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  1. Will there be over or under 44.5 points scored in the ECFA Championship Game? Over Which ECFA defender will have the most tackles in the ECFA Championship Game? Kessel Which player will score the first touchdown in the ECFA Championship game (note a QB doesn't count unless he runs for the TD)? Olaf Which team will win the ECFA Championship Game? Rangers Which kicker will score the most points in the ECFA championship game? Leonidas
  2. Two heavy hitters going at it in glorious fashion, this is a game that can truly go either way. Let's do this!
  3. Well done by the Wolfpack in taking their season one step further, I too was rooting for Seattle but you can't deny the strength of the Pack. Good luck in the finals!
  4. WOW!! What a nailbiter, and hats off to the Pirates for a valiant effort!
  5. In ECFA, will Ajax Cole IV have over or under 196.5 passing yards? OVER Will an ECFA player have 15 or more tackles in a week 10 game? NO Which EFL team will have the most passing yards in week 10? NEPTUNE Which EFL Tight End will have the most receiving yards? GRIFFINTOWN Which team will win the Frenzy vs Frontier game?FRONTIER
  6. Saddle up Rangers, let's do this!
  7. Congrats to Shark and Tac, fantastic choices and I know they'll excel in leadership roles. A huge gigantic thank you to Turner for being such a wonderful leader and presence, you da man!
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