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  1. Go Minnesota?!? still finding a favorite EFL team
  2. who's idea was it to play me at QB?
  3. 60 + 20 yard TD's - feelin' extra bomby today
  4. Expansion Foosball Gotta love it!
  5. EFL Predictions Champion: Memphis East Finalist: Memphis West Finalist: New Orleans MVP: Tugg Bote Award: Teppei Renomitsu OPotY: Trey Masters Award: Vince Carswell DPotY: Chocolate Thunder Award: Lester McCorn QB: Martin Isaac Award: Teppei Renomitsu RB: Marcus Johnson Award: Oscar Jebaseelan FB: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. Award: Thormund Jakobsen WR: Colt Cream Award: Taktischer Vorschlaghammer TE: Joplo Crittenden Award: Himalaya Griffintown LB: Marcus Holloway Award: Emperor PalpaTurner CB: Ivan Zamora Award: Lester McCorn S: Ray Ray Foster Award: Mizzed Tackle K: Bryce Larkin Award: Diana Gunner KR: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. Award: Oscar Jebaseelan Off Rookie: Hunter Slade Award: Will Hemakeit Def Rookie: Ben Faeger Award: Pharaoh Aardvark GM: Wheaties Memorial: Oilmandan ECFA Predictions Champion: Athens Heroes Finalist: Athens Legends Finalist: Hades Creek Heisman Trophy - MVP: Khalil Carson Leonard Lawson Award - Defensive Player OTY: Zaire Anigbogu Drew McPewPewPew Award - Offensive Player OTY: Khalil Carson Lance Swift IV Award - Top Offensive Freshman: Bobby Bombs Shaka Lawal Award - Top Defensive Freshman: Billy Blitz QB: Teppei Renomitsu Award: Randall Staubach RB: Gale Grey Award: Fred Flinstone WR: Patrick Kelley Award: Jakob Markstrom TE: Fahk-Nahd Memorial Award: Cormorant Bumberpuff FB: Thormund Jakobsen Award: Nick Jetson LB: Clinton King Award: Ziare Anigbogu CB: Lester McCorn Award: Deonte Rose S: Noah Jacobs Award: Hevi Kabisa K: Dianna Gunner Award: Boomer Brock KR: Nydroj-Abbot Award: Khalil Carson Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service: omgitshim Coach of the Year Award - AD: Spartan
  6. Lets go Bombs & Blitz!
  7. 1) Is Faulk gonna break any records? 2) How has the experience been up in Anchorage? 3) Have you ever thought about transferring? 4) Best three quarterbacks in the ECFA? 5) Most annoying teammate or opponent? 6) You watching basketball or football this offseason? 7) What was it like winning the last NCAA championship? 8.) Did you like the NCAA or ECFA format better
  8. This is a pretty sweet class/presentation... One day...
  9. Bobby Bombs committed to a redshirt season with the Athens Carnage following their three game losing streak to fall to 6-4 and cause some to doubt their ability to even make it to the playoffs. Bobby didn’t care, he had just been promised a starting spot after a redshirt season, and he didn’t even need to convert to a tight end. The Carnage were the one team who trusted in Bombs, and he very quickly committed to them. Following the signing, Bombs had an immediate impact off the bench, or really “on the bench.” as he appeared in 0 games while leading his team to six straight wins, a 12-4 record, and a first seed in the Heroes Conference. The streak obviously has to be attributed to Bobby, who has never lost in a Carnage uniform. Bobby was loving his time on the bench, wearing that backwards hat hooked up to the gaming headphones and signalling plays into his uncap quarterback Branch (who really wasn’t contributing much either). He would hype up the Carnage Crazies in the stands, the guy standing up on the bleachers getting everyone hyped. Bombs actually was inactive for the Week 15 game vs. the Encounter after sustaining a knock falling off those bleachers, but recovered in time for the playoff run. Something indeed magical happened in those playoffs. No I’m not talking about the Carnage capping off a 9 game win streak, stopping the Biscayne Bay Pirates and taking home their first ECFA Championship, I’m talking about something even more magical. In the Quarterfinal rematch against the Encounter, the Carnage actually went up by 26 points going into halftime. A quiet third quarter meant the game was in hand, so coach Lefty trotted out Bobby for some playoff action. Bobby was kinda terrified. But he had been training his whole life for this moment. He know what he had to do. Handoff. He took his first snap, stick it in Flinstone’s gut and let the workhorse back grind for a medium game. Same thing again - boom first down. This whole “field general” thing was easy with two elite rushers. First and 10, the call is in - an RPO, but in Athens the option isn’t run or pass, its hand it to Flinstone or hand it to Hermakeit. Bombs said, screw it - I’m getting some playoff action I’m slingin’ the pill baby. He faked the handoff to Hermakeit and dropped back. Hermakeit never gets “fake” handoffs, only real ones so he marched forward thinking he had the ball in his hands. It took until he was about 15 yards down the field before he realized the ball wasn’t in his hands, and he turned to figure out what was going on. Boom, Bombs hit him right in the numbers, an 18 yard gain, the longest of the entire game. Coach almost pulled Bobby right there and sat him, but instead took a timeout reprimanding him. Bobby would go on to get sacked and throw a near interception, as they went down the field for a field goal and a 26 point win. He finished 1-2 for 18 yards and a QBR of 81.2, 20 points higher than the starting QB. This moment obviously spurred the Carnage onto a Championship, and Bobby has his first ring after playing in a single game. More than his buddy Bobby Buckets has done in 10 seasons in the NCAA/SBA. Maybe this football thing isn’t so bad.
  10. Bobby Bombs was quite honestly a no-name through last year. Born of Mexican immigrants, Bobby had never touched a football, much less thrown one. The 5’11, 180 pound Bobby was playing PG for the varsity basketball team his junior year, bombing from way behind the three-point line unsuccessfully, when Coach Cox asked him to come out for football team offseason training. Bobby tried it out and loved it. The guy had quick instincts and a canon. One offseason and a lot of protein powder later, Bobby had quit basketball and was the starting quarterback for the Grace Christian Academy Lions in Florida. He had grown to 6’5, 235 and was the field general from day-one. With Bombs under center, GCA went from a 3-9 team to 12-2, advancing to the state semifinals. Bobby was unstoppable in the Private School division, annihilating the smaller competition. Bobby was slinging the ball all over the field, finishing the season with 3,400 yards, 38 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. He became the first player in the state to have a 3,000-30-30 season - and will go down in infamy as famously choking away the school’s first state semifinal appearance, throwing a record 5 TD’s and 5 interceptions on 18 passes. The school will be forever grateful for Bombs, who led them to their first winning season in 23 years, but his performance at the Florida State Championship Series could haunt the guy forever. Following his senior season, he wanted to get away from high-school quickly. He graduated early and declared for the ECFA midway through the season, hoping to be brought on as a third-string or redshirt. He quickly earned recruits from several organizations, though most wanted to convert him to TE or RB. His odd throwing motion had most coaches convinced his large frame was best suited as a converted TE, but one school stuck out from the beginning. The Athen’s Carnage mentioned an opening at QB that could be filled by Bombs, they loved how far he had come in only one year of playing competitive football. A redshirt season, and Bombs could be leading an elite ECFA offense at age 18. Bobby hasn’t looked back.
  11. Who's gonna lose first? Bobby or Billy? Guess there's more important stuff on the line here.
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