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  1. The biggest win of them all! So glad we finally got a championship in SA.
  2. Well there go my predictions, I picked NY and SA in the final. Hope the final will be interesting!
  3. 1. Under 2. Skylar Phoenix 3. Count Olaf 4. Death Valley 5. Leonidas
  4. This Count Olaf guy might be hard to stop in the final. Excited to see who wins.
  5. That may be the lowest-scoring game I've ever seen here. Great defense on both ends.
  6. Hello everyone, it's me, your friendly neighborhood TRACKER. N1 - KDD, visited Lefty. This is why I was pushing for Lookout claims, I wanted to see if someone else's results matched up with mine (or didn't so I could get them yeeted) N2 - Berocka - jailed @Lefty_S did you learn anything nice from Berocka?
  7. I...want the LO to reveal so they can be protected tonight and the Jailor can get the names of some presumably good people. It's a very common strategy in these games so I'm wondering why you're apparently choosing to ignore it.
  8. Interesting that I'm being randomly voted. I guess nobody's coming out with anything at all that we can use so it can't really be serious. @Lefty_S who did you jail last night? And what did they tell you? That's at least something that should have happened last night. Any Lookout claims out there? If so, come out and Lefty can jail you to get the names of our TPs.
  9. I have all the evidence
  10. It's spelled Jailor. VOTE LEFTY
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