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  1. 1. Overall would you consider this season a success? Yes, I would. Granted I was redshirted lol 2. Are the generals going to be a true contender next season? I think so if this is what we can do this season. 3. How good of a job has Spartan done building this team? Is there room for improvement as a GM? He's a brilliant coach. Every day you learn new things, so technically yes theres room to improve. However I think Spartan is already good enough to take on a GM job. 4. Which EFCA team do you consider to be Trentons biggest rival? Encounter easily. They're a good run organizatio
  2. 1. Over 2. Watt 3. Okonjo 4. Trenton 5. Under
  3. Coffee doesn’t give me energy as good as EFL games on a Monday does
  4. Pressers for like.... 4 hours baby! 1. What does Trenton mean to you? 2. Whos your favourite member on the team? 3. Do you think we have what it takes to go all the way? 4. Who impressed you in the last game?
  5. 1. I'm certain we have the ability in the squad to turn this around. It'll take a lot of hard work though. 2. Gain all the TPEs. 3. I think you've been doing everything you can so, nothing else for now 4. I'm excited to face Sacramento since I'm on both teams. 5. It is, yes. 6. I have not. What genre is it? 7. Go back to the gym. 8. My work has logged me up hard. I'm going nuts to be completely honest. All of my sim players activity has dropped and I'm hoping to get back into it as soon as possible.
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