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  1. Yeah sorry about that guys. I'll return with this next season!
  2. You're not counting @LittleRiDog Offensive RC commitment I think we have a solid and amazing class going here at Roswell!
  3. Happy to have you here my friend. Let's get it!
  4. LONGARM FAVORITE SEASON MOMENTS RANKING 6th: My first win as a San Antonio Player Being traded gives you a ton of emotions and I gotta be honest that I was on a big low. I had joined a team where I knew few people and I had to start all over from scratch, team bonding related. Winning the first game as a SA player was very special. I loved the support that I had from my teammates and that was a life changing experience. 5th: Getting to discover the QB Running game. Trust me, this was great. I was honestly going to be a passing QB but thanks to @AW13, I discove
  5. THIS IS NUTS! What a crazy way to start the playoffs. I was surely thinking we were going to have a really hard game but a game like this? Hell no. When we were in a locker room couple of minutes before the game starting all that was going through my mind was all the stuff we have been through as a team this season and believe me, it was a lot. As all of you should know, I was a New Orleans player and trust me, I loved that town and being traded was tough on me. Not like I have any grudge against them but I wanted to prove them what they lost. Coach Wolf was
  6. Welcome to the #AlienGang, so happy to have you here!
  7. ROSWELL ENCOUNTER ON THE MIC This is the Roswell Encounter main press conference thread. Questions from everyone will be great so bring 'em on to the #AlienGang! Week of 09/27 1. How are you finding our behind the scenes work to have a solid return in this new season? 2. New kits have just arrived to the college, how do you enjoy them? 3. Not making the playoffs must've been hard, what do you think it was missing for you to achieve it? 4. What are you aiming for this upcoming season? 5. League has a lot of new Athletic Directors
  8. Career QBR Leaders _____________________________________________ 1st. Sean Sparks - 96.1 QBR - @Latti 2nd. Juliet Quebec - 78.6 QBR - @Opera_Phantom 3rd. Alvin LaVert - 74.8 QBR - @jeffie43 ____________________________________________ Updated through: SEASON 22
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