of Flinstone.
  3. Name: Fred Flinstone Team: LA Reign Workout/Equipment Name: Under Armour Highlight MC Equipment Gain(If applicable): Speed +1 Cost of Workout: 5 Million Cash you Have: 5,500,000 Cash Left: 500,000
  4. Come on Neptune and Reign
  5. lets go Reign and Neptune!
  6. Lets go Neptune and Reign!
  7. @rjfryman i'll make something better soon.
  8. Acydburn


    I need to get back into making graphics, things have been lack luster lately.
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