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  1. 100 yards for Biggie but no tuddy. Let's improve Seattle!
  2. GGs @Cornholio and Wisconsin! Great season. To my preds... Great year, true underdog run that nearly ended well. I'm proud of you all, let's run it back.
  3. Extremely proud of my team and players. Way to go. GGs Frenzy!
  4. VS Presenter: @BeastTakeover Time: TBA
  5. VS Presenter: @Jetsqb101 Time: TBA
  6. Way to improve. Love this team
  7. SEASON 32 - ECFA - WEEK 7 VS VS VS VS Presented by @BeastTakeover Time: 19th January 2022, Time TBA
  8. SEASON 32 - EFL - WEEK 7 VS VS VS VS VS VS Presented by @PigSnout Time: 5:00PM EST
  9. Come on Seattle, gotta push hard!
  10. Seattle, our way is up! We show up and conquer, that's the way we should aim towards! As I tweet you this, we're currently 3-1 with a game in Los Angeles ahead of us. Travelling to Los Angeles is always a challenge because the fans are passionate and they support extremely hard the team but we're not afraid. We will go there with the thought of winning the game and that's what we will work towards! I've been having a blast playing with Marteau, you can tell how important he will be to this franchise and how he lifts everyones spirits. The season has been a blessing and it seems like we have been gelling fairly well together. It's highly impressive the agility some of the defenders I've faced have. Many aren't as fast as I am but they surely know how to drift me towards them. Scoring my first touchdown was incredible, I'm hoping to get a couple more of them to start well my rookie career. Right now it's all about making the city proud and help the Predators team bounce back from what was a trully couple of bad seasons. Elevating the Predators to the high land is what I really aim for my time here and hopefully win a championship for the city but let's not get ahead of the curve, this year is about development and improvement, what comes after that, will be a bonus.
  11. Impressive work from Manchester. Way to play, let's get it!
  12. Great work for the Predators. Amazing to see some growth!
  13. It's crazy to play my first EFL game. The atmosphere in Seattle is amazing and we seem to be able to perform with some grit in from of our home fans. 2 receptions with 44 yards and a touchdown is a dream come true regarding we're playing preseason football. I got to tell you that I'm very proud to wear the number 11 in a Seattle jersey and perhaps one day, I will be able to get my jersey retired for this historical franchise. The fans in the stadium singing some good Nirvana make the stands tremble with their jumps and emotion. I love the connection I have made with Tactique Marteau in our Death Valley Rangers days. It surely feels good to know how your QB throws and what he is thinking going into the plays. I also love the experience that I can find in the team, both on defense and on offense. Players like Renata, Two-Four, Megas or Boom make the practices fun and I can tell you that despite my small time here, I've learned a ton. Repping this franchise to the high standards is something I will work extremely hard to get them a championship. It surely creates a lot of good feelings when I enter our agency and see all the awards and trophies that Ja LongArm won representing us. I want to be the next one up and I have the grit to do it, so buckle up and get ready to see.
  14. Gotta tail some morale and we're ready to go!
  15. Great week 1, let's aim for the best!
  16. Really competitive game! Let's get it Predators!
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