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  1. VOTE TLO Not claiming when pushed = arguably more suspicious than an unconfirmed sheriff claim calling you guilty. We'll need a claim here.
  2. Also, if we've got an Escort, it might be worth it to roleblock Caboose to see what happens. He's claiming to have been roleblocked last night, and nobody recorded a kill and we've got nobody coming out claiming to have been attacked.
  3. I'm willing to vote TLO eventually, but a Sheriff claim should never be trusted outright unless there's hard evidence. If there's an Investigator, don't waste a visit on Ptyrell. Sheriff and Exe are in the same set of results. KDD asked for TP on N1, but if we've got a Crusader, the best bet looks like going on Pty tonight because nobody else has come forward with anything. I have a ton of homework to do tonight, but I'll do my best to pop in at the end of the day phase to make a vote for TLO official or jump on whatever other vote bandwagon we've got going.
  4. 1. Well, that finals game was disappointing, but it was cool that I made it there. Not much to say for Minnesota, but we're headed in the right direction so there's that at least. 2. I'd go with Spalding. Hunter isn't really a numbers guy and I went more active than I was at the start of Spalding's EFL career rather than after he'd played up for a while like Hunter did. 3. Someone who you can talk to and even disagree with and still be close with. Treats both GM and teammates well. 4. Well, I'll be sticking around in both cases! I believe Spalding was set to go FA but I've signe
  5. VOTE LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PLAYER Let's end this one quick.
  6. smh my head Well, good game Miami. Maybe someday we'll get us one.
  7. TotallyNotGus


    Thomas is out here getting passed around every offseason
  8. I'm in but only if there are 6 or more transporters
  9. Angry Media Week VHL noises I should write an article this week! Cool! I don't really care, but I like to make a big deal out of it anyway because attention. Here, I'll be looking at EFLO and some players that are listed as free agents, and speculate on what might be in their future. Let's get on with it. Note: I have no idea which players are actually going to be free agents, I'm just going off of who's officially listed as one at the moment. Zane Montgomery | @PigSnout | CB | Y7 | 1546 APE Team: Seattle Predators Yep, the highest-APE playe
  10. 1. Over 2. Watt 3. DeVinter 4. Biscayne Bay 5. Under
  11. Always a bit sad for the loser/not very entertaining for the winner to see a blowout in the playoffs. NY should still be proud of their success in the regular season! Putting up a winning record and beating out Memphis should count for something.
  12. Why any quarterback would decide to take the ball and try to run for it with no time on the clock and from 36 yards out (and, presumably, the entire defense a good deal down the field) instead of just putting the ball up and hoping for the best is completely beyond me. Guess the sim doesn't really consider whether or not a situation like that is realistic. Anyway, I will happily take that. Maybe SA can finally do something in the playoffs!
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