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  1. Congrats to Shark and Tac, fantastic choices and I know they'll excel in leadership roles. A huge gigantic thank you to Turner for being such a wonderful leader and presence, you da man!
  2. A season ending press conference has been held for former Tight-End for the Seattle Predators, Kip Silver. The Predators want to formally announce Kip's retirement and thank him for his years of service. Kip sits calmly next to the owner and head coach of the Predators and across his face his wears a wide and kind smile. "Kip, how do you feel now that you've played your last game in the EFL?" "You know," Kip starts and then pauses as he thinks the question through, "I have so many emotions but most of all I am proud. I look at my career and not only do I have a champio
  3. Claim 4 of 4 (Word Count)
  4. Will there be over or under 809.5 yards of offense in the EFL Championship Game? Under Which EFL defender will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? Blade In the EFL Championship game, which player of these 4 will have the most receiving yards - Henry McDolin, Charm McClain Callahan, Butter Fingers, or Kam Bam Chancellor? McDolin Which team will win the EFL Championship Game? Kraken Which kicker will score the most points in the EFL Championship game? Marion
  5. Will there be over or under 35.5 points scored in the ECFA Championship Game? Over Which ECFA rusher will have the most rushing yards in the ECFA Championship Game? Fenton In the ECFA Championship game, which player of these 3 will have the most passes deffended (PDs) - Tayvon Maxwell, Daniel Eliason, or Trent Jackson (if there is a tie it will go to who had the msot tackles of the tied players)? Maxwell Which team will win the ECFA Championship Game? Rangers Which punter will have the highest punting average in the ECFA Championship Game? Wyatt
  6. Congrats to the Frontier on a well deserved win, let's see what you can do in the championship final!
  7. Claim 3 (word count)
  8. It’s time to fix these dogs once and for all, let’s go Seattle!!
  9. Time to round up the troops, let's do this Trenton!
  10. 1. Now that you've been in the league for sometime, what are your overall impressions of the EFL? 2. What is the best brand in the EFL? 3. What brand could use a rebrand? 4. What position would you like to be for your next player?
  11. Time to even things up against the Wolfpack, San Antonio is going down!!
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