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  1. Green with the sack! Getting right back in the swing of things in my first sim.
  2. Accepted! Happy to bring another WR to Trenton.
  3. You can relocate any team in either league to a different city. Which one do you move and where do you move it?
  4. I think this is a question that's really interesting in a league where Speed is THE thing to upgrade, but I also think it's treatable on some level. For example, in my RB build (which I'm now realizing is fairly short on opportunities to upgrade Strength, but that can always be tweaked), would I rather spend 880 TPE for 99 Speed or spend 800 for 88 Speed/84 Agility/74 Intelligence + Hands, plus a few other things? I can't say that I'm experienced enough to have the right answer to that question, but it's at least making me think. Realistically, I'd probably upgrade the Speed-related categories more than the others (leading to more Speed/less balance), but it also gets really expensive for that last 11--and as someone who's good but not great at earning here, a 99 wouldn't be as worth it as some of the other stuff that would allow me to jack up the entire rest of my build for a good bit less. And yes, that's something that the simple solution effectively does, but the hybrid solution offers a lot more options for adaptability and position-specific changes. I'd be interested in seeing what would happen if player builds resembled what we'd see in reality a little bit more--the current 90/80 caps don't reflect that well enough.
  5. lmao Anyway, what up! It's been almost a year since I left the EFL, and it's been about a year since I started not feeling it as much. I have affiliate stuff that would cover me for this week, but I figure that, having just created my players, it would be cool to write about them as well. Samuel Sellers is my idea of a Julio Jones-type receiver. I want him to be big and able to go up and get a ball when it's thrown to him. I also wouldn't mind making him a decent blocker, because I've always appreciated receivers who are willing and able to block in real life and I'd like to emulate that (especially since my last player was a fullback and I enjoyed it). At the moment, Sellers remains uncommitted in the ECFA (I had something lined up that unfortunately fell through due to roster space issues), but a few offers are on the table and I'm ready to play. Update: after a long time, I've brought Sellers to Trenton. I'm not editing the above because I don't want to. Jordan Green is modeled after one of my favorite players in Tre'Davious White. As an excellent man cover player, he'll hopefully be able to hang with any team's WR1. Though it was somewhat unexpected (given that I'd originally planned to join teams run by people I knew well), I was very impressed with @124715's pitch and initial messages last night and I'm happy to say that Green will be playing for Athens. I wonder what my career trajectory will be for both of these players. I can't say that I fully intend to get 12 capped per week, but I will say that I'll have 9 locked down from VHL stuff and it will be easy to get the last bit here. I'll never match the EFL's super earners, but I managed to make Jabari Spalding fairly respectable with what I had and I think about the same mark is reachable with these guys.
  6. That's what something similar to my build guide would be very useful for. I'd imagine new players would need to see a general breakdown of how things work, and there would need to be clickable links to specific positions' builds because each one would presumably be different. That's just from a "here's what it is in writing" standpoint though. That said, I don't think it would be difficult to explain it to a new player one-on-one. In a way it's not much harder--think "try upgrading x, x, and x to get your Speed rating up but once that starts getting expensive you can work on the rest".
  7. And I'm BETTER THAN EVER, thank you very much! My decision to recreate here came as a spur-of-the-moment thing when other leagues started to come up in the VHL Discord server (join the VHL! You'll love it! Now through the end of next month, enjoy 30% more Gustav ABSOLUTELY FREE!). Conversations drift as they tend to do, and people complained about the EFL's sim engine (as I'm sure you're well aware people also tend to do, and you probably have yourself). Now, I by no means left the last time because of the EFL's sim engine--rather, I was just burning myself out in leagues in general between maintaining full commitments to the VHL, EFL, and PBE, the latter two of which I decided to leave after I took a week off from them over a vacation and found myself not missing it much. That said, I enjoyed the EFL's community while I was here and I hope to continue to do the same now that I'm here again. Anyway, back to the EFL's sim engine. I shouldn't have to explain to anyone, no matter how new, that speed is THE attribute in the EFL. Upgrade speed, and you upgrade your player. It doesn't really matter who you are; that's going to help you out quite a bit. Case in point, this meme of mine which won the EFL's meme contest last year: These sorts of problems aren't unique to the EFL, though. Semi-recently, the VHL dealt with a build problem that led to its TPE system being completely reworked. In short, teams full of players who upgraded Scoring as high as possible, without touching Passing, were able to perform much better than they should ever be expected to perform based on their TPE levels (you can read this article for a more complete breakdown of the situation). The level of offense displayed in VHL sims became too much to bear, and eventually a new system was introduced which used newly-defined attributes to force builds to become more spread-out. See where I'm going with this? If you don't, imagine a world where the EFL did just that. No, you can't just pump Speed to 99 (or wherever the cap is placed for your build) mindlessly. You know that you want a high Speed rating, and you know how to achieve that, but you also know it's going to cost a lot of TPE to get to that point and you're going to have to make informed decisions based on what costs what and which things you see as most important. An added benefit to this is that, if done right, truly maxing something out could become very difficult if not impossible--imagine being able to pursue a player because they're the league's fastest, not because they're one of many with Speed as high as is physically possible. The VHL's system mainly works to diminish the effects of the Scoring-Passing meta, which means that we can't use exactly the same thinking when coming up with a system that only works to counter the effects of one attribute. So, I'll throw in a preliminary proposal before I start breaking down what a VHL-like system would look like in the EFL. The "keep it simple, stupid" easy way out: Just make Speed harder to upgrade. The update scale as it currently stands treats all attributes as equal, which I understand from a "players should have the freedom to build the way they want" standpoint. That said, the simple matter at hand is that every player will be told to upgrade Speed as much as possible, and whatever so-called "freedom" exists otherwise is completely erased by the fact that no one will do anything else unless they actively want to hurt their player's progress. The way I'd like to see this done is somewhat similar to a progressive tax system, which most countries (including, chances are, your own) use in some way. Lower incomes are taxed at lower rates, higher incomes at higher rates--and that's already how the update scale works, with points up to a certain level being available for less TPE per point than points above that certain level. I'm saying that it might be a good idea to crank that up to an extreme for Speed--perhaps make the journey to 85 or so more or less the same, but make upgrades to Speed above that point way more expensive than they are now. This would allow for most consistent earners to reach a semi-respectable level normally (taking away the "think of the lower earners" argument that seems to be a big thing for harsher update scale proposals) while also unlocking a higher tier for very good earners that's accessible for a price. Yes, someone might manage to crank Speed all the way up--but in doing so, they're going to expose themselves to one hell of a depreciation hit when the time comes. Now that that's over with, how can the EFL benefit from what's come to be known in the VHL as "hybrid attributes"? The VHL's system is explained in detail (with a little bit of a shameless plug, because why not) in this post. The attributes taken in and used by the sim engine are exactly the same, as the sim engine is still the same, but they can no longer be directly upgraded. Instead, new attributes--hybrid attributes--are what's seen by the user and upgraded with TPE. For example, a user might be able to upgrade Offensive Vision, which translates to 0.3 points into Passing and 0.3 points into Scoring for each point into OV. 10 TPE into OV, with nothing else, means that both PA and SC are at 43 (with the effectiveness of the hybrid system coming into play when you consider that upgrading OV is the best way to upgrade SC but forces PA to move up with it). That said, what we have to deal with in the EFL is one particularly problematic attribute rather than an unfortunate combination of two. So, having a hybrid system doesn't work the same way. The way I've chosen to deal with this is to separate attributes into two different categories, those being "the ones that help with Speed" and "the ones that don't". This system would be more complicated than the VHL system because there is much more variation by position. That said, though, there's much more room to play around with it and make certain positions' attributes reflect what they should be in real life. For example, let's walk through what we'd do to hybridize a running back's build. Step 1: Identify important attributes. A running back does not have to throw or kick, so we completely rule out Arm, Accuracy, Kick Distance, and Kick Accuracy. Everything else will be kept in (assuming Tackle has some use on special teams? I don't know enough to know whether that's true). In the following sheet, Agility is the most upgradeable non-Speed attribute, as I just decided it was the most RB-ish out of the bunch. Step 2: Hybridize! A running back's attributes could potentially be broken down as follows: Some important characteristics of this breakdown are: To give credit where credit is due, this is based on a VHL spreadsheet originally created by @Enorama. The link to my EFL version is here. If you want to play around with it yourself, you can do so by creating your own copy of it ("Make a copy" under File). Non-Speed Packages are more effective at upgrading their related attributes than Speed Packages. At a certain point, a trade-off between Speed and Non-Speed must be made if one wants a solid all-around build. The number of Speed Packages may be modified by position, effectively capping Speed at different points. For example, it just so happens that maxing four different Speed Packages at an attribute level of 100 each will give you a Speed rating of 99 when the ratios are multiplied by a specified factor of 0.8 (the yellow square next to "Sim atts"). As RBs can be pretty speedy, it's fine to have four Speed Packages, but a linebacker, for example, might only have access to three (and therefore more TPE to spend on attributes related to Strength and Tackle--see how it all works out?). With the update scale specified (unchanged from the VHL version), yes, 100 TPA will get you to an attribute level of 83, but it takes 220 TPA to max out an attribute at 100. It would take 880 TPA to get to a Speed rating of 99 and nothing else (currently it takes 401!), while an 800-TPA build would get you what you see in that picture--far more balanced with many other attributes upgraded right along with Speed. Since that was easy enough (right?), let's design a sheet for a linebacker since I mentioned it: Step 1: Identify the differences between LB and RB. A linebacker does not need to block. Tackling will be far more important and a linebacker should be stronger than a running back (we're going to assume that this league doesn't have a Derrick Henry). Step 2: Reflect on something interesting. A running back can max out Speed by maxing out each Speed Package, which has the total value for Speed upgrading set at 0.8 (0.2*4). Therefore, we shouldn't have the total for anything exceeding 0.8, and we can in fact set the maximum value for anything by using that as a reference. Step 3: You know the deal. What we've learned here: A lot of the supporting stats for a linebacker's build are higher than those for a running back's build at equal TPE. This is OK because a linebacker is also designed to have lower Speed. I may have made the Speed ratios a tad too high to fully illustrate it in this example (even 0.22 or 0.23 would probably be more reasonable, but I don't care to change it because you get the idea), but three Speed Packages at a ratio of 0.24 as opposed to four at 0.2 will cap Speed at 90 rather than 99...so you tell me what's logical. The hybrid system can be easily adapted to different positions. And I mean EASILY--I did that in about 3 minutes once I had the RB build under my belt. Of course, the numbers are very arbitrary, and some level of testing would need to be done to make sure the system is realistic as designed. It is, however, a very good place to start, and would go a long way in giving the EFL the build diversity it needs! I'm super curious to hear what you think as members of the EFL--would you want to see something like this in action? 1,794 words | 3 weeks
  8. I've done that every game since the one time I stuck to my vet claim and got the real vet lynched. That's just a D1 post--I'm not vet.
  10. Hi! It's been a while. Been a while since I max earned in any given week as well. I'm writing this with a bit of news from Gustav land which may not be quite what many here wanted to hear. Long story short, the question of my recreate has gone from "when will I recreate" or "what will the details of my recreate be" to "will I even recreate in the first place", with the answer to that leaning towards no. The EFL has done nothing in particular to push me that way. I've just found myself a little bit leagued-out as of late. Though I'm still very much around in the VHL, I haven't been around the PBE in about a month (my apologies to anyone who's been affected by that) due to a gradual but virtually complete drop-off in interest, and I'm just not sure I'm feeling it here either. I haven't checked a single sim all season, have no idea how I'm doing, and my only interaction with the site has been checking in for updates. That isn't something I'm interested in doing for another whole career, and if nothing changes between now and retirement, I see no reason why I wouldn't at least take a break. Will I drop off entirely before my players are done? Very likely not. It's very easy for me to get the TPE I need to keep my guys going for a while, it's really not a particularly long while, and I've been around long enough that I've built up a good amount of team loyalty. Will something change over that while? Possibly, but I wouldn't count on it at the moment.
  11. Well then. Glad I wasn't around to follow along with this one...
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