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  1. Chicago - This is always one of my favorite cities to be a sport cities. It has a ton of history from IRL, with people such as MJ, Derrick Rose, Scotty Pippen. It's football culture is there as well, and it could fit in well with our type of league branding. Chicago could also provide some interesting storylines in terms of the history with it, Geographically it's not a state we currently have a team in, and not much of a popular sim league stat at all. I think some Branding here could really get Chicago some recognition, and it would be fun to have a team in the crime filled city/state it is. Toronto - It's pretty much a trend now that Sim League sports are moving toward Canadian and out of country teams. Personally, I've always been a big fan of Toronto, the fanbase there is incredible, and it always gets a lot of hype whenever we have a team there. I'm also personally a fan of affiliated sim leagues having same city/state teams, to give it an atmosphere that you have a football and basketball team there. Besides that, Toronto isn't really known for the football culture, to introduce that here would be nice, and having a team in Canada may be more user friendly to our user base, as we have a lot of Canadians in sim leagues. Washington - Ah, our nation's capital, our nation's symbol. To have a team here would surely be beneficial to the league, having a team in your National Capital shows gratitude and is needed. Really there's no explanation here, it's our capital. Perhaps having a team based off the White House might be very symbolic, but what I would go for here is to mainly get a team that symbolizes courage, and freedom, all that we stand for, to basically represent our country. Other than that, there are many monuments in Washington, and it's historically great place to build upon, plus we have to rebuild the legacy of them Redskins don't we? Kansas City - A team that just won a SB in the actual National Football League, it'd be nice to get a team here. I've never really seen a team near Kansas City at all, It would be a small market team, but with branding that signifies the city in someway. It would be great to get a team you almost never see in sim leagues is my point here. The tradition of Jazz and other type of music there would be something great to base a brand off of in my opinion.
  3. ah shit here we go again bout to see 45-10 wraiths winning
  4. why am I getting blown out by @OnMyWings
  5. 1. How do you feel about Anchorage's 4-2 start? 2. Do you think we are a top 5 team in the league? 3. Have you been living up to your own personal expectations? 4. What is your role on the team? 5. How do you feel about the play of the LB Core this season? 6. Who's been the most surprising player on the roster as of now? 7. Who is the team's rival? 8. Favorite TV show?
  6. thanks for the mention, at least im top 5 of all time in the ncaa haha
  7. 1. O/U the amount of QBs drafted in the first round: O/U 3.5 OVER 2. Will Chase Young go in the top 3? Y/N Y 3. O/U The SEC having 14.5 players picked in the first round: O/U 14.5 UNDER 4. What position will Mr. Irrelevant(very last pick of the draft) play? WR 5. Will the Big Ten or Big Twelve have more total draftees(all rounds+compensatory picks)? Big Twelve 6. Will more LBs or WRs be drafted with all draft picks(all rounds+compensatory picks)? WRs 7. What team will have the most selections(all rounds+compensatory picks+trades for picks) by time the draft is completed? Dolphins
  8. Lol do it Terrible Mistake for Town.
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