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  1. I was hoping this would be the case, but from the wiki: If that were true KDD would be 100% evil but unfortunately we still need either Caboose or KDD to die to confirm that. I actually take back what I said about KDD's invest results outing him as evil as his claim of having transported himself would mean that those are hypothetically Lefty's Invest results. However, he could still be evil and just using dead people or teammates to get confirmed. @KevinDurantsDoc if you are actually Transporter, please transport myself and Doom tonight to confirm yourself if Caboose
  2. Also keep in mind that KDD's claim runs counter to the invest results from Doom (and he's still not at all confirmed) so if Caboose is evil there's a good chance KDD is as well. Two bad claims = two chances at lynching an evil role, and might even mean three chances as Lefty "confirmed" having been transported yesterday and never came out with a role after being pushed. So with that being said, VOTE CABOOSE.
  3. You know what? VOTE LEFTY again for no reason; these games are always too quiet and we could do with some claims.
  4. No N1 death isn't a bad thing at all. I'm hoping someone's got some sort of info but even if nobody does we threw off the Mafia/Coven/whoever else for a night. I don't have any leads, so I guess my main advice is just to watch out for a NK role possibly emerging tonight. If anyone is TI and has anything to contribute, come forward with your information. Since nobody else has claimed yet you can safely ask for TP.
  5. I wasn't expecting it to go the way it did nearly as decisively as it did, and I don't think many people were. Our best chance seemed to just be with keeping them in check, and we did better. Yeah, I'll agree with Reno. Pengu was a great acquisition and really made things happen all the way. Yes! Maybe not right from the start, but last season was super promising and It looked like we were right about to break through. Average. 6 tackles and nothing else very much of note. But the outcome is what's important. Why not? We're still youn
  6. VOTE LEFTY because I think he's going to try to take revenge on me for last time.
  7. I'm not going to act like the EFL has had a giant positive impact on my own personal life because this is my secondary league. That "league that's taken an unhealthy amount of my time" is the VHL and that's not something I'd cast aside to write up some sugarcoated thing here. BUT! That's not to say that the EFL has not done anything nice for me. I came here over a year and a half ago, actually, and I feel a bit weird saying that as I've only actually been some semblance of "active and involved" since the tail end of Spalding's ECFA career. I am a big proponent of affiliations and g
  8. Well I forgot to do guess the score for this one but looks like that didn't matter... LET'S FINISH WITH 82
  9. Xavier Holloway Over 13 Mammoths Pengu Lee Kraken
  10. Well it's been a while, but it's still valid I guess. Also shut up Reno I'm doing the press conference Great choices! I always love to see a few familiar faces around, and going for VHL people certainly isn't something I'm going to complain about. NEVER miss an opportunity to be a dictator. These players should be working for their TPE for god's sake. This would cost way more than any football team realistically has to pull off, but I've always thought that it would be really cool if there were a "secret field" under the actual
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