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  1. I feel grateful. First and foremost, to my GM @AW13, the person behind the steering wheel of this franchise that I got to call home for the past couple of seasons. Second, to my team, every single one of you - kicker, offense and defense - your dedication, enjoyment and big efforts paved the way for the franchise to have one of the best seasons in it's history. It's hard to win in a competitive league like the EFL and although we were the strongest team from day one, we had to work our way through adversity and keep our minds highly motivated to meet the expectations that pundits and critics p
  2. Seattle Predators Press Conference Week 04/17 What's the Pred vibe: BROTHERHOOD. Seattle is family and love. Amazing year guys, congratulations everyone. 1. After a good first round vs Denver, we fell in a blowout to SA. Care to comment on that? 2. Seattle did have a 9-7 record, same as last season but yet improved in many ways while getting the team into a retooling atmosphere. How does that feel? 3. How happy are you in Seattle? 4. Are you rooting for SA or Miami in the finals? 5. Who was the biggest game changer for us this year? 6. Do yo
  3. @Ricer13 Love to see you getting involved! Amazing work and a great pick. Keep it up brother. Congrats to all the other hires.
  4. Time is what it takes when you want something build up. Takes time to get everything in their rightful place but when it does it will feel great. It's great to see this youngins go at it in the practice field every single day and becoming better as the weeks progress. Playoffs coming up soon and we have the desire to compete and go further in them as these guys are eagerly wanting some success. It's vibrant to see the team growing and the core that the franchise has put together in Fourside, Parson and Jeff fullfiled with ManCheetah's experience give them the keys to enter the game with their
  5. Way to go Predators! @Turner @TacticalHammer @Midnite @omgitshim @Ricer13 @Cantir @kevinscix @Rockstar @DollarAndADream @Kayfabe @Turts @Inflastud @Sharkstrong (Selachii is jesus).
  6. Seattle Predators Press Conference Week 04/10 What's the Pred vibe: BROTHERHOOD. Seattle is family and love. 1. Ended the season with a 9-7 record. How do you feel about it? 2. On the playoffs, we get to face the Denver Steam who had a great year. How does this match up feel? 3. How commited are you to the Seattle Predators franchise? 4. On the other side of the west playoff picture, we have SA going at SF, who do you reckon will win? 5. Did you enjoy this past season considering all changes? 6. Do you like stand up comedy? 7. Who would you
  7. Crazy year yet rewarding in the bonding of a team that will become better and better as the years go by. We need to hit some mental blocks down the path to greatness. I've learned that in New Orleans when we struggled to get the championship for quite a bit of time and now we're getting hit by that here in Seattle. Season started fairly well but yet, we dropped a bit midway through it with some of the saddest and closest losses I'd witness since I'm on professional football. A buzzer touchdown hurts more than a bullet. It's mentally hard to have a speedy recover from something like that. It's
  8. Seattle Predators Press Conference Week 04/03 What's the Pred vibe: BROTHERHOOD. Seattle is family and love. 1. After struggling for a couple of games, the team managed to win a couple in a row, how does that feel? 2. At this point playoff appearance looks clinched. Did you doubt you could at any point? 3. Was there any mental battles this season? 4. West Division looks really competitive. Reckon San Antonio will top it? 5. Would you rather face San Antonio or Denver in the playoffs? 6. Getting an R&B Album out or an Hip Hop one? 7. What
  9. Flex is the wire of bad luck.
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