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  1. Username: Rayzor_7 QB: Peter La Fleur RB: Xavier Holloway RB: Oscar Jebaseelan WR: James Rambo WR: Butter Fingers WR: Robin Bradley TE: Cormorant Bumberpuff K: New Player DST: San Francisco Frenzy
  2. S25 Fantasy Salaries! Post your fantasy roster in this thread to join! Salary Cap is $35. Any player not listed costs the "Any Remaining" amount. Everyone will be competing against each other. The highest scorer will receive 6 TPE, then the rest will be divided down into fifths, with the top 20% getting 5 TPE, next 20% getting 4 TPE, etc. The deadline will be January 21st, 12:00 AM PDT (the day of Week 1 sims). NOTE: Please do not shorthand any player names and make sure your spelling is correct. For this season I will check and correct issues but if you mess up next season it will
  3. I would be interested in running it as a salary style.
  4. Well it was time for me to recreate so welcome Frank Funk Jr to the fold, the pure play Running Back out of Manitoba, Canada. So let’s take a look at the Athletic Directors and Teams that have offered a position on their team. Malikk Quadri of the Sacramento Venom Honestly an unsexy team, 2-14 last season. An okay roster but seems a little rough around the edges. Kyle of the Manchester Lookout A decent team but a short bench that went 5-14 last season. Not much of a pitch but was honest in his look of the team. @Eagle Eye of the Roswell Encounter A sol
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