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  1. Sim sala bin. Great win for the Valley, gutted about the Lookout L. It is what it is.
  2. Great to see Big producing! A sack for Norris, woo! Solid wins!
  3. Fleck still has it eh @Siddhus?
  4. Solid outing for Norris in his first game. Big on a not so good day but we will bounce back!
  5. Best of luck Pack. Going to be good to see how the team does with all these new changes.
  6. Keep up with the grind NSG. You're doing fairly well.
  7. Andy was always a special athlete. A prospect that used to show great awareness and amazing work ethic. The type of player that eventually gathers the attention of the media way before he made it to the big leagues. Another fact that's quite interesting is that Norris has spent his years playing in the Manchester High School, a school based in Manchester, England and he is a nephew to a famous singer. Norris has been a dazzling player to watch on highschool. He's a player that have the characteristics of Mum O'Killowe and seems to be a great deal coming into the ECFA. Norris played as a coverage linebacker and he will surely continue on that area as he plans on getting to be one of the greatest linebackers to have played the game. Freshman year despite being a 4* ranked High school recruit, Norris didn't saw much of the field, he only performed for a 102 tackle season with 1 forced fumble and 2 pass deflections. Complications showed up when Andy got injuried in his sophomore year and people started doubting his capacities as a player who could hit and not be hurt but yet, Andy managed to put up a 250 tackle season, alongside 10 interceptions and 5 forced fumbles, a statement that was incredibly bold and strong. Last high school season was when Andy did shine. 225 tackles with 8 interceptions and 13.0 tackles for loss led the High School of Manchester to a country championship where he was crowned the Most Valuable Player in a great fashion. The chapter continues in Manchester as Andy joined forces with the Lookout in order to keep his path to greatness as he looks forward to move into the United States of America to continue his dream of being a professional footballer. He wants someone as Max K. Melon, who's heavily experienced to lead his efforts and guide him through the tough task of succeeding in the EFL, a league that loads of great players pass by, few succeed and many go into the oblivion in three seasons time. Only time will tell if he can deliver what people expect from him.
  8. Ja LongArm - Texas Longhorns & DVR - New Orleans Kraken - San Antonio Wolfpack - Ja LongArm - #12 - San Antonio Wolfpack - Quarterback - 1x NCAA Quarterback of the Year 3x All American 2x EFL Most Valuable Player (S23,S26) 3x EFL Quarterback of the Year (S23, S26, S27) 2x Offensive Player of the Year (S26, S27) 4x Pro Bowler (S23,S24,S26, S27) 1x EFL Championship (S26) The end of an era and what a great time it has been. I feel very happy to have been surrounded by some great individuals and important faces that allowed me to be the best I could be, day in and day out. My career was a ride or die and I had to fight for my current status. After starting fairly well in the NCAA and getting a quarterback of the year award, my performance fell quite a lot and ended up being an average player for the newly established Death Valley Rangers and the ECFA in general. Drafted by New Orleans, under the @Latti administration was something that left me quite happy. I always loved that GM and he's a great motivator and I always thought that I would be throwing my whole career in the New Orleans uni. Guess other plans arrived and I was involved in what a I called at the time, a blockbuster trade. LaFleur (@omgitshim), a legendary quarterback for me. At first I felt a great amount of sadness as I was thinking I would wear the green until I was writing my retirement announcement but right after I placed my feet on San Antonio for the first time, I knew that I belonged there. GM Iggy @AW13 made me know her plans right from the start and got me to know my mates on the franchise and the rest was history. Iggy always told me I'd be an MVP and a Champion and I did achieve that alongside many other great things. In San Antonio, I got myself a family, had my first child who I hope that will follow my footsteps in being an EFL player and got myself emerged into the city life. Made friends along the way and had the time of my life. I also believe I elevated the QB1 position respect. To be a quarterback for the Pack, you will need to work harder than the opposition, spend many hours watching game footage and fight to give the city the same I did or more. I had the time of my life, a career to be remembered and I paved myself the way to have an Hall of Fame spot and a jersey retired in San Antonio. An amazing experience that I will never forget. I thank you @AW13 for being the catalyst to this amazing career, without your guidance and patience wouldn't be possible. I hope that the Pack continues it's rising until we meet again, one day.
  9. Mr. Big is coming for you. When approached by the reporters, Big showed great happiness in being linked to a proper starting spot in Death Valley. "It's obviously amazing to conquer my space on the team with hardwork. I have been working extremely hard since that sad championship game loss and that turns out to be paying dividends. Nothing is able to be achieved without hardwork and I have totally understanded that right after that disastrous game. We can't get really demotivated and we must be fully stuck in, in order to be better and get better for our team and fans. If I'm too worried about having the spotlight in me? No, not really, I was born ready for this and I've played football mostly my entire life so in all honesty, I'm not really worried. It's for sure though a lot of new responsabilities. Having to be able to deliver when the ball starts to come my way more often is something that I feel I'm ready and capable of achieving. I believe that this is going to be a great year for the Death Valley Rangers and I can't wait to see what our Coach and Athletic Director has on his mind. I'm ready, ready to put the foot on the pedal and go full gas to get a championship! Up the Valley, let's go!".
  10. Don't get discouraged Wheat. You wouldn't have a lottery pick for me anyway
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