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  1. Huge! Lets keep the momentum going!
  2. Username: fonziGG Player 1 Name: Mike Hawk Position: TE Player 2 Name: Mike Oxhard Position: LB
  3. The Miami Hurricanes have found a new pair of players out of Canada that has rocked the training facility for the coaching staff. Coach Little Ri-Dog has been noted that both players have excelled at such a young tender age of 17 years old. They were invited to join the team back on trial in the 2nd week of play and have been offered full scholarships almost immediately. The former coach of both players have had so many positive things to say about them so we reached out for a quick quote. "The pair of them have this grit and determination thats so strong, it's unbelievable. Our beliefs are that if you have the correct mentality, we can coach you to play at this level. We brought them into the organization at 15 years old, which is typically younger than usual considering players generally join at 16. At 15, they had impressed the league so much that college scouts came out and started conversations with them and their families. It's something that typically doesn't happen here in Panoka. Former coaches in the NFL have reached out to help improve the program as well since they've seen the quality we can bring in for such an obscure area." -Mike Hunt Mike Hawk has been training for this phase in his life since he was incredibly young. Hawk has played with grit and toughness with a dream to make it to the big leagues one day. His parents have been visibly patient and supportive with his development and intend to push him to the next level. They've been his biggest supports and they have full faith in his abilities to get to the EFL in the first round. "I've grown up looking up to Rob Gronkowski since I was 8 years old. I also looked up to Aaron Hernandez before all the awful things he did outside of the field. The hard work these two players put into their play has been so integral to my development. I was taught that if I'm willing to put in the work, I will succeed. It's all about being smart about your training and being open to criticism. Every morning I looked up to my Gronk jersey, shed a tear and did some light meditation. This was huge in keeping my temperament in control." Mike Oxhard has also been training for this moment since he was young as well. Oxhard has been noted to be lightning quick but still maintain a lot of strength, even at his young age. Oxhard has had a lot of family and friends supporting him since the moment he took an oath to himself to make his football career a primary focus. He's noted that some of his friends have driven him 2-3 hours at times just to make it to a try out and he wants to dedicate every single thing that he accomplishes to all of them "Dick Butkus was somebody I modeled my game after. He impressed me with the way he could truck the hell out of his opposition. That dude was scary strong and it got me in the gym since I was 11 years old. I wanted to be at the top physical shape and I know that football doesn't work out for me, I can definitely jump into bodybuilding."
  4. Week 3 Miami Michigan Texas Oregon Week 4 Michigan USC Oregon Texas Week 5 USC Oregon Miami Texas
  5. 1. What are your goals for this season? 2. What have you implemented into your training regime? 3. What is your favourite food? 4. What is your favourite thing to do on your spare time? 5. Who has impressed you on your team? 6. Who do you think will surprise many folks on your team? 7. What are you watching on Netflix on your spare time? 8. How do you think your team will fare this season?
  6. Tight game. Unlucky to go to OT and lose it.
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