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  1. How happy were you to see DVR win back-to-back championships? I am always pumped for DVR as they have been home to two of my players. I'm a DVR fan-4-life! Do you believe they can do it again and have a threepeat? Spoiler alert: They did not. But they will be back, you can never count them out! If your player could play any other position, what would it be? I'd like to see the league include all positions so I could play them all : What is your player's fav video game? Has to be Eastside Hockey Manager b
  2. Congrats to Wisconsin on their championship, they've certainly set the bar for what the Kraken and Reign will need to achieve. Let's get ready for them next season!
  3. Certainly a hard fought battle on both sides, congrats to Manchester on overcoming the extremely tough and dependable Rangers!
  4. Which receiver will have the most receptions in the EFL Championship Game? Demetric Kazmeir Which defender will will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? TJ Dunne Which running back will have the most rushing yards in the EFL Championship Game? Ajay Krishna Which passer (Kelley or Falk) will have the better passer rating in the EFL Championship Game? Kelley Which kicker (Mortenson or Gnarby) will have the most points in the EFL Championship Game? Gnabry Which player will score the first touchdown (rushing, receiving, defensive, or return - a quarter
  5. ECFA Conference Finals Heroes home vs away 34-27 EFL Conference Finals West home vs away 34-27 ECFA Finals Heroes vs Legends 34-27 EFL Finals West vs East 34-27
  6. When you have a big game coming, you need a good meal. What school has the best spots for a pre-game meal as an away team? I know some of you sneak away after a Saturday afternoon game. Where are the best parties in the EFCA? It's easy to get bored and distracted on the way to some distant opponents. What do oyu do to get focused? 1. I'mma have to go with Death Valley because I love me some spicy, and all of their options got heat to them! 2. In this case we find ourselves in Trenton where the parties start early and go all night, hell to the yeah! 3. I like
  7. Close game and a hell of a way to finish the season for the Neptune, good luck to the Brigade in bringing the championship home!
  8. Can't wait to see how the salad debate ends!
  9. 1. How did you find out about the league? 2. What are your impressions so far? 3. Do you have a preferred destination in the EFL? 4. What kind of player do you want to create next? @DrummerBoy15
  10. Tough loss at the hands of the Brigade but motivation to keep building and pushing so that we can take it to the next level. Keep those heads up Kraken!
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