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  1. +6 SBA https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/44434-the-gold-mill-s44-offseason/&do=findComment&comment=762510
  2. Signing day Name: Deity IsShort Team: Miami Hurricanes Workout/Equipment Name: 10 TPE + 4 TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: $4M + $1M Cash you Have: $5M Cash Left: $0 Name: Deep Golding Team: Miami Hurricanes Workout/Equipment Name: Double Predictions Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: $2M Cash you Have: $2M Cash Left: $0
  3. SBA + 6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/44416-sba-finals/&tab=comments#comment-761771
  4. Miami 5M- Deity IsShort 2M - Deep Golding accept
  5. Golding reflects on Playoff Run It was a first season for Ritchie, with the wide receiver improving leaps and bounds as the season progressed, from dropping his first catch in week 1 to securing a touchdown pass in the championship game to take the lead on the biggest stage in college football it's been a tumultuous freshmen year for the young man from the United Kingdom. Initially Ritchie felt isolated and under utilized by the coaching staff at Miami as the vast majority of the team's plays were entirely focus on the running game. However as Golding got more experience in the American game he's come to understand the nuance and importance of the Run. Having star running backs like Brian Gesecki draws in the defence and opens up the field so when a pass finally does come the receivers have a wealth of space to turn and run into. This development is a key indicator of the maturity that Ritchie has acquired from his premiere into college football and the kind of mental fortitude and intelligence displayed is a major factor that top scouts from EFL teams are looking for. Not to mention the mindset that the team comes first above all personal stats and accolades.
  6. @LittleRiDog Come offer this dude.
  7. Good Game and congratulations to @Wally and the rest of the Spartans, you earnt this. Big up to @Wheaties for lighting up the season here in Miami and to @LittleRiDog for getting me involved in the EFL again.
  8. I don’t like the way you phrased that
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