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  1. You can bring over one team (name, logo) from a sister league as an expansion team, which team and why?
  2. 1. The draft just happened, who won the draft? Minny 2. Was there any losers in the draft (team or player)? Every GM has a plan so this one I will say is not something to immediately judge 3. What's your thoughts on events week? I was a fan of it 4. Give me a season prediction for one or both of your players. Both are in line for career seasons and lead in their respective positions 5. Who is one team who will rise from the bottom of the rankings? Dont sleep on Minny 6. Who is one team who will fall from grace? Seattle? 7. What came first the egg or the chicken? Aliens 8. If a tree fell in a forest and no one was around to hear it, does it really make a noise and why or why not? It does because of course it does 9. What's your players off-season workout schedule like? Healthy sleep schedule, good eating, workouts and leisure time 10. Are any of your players allergic to any kind of foods? Beretta is allergic to sesame seeds 11. Who do you consider the GOAT on offense? Trigger! 12. Back to number 11 and who is that on defense? Beretta!
  3. I would have to say Wisconsin who always seem to be Miami's conference rival lately.
  4. 1. New season just around the corner, share a short quote expressing your players excitement. Waiting for the new season is like when you're a child waiting for xmas morning. 2. What made you choose to play for Manchester? Best GM in the minor leagues! 3. What is your main goal for this season? break a record or two 4. Will you be entering the next draft? No 5. If you were to model your game after a current EFLer who would that be? Deiondre Colt 6. Who do you see making the finals this season in the EFCA? Athens/Death Valley 7. Who do you see making the finals this season in the EFL? Miami 8. What main attribute did you focus on this off-season? Speed and agility 9. Are you aiming for a specific award this season? Nothing comes to mind 10. Who do you sit beside in the locker room? Orzhov as his mentor. 11. Did you join the team Discord? Yes 12. How many games does your player take to shake the off-season rust? Zero
  5. Question of the week Press Conference
  6. Recruitment of new members and expanding the league back to its potential
  7. @omgitshim the Google form is closed
  8. Its time for my wide receiver Trigger Colt to truly shine on Miami!
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