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  1. Tate

    S21 EFL Week Five

    Looks like shark is on the menu today fellas, let's eat!!
  2. Tate

    S21 EFL Week Four

    Let's keep this perfect streak going Memphis!!
  3. Tate

    S21 EFL Week Three

    Time to make some music
  4. 1. First impressions of the league? 2. What do you hope to accomplish with your player? 3. What position would you least want to play in the EFL? 4. Best logo in the EFL?
  5. Tate

    S21 ECFA Week 2

    Death Valley puts the D in Dominant!
  6. Keep those heads up Preds, good effort and a long season ahead!
  7. Tate

    Week 1GTS

    Steam 27-17
  8. EFL Predictions Champion: East Finalist: (New York, Miami, Minnesota, Memphis, Toronto, Wisconsin): West Finalist: (Denver, Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans): MVP: Tugg Bote Award: OPotY: Trey Masters Award: DPotY: Chocolate Thunder Award: QB: Martin Isaac Award: RB: Marcus Johnson Award: FB: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. Award: WR: Colt Cream Award: TE: Joplo Crittenden Award: LB: Marcus Holloway Award: CB: Ivan Zamora Award: S: Ray Ray Foster Award: K: Bryce Larkin Award: KR: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. Award: Off Rookie: Hunter Slade Award: Def Rookie: Ben Faeger Award: GM: Wheaties Memorial: ECFA Predictions Champion: Heroes Finalist: (Athens, Manchester, Roswell, Sacramento, Savage City, Trenton) Legends Finalist: (Anchorage, Biscayne Bay, Death Valley, Grand Rapids, Hades Creek, Lincoln) Heisman Trophy - MVP: Leonard Lawson Award - Defensive Player OTY: Drew McPewPewPew Award - Offensive Player OTY: Lance Swift IV Award - Top Offensive Freshman: Shaka Lawal Award - Top Defensive Freshman: QB: Teppei Renomitsu Award: RB: Gale Grey Award: WR: Patrick Kelley Award: TE: Fahk-Nahd Memorial Award: FB: Thormund Jakobsen Award: LB: Clinton King Award: CB: Lester McCorn Award: S: Noah Jacobs Award: K: Dianna Gunner Award: KR: Nydroj-Abbot Award: Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service : Coach of the Year Award - AD:
  9. Tate

    S21 Player Store

    Name: Easton West Team: Memphis Mambas Workout/Equipment Name: Tier 3 (+3 Speed) Equipment Gain(If applicable): +3 Speed Cost of Workout: $10,000,000 Cash you Have: $12,000,000 Cash Left: $2,000,000 @Turner @omgitshim
  10. 1. What drove you to make this decision? 2. What was the highlight of your time here? 3. What do you plan to accomplish at your new team? 4. If you could give advice to new recruits, what is it?
  11. Congrats to all the winners!
  12. I'm caught in the @twists riot!!!
  13. There is more to come in the Easton West saga, don’t you worry! (be worried)
  14. Previously on the Chronicles of Easton West: Chapter 1 - Tough first practice for Easton West (Part 1) Chapter 2 - Tough first practice for Easton West (Part 2) Chapter 3 - Tough first practice for Easton West (Part 3) Chapter 4 - How's it Feel? Chapter 5 - One Door Closes & Another One Opens Chapter 6 - Graceland (Part 1) Chapter 7 - Graceland (Part 2) CHAPTER 8 Graceland Pt. 3 (Finale) “She comes back to tell me she's gone As if I didn't know that As if I didn't know my own bed As if I'd never noticed” - Paul Simon (Graceland) Fresh off the championship win, Easton West had vacated the arena and immediately headed back to his condominium in downtown Memphis. To say that he had been effective in helping the Mambas take home the trophy was both an overstatement and an understatement. Easton has performed admirably leading up to the final game, but in the championship tilt, the truth was that his head hadn’t been in it- both literally and figuratively. Easton had suffered one of the worst concussions of his life and although he had been cleared to return to the field, he wasn’t quite right. There were moments in which he was as dominant as ever, but others where he would lose track of time and was unable to focus, and much of his life since he had left the hospital had been a blur. It was as though he was still dreaming, and he was struggling to wake up. When the championship was won, Easton had been surrounded on the field, and the feeling of bodies all around him had become overwhelming. When he turned down the offer to go out with his teammates, he was met with surprised stares and while a few had stepped forward and asked him to reconsider he was steadfast in his decision. His motivation was driven by a notification he had received on his phone, it was an alert that the door to his condo had been unlocked and that a person was now inside him home and he knew of only one person who had a key- Karen. Easton did not want to admit the truth to his teammates of why he wanted to go home, instead telling most of them that he wasn’t feeling well and that he knew a night of drinking wouldn’t be good for his head. Most of them had understood that, Easton wasn’t the same since his last hit and after many had witnessed his outburst in the locker room, none of them were willing to fight him on it. But he was afraid that if he told them who it was that he was going to see, that they might become nervous, and that in of itself was something that Easton wasn’t willing to confront. It was nobody’s business but his own, and he had to make things right with Karen before she left for good. The championship ring he was about to receive in the end meant nothing to him if he wasn’t going to be able to share it with the person he loved, and he had fallen in love with Karen. He had to tell her that one last time. When Easton burst through his front door, he realized that he had been in too much of a hurry and needed to calm himself so that he wouldn’t upset Karen and cause her to leave without hearing him. The moment he saw the reaction on her face, he knew then that he had already failed, “Where have you been!?” The words came out of his mouth in a rush, and his tone was too aggressive, but he couldn’t stop himself. “I needed a few things,” she spoke so low it was almost hard for Easton to understand what she was saying, “Why are you home?” She asked him in a non-accusatory way, “Shouldn’t you be out-“ “I don’t want to be with them right now,” Easton cut her off and took a few steps toward her, and when she stepped back and away from him in response, he stopped in his tracks, “Karen, I’m so-“ “Sorry?” She finished off his sentence, “I know,” and when she told him that she already understood, his heart began to race and sweat started to pour from his brow. “I know you’re sorry,” she repeated. “Then what are you doing?” He asked as his eyes drifted from her and down to the bag that was next to her feet. He could see that she had packed up all her belongings, and very soon only the memory of her would be left in his condo. “I can’t stay,” she said as she watched him closely, “I can’t,” she repeated. “Please,” his voice finally softened, “Don’t go.” “I can’t watch you spiral like this,” she hesitated for a moment, “You’re not well, Easton.” “I got hurt,” he began to plead, “It’s football, it’s a part of the game.” “You’re changing,” she told him, “You weren’t like this when we met. You’re killing yourself out there, and it’s getting worse by the day. I can’t live with you and watch you continue to hurt yourself. What about life after football, have you ever thought about it?” Easton wanted to say yes immediately but he knew he would be lying if he did, and so he tried to steer the conversation in a different direction, “I love you,” he said, “I love you so much, don’t you understand that?” “I believe you,” she responded but she still did not move toward him. “Do you love me?” He asked her. She did not respond right away and instead watched him for a moment, each second that ticked by was agony for him, “I do,” she finally told him, “But I still can’t stay with you.” He shook his head, “If you mean that, we can get through this. This doesn’t have to end-“ “It already has,” she cut him off again, “I’m sorry. I really am. I wanted this to work. I’m a doctor, Easton. I understand trauma, and I’ve started to understand you. I know you won’t stop, and it might already be too late.” “Don’t say that,” he stepped toward her again, and as he did, she stepped back once more. This action by her infuriated him, but he bit down on his lip and he fought back the rage that was building up within him. “It’s never too late.” “Do you remember what’s happened since you left the hospital?” She asked him and the question struck him as odd, “Do you realize that we’ve had this conversation already?” Easton was stunned, “No,” he shook his head, “This is the first time I’ve seen you.” “I came to see you after you left the hospital,” she revealed, “I told you I was leaving, and that I would still need to collect my things.” “You’re making that up,” he was quick to reply and tried his best not to raise his voice, “That’s not true.” “Are you sure?” She questioned, “Think back, try and remember.” Easton tried to recall a moment of having talked to her since the hospital, but he couldn’t. “You’re losing your memory, I’m watching it happen. You’re forgetting things all the time,” she said, “You need help.” “I need you,” it was all he could say back, and he meant every word of it, “Please, stay.” “I’m sorry,” she said once more before she bent down and collected her bag off of the floor, “But I have to go,” she told him before she finally took a step forward. Easton stepped in front of her, “No, I won’t let you.” Shock rang over her face and she hesitated. Fear began to take hold of her, “Easton,” she was soft in her tone, “Don’t make a mistake you’ll regret.” “I already have. You can’t leave,” he pleaded as his body tightened, “You belong with me.” “I belong to no one,” she said defiantly, “Now, step aside.” “No!” He shouted as he stepped toward her and grabbed a hold of her bag and ripped it from her hands, chucking the bag across the room, “You can’t leave!” She looked up at him in horror, “I will, and I must,” she attempted to move past him. Easton grabbed her by the arm and as she fought back, he twisted her body toward him, and he leaned in to kiss her. She punched him square across his face before he used his strength to pin her to the floor. She screamed as he sat on top of her and her scream was so loud it rocked his head. Easton felt a wave of nausea come over him as vertigo took hold of his vision. Karen’s scream seemed to echo in his mind, and for a moment it was all he could hear. After her scream faded Easton looked down to see the floor below him- Karen was gone. Astonished, he jumped up from the floor and looked over to where he had thrown her bag- and there was nothing. Easton checked his phone to look for the alert that had caused him to come home, and it was no longer there. He checked the history log on his phone app, and there was no record of anyone having entered his home. Suddenly, the phone began to shake, and Easton looked down to see that it was in fact his hand that was shaking uncontrollably. What just happened? Was that real? Am I… awake? (1526 words)
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