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  1. I've done that every game since the one time I stuck to my vet claim and got the real vet lynched. That's just a D1 post--I'm not vet.
  2. Hi! It's been a while. Been a while since I max earned in any given week as well. I'm writing this with a bit of news from Gustav land which may not be quite what many here wanted to hear. Long story short, the question of my recreate has gone from "when will I recreate" or "what will the details of my recreate be" to "will I even recreate in the first place", with the answer to that leaning towards no. The EFL has done nothing in particular to push me that way. I've just found myself a little bit leagued-out as of late. Though I'm still very much around in the VHL, I haven't been around the PBE in about a month (my apologies to anyone who's been affected by that) due to a gradual but virtually complete drop-off in interest, and I'm just not sure I'm feeling it here either. I haven't checked a single sim all season, have no idea how I'm doing, and my only interaction with the site has been checking in for updates. That isn't something I'm interested in doing for another whole career, and if nothing changes between now and retirement, I see no reason why I wouldn't at least take a break. Will I drop off entirely before my players are done? Very likely not. It's very easy for me to get the TPE I need to keep my guys going for a while, it's really not a particularly long while, and I've been around long enough that I've built up a good amount of team loyalty. Will something change over that while? Possibly, but I wouldn't count on it at the moment.
  3. Well then. Glad I wasn't around to follow along with this one...
  4. It's been a while, but hi. I think it really emphasizes how much of a difference one game can make. Obviously, it is the championship game, but I think that can be transferred somewhat to the regular season--every matchup should be treated with respect. As of right now, we could probably use another solid receiving option or someone else in pass coverage. Wisconsin is finally starting to win some games! I'm excited to see where they're able to go. I'm a fan of The Circle on Netflix and I have no idea why. It's in a completely different vein from everything else I watch, I've never really been a fan of anything gossipy/reality show-y, and half the people on the show at any given moment are way more extroverted and perky (and potentially phony) than I could ever hope to be myself. But I also think it's a really cool concept and I've watched through every episode.
  5. Big battle of the 11-1s this week, love to see it! Interesting to see who's who in this season's ECFA.
  6. Close loss in the Toronto game, but big win for the Wolfpack. Kind of disappointed with myself in both though.
  7. First player brand in a while, for affiliate check reasons because I don't really care about making a sig tonight but I've gotten most of my sim league writing responsibilities out of the way...so there's no better time to keep going with that. Looking at the index, it seems that Spalding is yet again in "pretty good" territory, but again won't win LBoTY despite the pretty good-ness of it all. However, there are some interesting stats that may make the award a bit closer than one might think given current probable favorite Caleb Watt's 105 tackles. On top of that, Watt has one more TFL and an interception, something that Spalding doesn't have. But apart from that, Spalding has 9 PDs compared to Watt's 6, 5 sacks to Watt's 1, and has continued to be a special teams stud by blocking both a punt and a field goal this season. Do I think this makes him the better player? No. Do I think I'll win any awards? Still no. But I'd argue that Spalding is the second-best linebacker in the league so far this season, something I'm certainly happy about. I still find it ironic that my player here is better than anything I've done in the VHL (and yes, that's "player" in the singular because Hunter has been hot garbage).
  8. What happened to Roswell, weren't they decent last season? Congrats on the first win though Adrest!
  9. Congrats to Sacramento for winning the battle of the 0-8s! Looking forward to seeing how quickly they're able to turn around.
  10. Spalding blocks a punt. I seem to be good at blocking things for some reason...
  11. If it's not too late I'd like to make a second entry:
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