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  1. Great win for the Valley. Aiming for some more great games.
  2. Great bounce back win. Love to see Popopo throwing the rock well in his debut. More to come!
  3. ManCheetah got deleted by the LA defense. Time to run Popopo and give the young gun time.
  4. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLxs1Z4ZKskxEI17eMPju_fqw8b9fQsunyg_AAKPCLRgXSLg/viewform - Fill the form fellas.
  5. Being a General Manager is no soft work. It's a position that requires a lot of thinking and planning and sometimes paired with real life and other leagues gets hard to keep up with it. When I first joined as a GM, I replaced probably the greatest Seattle General Manager, @MMFLEX and I had loads of self doubt about how good of a candidate I was. Truth to be told now, I love the position and I have zero regrets on accepting the offer when it was presented. Now, let's get into the ranking because that's why I'm doing this. 1. Playoff Appearance Taking over this franchise
  6. Mr. Big looks to be on vacay still. Looking forward for the season to begin. Great to be back in the ECFA!
  7. Sick game @Spartan and the LA boys. Great work you've been putting in for LA. It's exciting to see the team growing season by season. About to be a menace to the West soon
  8. Great work @astroforte!
  9. I believe this is incorrect. Deadline still ECFA Week 1?
  10. High school was tricky for Mr. Big. He didn't touch a football until he reached his sophomore year. Big was a Mixed Martial artist since he was 5 years old. Notable by the agility that kickboxing techniques, Big used that to tryout for the football team and impressed from the first moment he was targetted. Ending up in the team right away, it was as quick as the selection to have him into the WR1 position. Coach Pallu wanted Big to be the next big thing in football and that was going to start right in the high school. In his first season, Big received 24 passing TDs and got to the
  11. CLOSER TO THE END Ja LongArm - Season 28 When I first started playing competitive football I never thought I would reach where I am now. Season after season, I worked harder and harder and I was extremely focused in being the better I could be. But never in a million years, I thought I would be alongside the best quarterbacks to play the game. It's never been easy and I've failed multiple times but I believe that what got me through the tough times was my will to be the best. Season 28 marks my 9th season in the league. 9 years of commiting myself to my highest sta
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