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  1. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! @OscarTheSwagDude we did it!!!!!
  2. @OscarTheSwagDude with the jinx.
  3. lol just keep throwing me the ball...i'll get us to the redzone...... my boy Karter will finish with the TDs lol
  4. accept. @McWolf i haven't decided where to go yet until literally 5 min ago. lol. if its one thing i learned in SBA, its be in control of your own destiny. the LA Reign guys are all awesome and welcomed me with open arms but i feel like this is the best move for me.
  6. MattyLive3k

    LA / NO

    Thanks NO.....enjoyed my time there....the future is bright for the Kraken......however I’m excited to go to LA and build a legacy!
  7. Player Name: Matty Thomas Team: Kraken Player to use for the sig: Calvin Johnson thanks for taking the time to do this.
  8. wow. kraken racked up this draft
  9. Matty Thomas didn't have an amazing rookie campaign, but the big wide-out had a solid season nonetheless. Thomas finished his Rookie season with 467 receiving yards which was good for 3rd on the team. He also had 2 touchdown grabs proving that he could be used in the redzone if need be. Although the team finished with a 5-8 record , the team is excited about there future with the growth of there young players and Thomas plans on being in the fold for a long time. "My rookie year had a lot of ups and downs" said Thomas. "There were games where I looked like a rookie out there, but there were also games where I felt like I belonged. I'm playing behind two really good receivers, so all I've done this season is just watch their preparation and studied how they approached the game, then I put my spin on it and felt that I improved drastically as the year went on." As mentioned beforehand, Thomas only had 2 touchdown grabs, however, he feels that his role will expand in his sophomore season in the EFL "I most definitely can foresee myself being more of an key element in the redzone" boasted Thomas. "Like I said before, I have really good receivers on my team so we can go many places in the endzone. Yeah of course I felt that I could have had more than 2 touchdowns if given the opportunity, but thats not how the cards were dealt to me my rookie year. All I can do is improve, and become better and make my team believe in my abilities." said Thomas in reference to his touchdown grabs. When asked about the teams gameplan, Thomas assured that he was all onboard with the team philosophy. "Look guys..." said Thomas with a sound of annoyance in his voice. "Only a handful of guys rushed for over a thousand yards if that, and we have one of them. You win football games by running the ball, having a trio of receivers like we have is just a luxury. We know where our bread is buttered and we will continue to run the ball to open up us receivers with a play action or whatever is called." Thomas then closed by telling reporters this "All in all, I think my rookie year was a great learning experience. Now all I can do is take what I've learned and apply it to my upcoming 2nd year. Thank you guys for your time. Good night"
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