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  1. Manchester Death Valley Athens Hades Creek Biscayne Bay Savage City Roswell Trenton
  2. Simple, bring back a Miami team. I know we cant use the actual Collegiate names.
  3. Season 39 theme week graphic
  4. I'd love to go back in time and play for the Miami Hurricanes again. The good old days.
  5. Good game Minny, still lots of season left Miami bro's
  6. Good to see a win. Need to go on quite a run to save the season.
  7. Haha well, I suppose nothing really. I just update my players, check game threads, cheer for Miami (and a soft spot for Minny)... rinse and repeat.
  8. Nice close game to shake off the rust and nerves
  9. Used to be VHL affiliation, since then I either make a graphic or collect welfare on top of QOW
  10. Multiple first round picks are swapped between teams this draft
  11. Shoutout to Tomothy Malinpa with 13 sacks this season. That being said my pick would be Everett.
  12. Trigger was gifted a signed Miami jersey from their inaugural season. He truly was meant to be a member of the Neptune.
  13. Haven't been part of any other sim league for some time. I remember live stream drafts were fun when I used to GM. Aside from that charity drives were a great way to garner league activity.
  14. Winning my first championship with the Miami Neptune, many more to come ;)
  15. Miami meets Minny in the final. Lets make it happen Neptune!
  16. Some adversity early on but Miami will turn it around quick
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