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  1. "All I can do is just continue to play" said Thomas as he stared into the camera. Thomas had just been given the news earlier that he had once again been traded. This time to the San Antonio Wolfpack. "Every where I've played I've performed. I don't cause any trouble so I guess it could be a bit puzzling to me as to why I can't stick. My rookie year for the Kraken I caught 47 catches for over 500 yards and a couple of touchdowns. My 2nd year for the Reign I caught almost 80 balls and almost got to a thousand yards with a handful of scores. My 3rd year with the Frenzy I almo
  2. nice win.....i wasn't even involved at all lol
  3. "I think that I'm everything that a team could ask for in a wideout" echoed Thomas as he was being interviewed by the local San Francisco news. While he was working out, Thomas got a call that he had been traded to the Wisconsin Brigade. In no more than 10 minutes, he found himself swarmed by the local media. "I'm not mad or upset......This is a business. In the snap of a finger you can be traded or cut. That is why I make the decisions that I make when it comes to my career. Have I made the best choices? No....I can attest to that, but at the same time I feel comfortable
  4. username: mattylive3k preferred site: yahoo comish? hell no
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