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  1. I thought Turncoat was Mafia. Anyway, good game all. See you on the other side.
  2. Well, it's still impossible for maf to get a lynch if there are only three of them--unless whatever neutral there is left votes with them. ...it's also impossible for town to get a lynch. So, I'm not doing anything because I can't effect any real change. Arso, if you exist and you're reading this, please have mercy on my soul, remember I spared you yesterday, and burn this shit down tonight (here's looking at you @Wheaties, unless you're Godfather, in which case I don't know why this game is still going).
  3. He claimed Fisherman but gave info debunked by Spartan's last will.
  4. I said switch your vote and get someone else to switch. Votes are still 4-3 for you and I'm not moving unless it accomplishes anything.
  5. I am either voting Wheaties or KDD, whatever gets us a lynch. Want me to switch to Wheaties? Put your vote back on Wheaties and get someone else to switch. KDD has 4 votes so that's where mine is staying for now. One thing's for sure, though--I am not walking away from today without getting a lynch on someone. Trying to switch five people over to Ferk with an hour and a half left isn't going to get us anywhere.
  6. KDD - 4 (Beo, Gus, Ri, Wheaties) Wheaties - 3 (Pty, KDD, Tac) One more vote for KDD gets us 5!
  7. Our votes: KDD - 3 (Beo, Gus, Ri) Wheaties - 3 (Pty, KDD, Tac) Whoever we don't take out tonight is who we take out tomorrow, barring some sort of huge revelation. I'm fine with taking out either. I do follow Beo's Arsonist logic with Wheaties--keep him alive and see if he decides to ignite (if we don't get an Arsonist attack tonight, LYNCH HIM TOMORROW ANYWAY). On the other hand, taking him out can help to confirm Tac as Seer. I'm fine with going either way, but we need to get behind someone.
  8. He allegedly confirmed Tac as innocent last night. Spartan's last will has him visiting Tac on N3, though, when he supposedly wasn't doing anything. So take anything KDD says with a grain of salt.
  9. I believe he was checked against someone good earlier on, but I'd have to confirm that. I can say with almost 100% certainty that he was attacked, as he would have given a powerful attack to the person attacking his target as well. I can still ask though. I'm positive at this point that both KDD and Wheaties are evil and will support a vote for either. I don't trust Beo and this is sound reasoning--but taking out KDD will get us an evil too. I will say that I trust @TacticalHammer, but it would be more helpful if he'd vote rather than just giving info.
  10. Per Spartan's will, you visited Tac on N3. You couldn't have done this if you fished for something then. His will would also not cover anything you did last night--as he died last night. If you're Fisherman and visited Tac, he'd never know. So it looks like this is fake. Also, might I add, Ptyrell might be worth looking at if you're "confirming" him with the first result.
  11. A vote for KDD brings us up to one short of the majority I think. He's one of two almost-definitely-evil people right now so I'd say go there.
  12. My claim is more than you've got. Tell us your role.
  13. Also, for everyone coming in and saying "yeah, I agree with this" and then not voting, back your statement up with a vote.
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