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  1. Username: DangerGolding QB: OMGits DaddyTurner $3 RB: Asahel $4 WR: Butter Fingers $2 WR: Henry McDolin $4 WR: Frank Funk $4 FLEX: Oscar Jebaseelan $5 TE: Johnny Bravo $3 K: Kicker McKicking $2 DST: Seattle $3 Total: 30$
  2. Username: DangerGolding EFL Team(s) wanting to cover: NY Herd Why you want this position: Job Pay Any linked examples of EFL/SBA/VHL writing relevant to this application or position: SBA Head of Media
  3. Wooooo Stealling the best WR in the draft
  4. https://imgur.com/1MgOxBK
  5. As the season slows down and plummets towards the post season, the Encounter have fallen out of the playoff race. At 5-6, Roswell are likely to miss the playoffs, a unique experience for the team that has seen 3 finals in the last 3 seasons. The goal now is so try and get some good results in the last few games and end the season on a positive notes. Golding has had a pretty good season despite the team's lacklustre play, second in the league in receiving yards with 935 while being tied first in TDs with 9. The receiving core has been a bright spot for Roswell fans with Golding, Pierre-Creek and Cinco all having good individual season fueled by the play of QB Quebec who sit's 3rd in passer rating in the league. Clearly it's the defence that has let the Encounter down. "Well we know we're likely missing the playoffs and that's a tough thing to take after the success I've experienced in my time here with 3 Finals appearances and one title, I guess it's down to the change in coaching styles, not like the new coach is bad, he just doesn't have the experience that our old coach had. I think he's got a brigth future ahead of him and will take Roswell back to being a title contender in no time.
  6. Ready to turn Lincoln into LLLLLLLLincoln
  7. I don't know anything about Savage City, but Savage City are in trouble.
  8. Good win in the clutch, let’s get this Eason going!
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