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  1. 1. Could have been better but it is what it is. 2. Carswell probably 3. Not sure, depends on how each team ends. 4. Miami and SF 5. Honestly don't know I'm in ecfa right now 6. Same thing here, honestly could not tell you 7. Sleep early, get a good dinner 8. No Handoutz 9. Me myself and I 10. Absolutely not 11. It's a stupid idea 12. Go all out of course
  2. Do you ever think the activity of the league will be where it was in it's prime?
  3. Rough Start Venice Cruz - DVR Looking at our season so far, we are currently at 1-3, not in the best shape of our lives. Definitely not the team we were last year when I was a redshirt QB. I admit, I for sure need to take some of the blame for not being as dedicated as I can be, however, there is only so much that I can do. When committing here I thought that I would certainly have more options to throw to, but that has not been the case. Then again, it is only my freshman year, perhaps I'm expecting too much of myself and this team. Though, the problem with that is I am trying to enter the draft after my sophomore season. But at this pace, I won't make a name for myself if our team continues the way it is now. aside from that, for a rookie I'm having a okay year. 3rd in yards, however I have thrown the most passes out of all QBs in the ECFA. Along with that coming 5 TDs and 4 interceptions. I think I was just a bit nervous to start the season, however, after these first couple weeks I think I have found the right rhythm. And as we get into midseason and towards the end of my freshman year, I honestly think we can make a strong push back into the playoffs and perhaps make some noise. I'm hoping that along the way, we pick up some new receiving targets to throw to so that I can truly improve my game. But once again, that falls back on me as the QB, as I am the leader of this team. I need to lead DVR by example, and I will say I have not been doing that to the best of my ability, I need to show that I truly care about winning, and will do whatever it takes to reach our goals. All in all, our team is young and we have a lot to learn. I feel once we reach that stage of chemistry, we can function as one unit and win a lot of football games. Jackie Bands Jr. - Athens Carnage Athens is looking like the championship favorite once again this season. Sitting at 3-1 according to the EFL index, I believe we are tied for the 2nd best record in the league. We have some competition at the top of both conferences, but it's truly nothing we can not handle. Personally, I have not been getting the stats I was aiming for at the start of the season. But in the end if we are winning football games what does it truly matter. It's just a testament to how much depth we have as a roster and the potential we have to hoist the National Championship at the end of the season. But, part of it is on me as I have not had as drive and motivation to be great as I usually do. I'm aiming to hop back on that train and grind as we work towards the midseason. If we keep improving we really do have a solid chance of being the ECFA champs this season, but that comes with true hard work and dedication. Not just from me, but our whole organization, especially the defensive side of the ball. We have to be their to support and our defense and continue to show why we are the best team in the league.
  4. 1. Do you think Miami can repeat? We have all learned to never count them out 2. Who's the contender next year from the east? New york maybe? 3. How about for the west? MInnesota 4. Do you see many draft day trades happening and why/not? Honestly year, huge class this year, could change landscape of the league 5. Which FA leaving his team makes the most sense? Haven't really kept up with EFL 6. Who re-signs with their previous team? Same thing here 7. Trigger Colt for MVP or Nathan Algren and why? Colt, the Colt family always lives up to the hype 8. Should the EFL have a most improved award, why/not? Yea I think so. 9. Who goes first overall and why? Me whenver I enter to draft 10. Which quarterback from this class will have the most success in the EFL? Jets for sure 11. Does any of the QB's change position and why? Probably, a lot of QBs entering so yea. 12. Do you think the run game can make a resurgence, why/not? I don't know, with more QBs coming in the pass game looks more important
  5. I admire @TacticalHammer for bringing me into the EFL, and always guiding me with my playyesr Also admire @MMFLEX for being my OG GM, and being there for me in more ways then you all can imagine.
  6. Venice Cruz - QB Death Valley Rangers Well, the season officially starts next week, and new AD @TheCheese announced that I would be the starting QB for this upcoming season in the Locker Room this offseason. With that being said, I am extremely nervous. As previous QB @Jetsqb101 has left a huge void on the team, and I have to aim to fill that spot. I still have not decided how long I want to stay in the ECFA either, I feel the best choice for me would to go 2 years and declare for the draft. But it all depends on my work ethic and performance, and if I can prove to scouts in the EFL that I'm worth taking the #1 pick on. In terms of DVR next season, I feel it's going to be a rough season. As most of our star starters have left, and even with us going to the championship game last season, I think it's going to be hard to repeat that level of success. Especially with a freshman starting as your QB, however, I feel if we truly put in the work we can make this roster do something special. It all starts with me though, I have to set the tone and I'm looking to do just that. With the season starting tommorow, it's time to lock the fuck in and get things done. I have faith in myself that we can make a great year out of this roster, I just hope everyone trusts me enough to follow my lead. Jackie Bands Jr. - CB Athens Carnage Well, winning a ring is a redshirt will certainly do something for your confidence. Especially considering how strong our roster is for next season. With Emoji leading our offense, and King leading our defense, I seriously think we have a great chance to earn back to back championships. Our secondary is completely stacked, we have a lot of depth at that position and I feel that is going to come in handy later in the season. Especially when most of our young bucks are developed, we should surely have the best passing defense in the league. With that being said, it's looking like I will be CB2 or CB3 on the depth chart. I'm hoping that I can aim for a DROTY, as I'm guessing I will be targeted more then most CBs considering I'm only a freshman. Either way, that's the least of my concerns right now. I want to prove to @124715 that I'm worthy of being CB2, potentially even CB1 and that I am the future of Athens. All in all, I'm truly excited about next season, and can't wait to show what I'm made of on that football field. As for EFL GMs, I will most likely stay 2 years in the ECFA. I'm plan on doing this so that I can maximize my youth, and get to the EFL as fast as possible. With all the new incoming QBs, I think I'll be a valuable pick in the draft, and a key factor in leading a strong secondary in the future.
  7. 1. The season ended, which game surprised you the most? Athens not going 16-0 2. With the season over, who wins the MVP now?Maybe Empire II? 3. The playoffs is a 2 game series, who surprises the first week of games? Athens probably 4. To piggyback off 3, who either tanks or falters at the last second? Maybe DVR or Manchester? 5. Minus the playoffs, who wins the GM of the year award? Numbers ofc 6. Is Lemony Snicket your DPoY, why or why not? Yes, he's been incredible this year 7. With OMD stepping down from NY, (thanks for all your hard work boss), who do you think takes over? I forgot who it was but they were already annouced 8. Who is your pick to win the title this year and why? Miami, you can never count them out 9. What is one of the most difficult tasks your players have had to overcome? Motivation to play 10. What is one good movie that you have seen in the past month that you really enjoyed? Probably that new basketball movie that came out 11. Would you say you enjoy Marvel or DC more and why? Marvel 12. What's the biggest part about being away from home? Being away from family
  8. Gonna go with Jet's guys here, his players never fail to amaze me, they gon tear up the league
  9. Wally West - FS "Well, it looks like my time has come. After about 9-10 years in this league, I have officially decided to retire from the EFL. I do this with absolutely no regrets in my heart, as I know that I ended up being one of the all-time Safeties in the history of the EFL. Hell, arguably Top 5, or top 3 in my opinion. I managed to be in probably one of the most talented stretches of a EFL squad known in the league. I think I joined Wisconsin in my 3rd year in the league, and ever since that year, we took off. For 6-7 years straight, we have dominated this league, year in and year out. Resulting in a plethora of individual awards, but most of all, I was able to attain not one, not two, hell maybe not even three, but at least 3-4 championships in my career. If that's not a job well done, I don't know what it is. Not only did I manage to do that, but I also won myself a SOTY and DPOTY and was a pro bowler multiple times. I was able to prove to the league that I was the captain of one of the league's best historic defenses. And I did it for most of my career. Honestly, I would even say I'm a first ballot HOFer, but overall, I achieved a lot of things in this league. However, all good things must come to an end, seeing as this was Wisconsin's last solid chance to keep the core together and win another ring, I decided to stay on board another season. But, we failed, though there's nothing to be sad about, as well have been extremely blessed and successful for the past 6-7 seasons. So, I say goodbye to this league and thank you to @Cornholio who made me the man, and player I am today." Might Guy - RB "I know I wasn't the best out of my class. In fact, I'm probably considered to be a bust in terms of my hype coming into the draft. I was a projected top 3 pick and had the potential to be a top 10 RB of all time. However, not all things come into fruition, and truthfully enough, I was just never dedicated to the game. Especially coming into the league, it's like something switched off for me. In college, I was a superstar, and stud, someone who put their head down, team first, and did whatever it took to get better and to win. But as time went on, and I got to the EFL, that drive all went away. It was like all the motivation I had, it was gone and there was nothing I could do about it. Despite all these setbacks however, For the past 5-6 seasons I've been able to assist the Herd in any way I can. In fact, being a solid enough RB to make a couple pro bowls and help bring a ring to the state of New York. Though I wish my individual stats and awards would have turned out better, I set myself up by not working hard enough to achieve those goals. So, with all that being said, I would like to announce my retirement from the EFL. I would like to thank @oilmandan for taking a chance on me and being loyal to me despite my work ethic. It's been real."
  10. QB Venice Cruz - Death Valley Rangers Well well well, it looks like I am finally making my return to sim leagues, or well, just the EFL mainly. It's been a while since I've been here, but lately I have been getting the itch to get back to activity. And it was a good thing I did, as I truly forgot how fun this league is, recruitment, the draft, and overall the connections you make throughout the league. I'm glad I came back, although hopefully we get new members soon to keep this league alive, I'm still glad to see some of the older members still around. Even though some are leaving us. However, without further ado I would like to introduce my next set of players into the league. First up, QB Venice Cruz, all the way down from Miami. Now I've never made a QB before, only had the chance to experience playing K, WR, and RB. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to making a QB as I've never done it before. Especially with this upcoming rise of need for quarterbacks at the pro level. I'm confident that if I can get back to being a max earner in this league, I'll be the consensus number one pick in my draft year. Anyways, I decided to take my talents to DVR and start a new legacy there. It's been a while since I had player over on the Rangers, so I figured I should go back to my roots, where it all started and go from there. Hopefully, this ECFA career turns out well and I'm able to be top of my class in terms of activity, TPE, and skill! CB Jackie Bands Jr. - Athens Carnage Ah yes, a player I've been looking forward to creating for a while, Jackie Bands Jr., otherwise known as JBJ. The son of EFL HOFer, Jackie Bands, has officially entered the ECFA. Here, I decided to join the Athens Carnage, AD @124715 actually had a great pitch, and made a amazing first impression. I feel like I truly found my home, sure, maybe some feel I should have also taken him back to DVR, to return home where his father started. But for JBJ, I want to establish him as his own player, with even greater potential than his father. The most important factor in this is having a longer peak than OG Bands did, so I am hoping that this CB has a better turnout. I decided to basically make the same build, but, with more weight so that I have a bigger impact on the game. I will probably enter him into the draft around the same thing I do with Cruz, ultimately in 2-3 seasons. Hopefully, I'm able to also be top of my class in TPE with this player as well! All in all, I'm truly excited to be back, and see what kind of impact I can have with these players!
  11. 1. If you could pick one team from each conference in the EFL to come back, which team would it be and why? Maybe memphis/denver, felt those two teams impacted the league a lot 2. Name three things your players do to prepare for every game. Eat, Listen to Music, sleep 3. Are any of your players superstitious? Why or why not? Nope, don't believe in it really 4. Name an organization (ex: PETA, Trevor Project, etc) your players support and why they support it. Uhhh, i don't even know, we support nothing we are unbiased 5. Would you consider a hot dog a sandwich? Why or why not? No, a sandwich requires two pieces of breads 6. Desert island movies, you need to pick 3, what are they? I have no idea what those are 7. You decide to go on vacation, where is it and why did you pick it? Los Angelos, by far one of my favorite places to visit, maybe Miami too, i've never been 8. How often do your players visit home? Not often at all 9. When did you first discover the love for the game? As a toddler of course 10. Are you more of a streetballer or an organized team hooper? Streetballer for sure, I love to do things my way 11. Do you enjoy horror movies or comedy movies more? Comedy movies 12. Name one darkhorse to win the EFL title and one team who will falter in their mission for a title and why. Frontier and frenzy
  12. Honestly, I would probably relocate San Fransisco to Dallas, or somewhere in Texas. To me, SF hasn't really been important to the league, at elast from what I remember, so maybe relocating to Dallas will shed a new light or something. Who knows, however this will probably never happen.
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