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  1. denns

    S21 ECFA Week Six

    GG @Rayzor_7, really tough to play you guys this time. You're building really well!
  2. denns

    S21 ECFA Week Six

    Come on ya beauty @Latti
  3. denns

    S21 ECFA Week Six

  4. denns

    S21 ECFA Week Six

    and we're gonna lose with a FG
  5. denns

    S21 ECFA Week Six

    ayy, we got mauled
  6. denns

    S21 ECFA Week Six

    Even though we behind, you've been goatin' @Latti
  7. denns

    S21 ECFA Week Six

    bad luck day, ayyyy
  8. denns

    S21 EFL Week Six

    It's what we do @zekethatbeast25
  9. denns

    S21 EFL Week Six

    The hell are we doing, wakey wakey
  10. denns

    S21 EFL Week Six

    The hell are we doing
  11. 1st - @jeffie43 This is a guy who might've been my first recruit starting ad'ing and he has been nothing but a huge surprise. Don't get me wrong. Some of the guys who we recruit end up ghosting on us for not being to invested on the site or thinking it's too much work. Yet, jeffie has stick through it and is en-route to be an even more amazing user than he already is. He has also been a huge help maintaining motivation in the locker room and for that I willn't be able to pay you I believe. All I want you to know, is that I'm very thankful for having you here. 2nd - @Lefty_S Isn't this guy the AD from the Athens Carnage? Damn he is but he still was a fulcral player on our Roswell history and he's a great presence for us. Lefty has put a side competitiveness and helped me when I most needed. As many people know I had some troubles in the last couple of months and he was around guiding some of my guys and that's one great and amazing attitude that many people wouldn't do. 3rd - @LittleRiDog I mean, you can't go wrong in the top3. Ri is the former AD who has been far more sucessful than me at it but I feel like I'm making him proud. It's great to have him pop around sometimes and answer questions when I'm at work or out of discord. Ri has been superb in his NCAA/ECFA days and I'm trying really hard to emulate that. Hope I can make you proud man. 4th - @Latti The most loyal guy of Miami/Roswell. You might recall him being Sean Sparks and you can see him now as Levi Lattimore. When I asked him if he would stay on the Encounter to help me out he was fairly fast to say yes, no matter what. I know guys want to win but with latti it's quite different. He supports you even though you aren't doing well and that's a fulcral thing in a team's structure. I can't honestly put to words how much it means to me having you here Latti. Thank you brother. 5th - @StackTheRacks12 Another Athletic Director but yet someone who played the Lefty's role in my absence. Stack has been making me improve every damn season teaching me the ropes of this job and that's great. In the locker he has been a huge help for the new kids on the blocks and that is great. He didn't need to do it and yet he does it with open heart. That requires attitude. This has been my top five and I hope I don't hurt any egos by not selecting you to a greater position or even into the ranking. The Roswell team is my house and it's honestly the reason I keep grinding and hooked into the ECFA as I'm more of a big league guy. I keep on learning and trying to improve my ADing. It's been a huge learning process as many things are doing fairly fast at this level but I feel like I'm going to succeed and if I don't well.. Bugger. I don't care. I have great people around me and that's that.
  12. ROSWELL ENCOUNTER ON THE MIC Questions from everyone will be great so bring 'em on to the #AlienGang! Week of 07/11 1. With a disappointing start we found ourselves 0-2 and with some solid performances we are back at 2-2. How do you feel about it? 2. Team has been performing fairly well. Who has been in your opinion the MVP of the team? 3. Are you within reach of your personal season goals? 4. Are you happy with the team locker room? 5. The Heroes Conference looks extremely tight, who is being the biggest overachiever? 6. What's the key for improvement in your opinion? 7. How are classes going? 8. What are your hopes for our post season if we make it? Tagging current players fyi: @aCrypticPancake @MASON @stevo @Briedaqueduc @jeffie43 @shysmoke @fonziGG @Jay Cue @LittleRiDog @Splat @Deity of Ice @Steve @Latti @Domkey @T.K If you answer or post a set of 4 questions, you get to claim 1 Capped TPE If you answer or post a set of 8 questions you get to claim 2 Capped TPE Remember that if you don't have a league job the maximum you can claim weekly is 9 Capped TPE.
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