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  1. 1. How did you feel you did last season? In limited time, I think I was passable. It's a bit hard to tell with a WR sometimes, because there are other factors going into your play. But I had some decent performances and there is a foundation to build on moving forward. 2. Fast forward to your first game in the EFL. How do you think you will perform as a professional? I don't know how I'll do in my first game, but I know by my last game they'll be calling me a Hall of Famer. 3. What is one improvement (from a user standpoint) that you want to improve from last season? A bit more involved with the happenings of the league. I've been a bit detached from everything going on in the EFL and only focusing on myself. I need to be able to direct my brain towards other things while not getting to distracted from myself 4. How will the Pirates do this season? We'll be improved in every facet of the game. We'll get better each and every week and be one of the best teams in the ECFA> 5. What is your favorite color? Yellow, but it doesn't exactly work on a jersey. For a jersey combo, I like either black/teal or gray/red. 6. Do you think you've done as much as you could last season to improve? There's always more room to improve but I like where my development course has been. 7. What's your favorite fruit? Peaches 8. What are your goals for the upcoming season? Get better and dominate
  2. The S21 ECFA Championship had a little bit of everything for football fans. An abundance of points, crucial special teams plays, timely turnovers, lead changes, gutsy play calls, and stars showing out on the biggest stage. Now that the dust has settled, let's take a quick glance at the game's biggest contributors who should help shine a light on how the game played out in the matter in which it did: Terren Lasley, WR - Phalanx: The league's top wideout by most statistical measures was unsurprisingly dominant throughout a majority of the game. Following a virtuoso 86-catch, 1,361-yard, 16-touchdown regular season, Lasley had plenty left in the tank to give Hades Creek the push it needed during the year's final game. Lasley was unstoppable from the opening whistle, hauling in a 39-pass on Hades Creek's opening offensive play, and another 11-yard grab which put the Phalanx in striking distance for the team's first score of the game. Lasley reached paydirt three times over the next two quarters, ending the game with 8 receptions, 139 yards, and three touchdowns - all game highs for WR's on either team. In fact, the entire Phalanx WR room deserves a heap of praise for their performance. Going up against a scrappy Caranage secondary, the Phalanx were able to get open with relative ease and create passing lanes to open up the offense throughout the entirety of the game. Fred Flintstone, RB - Carnage: While the Phalanx receivers were running wild down the field, the Carnage opted for a grounded attack which saw bellcow Flintstone featured early and often. The league's top back muscled his way to 2,444 yards on the ground on the year, as the vertically challenged Carnage leaned on the bruising back to carry the majority of its offense. Flintstone was the game's most dangerous big-play threat, scoring Athens' first touchdown on a 71-yard scamper in the first quarter and then reaching the endzone again in the third quarter on a marvelous 104-yard kick return which brought the Carnage within one score. Flintstone did everything in his power to keep his team within reach, as QB Bobby Bombs was efficient but hardly prolific with only 14 pass attempts on the day. Flintstone's versatility, endurance, and explosiveness is the core of Athens offensive attack, and he showed it in the title game. Randall Staubach, QB - Phalanx: Flintstone and the Carnage gave it their all, but ultimately fell to the Phalanx 38-31 - and that was thanks in large part to the play of the most prolific passer in the ECFA, Staubach. Staubach was locked-in from the first quarter, dicing up a formidable Carnage defense from any and all angles. Staubach threw for 409 yards (on 41 attempts) and connected on four scintillating touchdown passes with his receivers. The Phalanx passing attack proved to be too much for the Carnage to overcome, despite Hades Creek being held scoreless for the entirety of the fourth quarter. Still, the Phalanx were able to post 38 points in just three quarters of play, and that was enough for Staubach and company to notch the S21 ECFA title victory.
  3. Respect to the Preds being my old squad, but 2020 is the year of the Mamba. RIP No. 24.
  4. 1. With the offseason getting closer and closer, what are your plans to recover for the next year? Just take a few days off and then it's back to the lab. Need to get my mind right with everything after how the season ended, but we're coming back bigger, faster, stronger, smarter. 2. Do you binge watch any TV shows or series? I don't have the attention span to sit down and watch any series, so I end up just gaming when I get the time. Been playing MLB The Show and a little Warzone here and there to keep my hand-eye sharp. 3. On a scale of 1-10, how motivated are you to hop onto the practice field to continue to improve? I refuse to say anything lower than 10. If you say otherwise, you're in the wrong sport. Everybody else is going to be working hard, and if you don't match that you're going to be the one on his back seeing stars on gameday. 4. What is your favorite post game meal? Peanut butter and jelly sandwich always gets me right 5. Do you have any off-the-field talents? I'm a bonafide hooper. See me in the rec pulling up from distance and dropping dimes like Magic. 6. Are you in other sim leagues? SBL which has been a lot of fun. Having a season that lasts 100 games is a bit more interactive than waiting for one single game every few days. 7. What celebration will you do if you scored a Touchdown? Heisman pose, cause you already know what it is. 8. What kind of legacy do you want to set for not only the Pirates but for the future team that will draft you in the EFL? I work and I make plays. All there is to it.
  5. Ahhh, Pirates had a good run and will definitely be back next season.
  6. OG herd player sad to see the team go down like that.
  7. You love to see it from DRose :). Also, that storm logo is sexy.
  8. With just five games left on the ECFA schedule, the race to clinch an ever-important playoff spot is shaping up for a photo finish. For so many teams, making the playoffs is the first goal set at the beginning of every season. Anything can happen once the playoffs commence, standings are thrown out the window and past results are meaningless, so qualifying for the playoffs to give yourself a chance at capturing the ultimate prize is an important task. However, for now, regular season records matter to ensure your spot among the eight teams that will be contesting for a championship. As of this writing, none on of the 12 ECFA teams are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention - though we can safely say the 1-10 Lincoln Mammoths will likely miss the boat barring one of the greatest turnarounds in sports history. Anything can happen over these final five weeks, and the league boasts a handful of brewing story-lines which will guide the rest of the way. In the Heroes Conference, the top-seed and the bottom-seed are separated by a mere three games - the same game-differential shared between the aforementioned Mammoths and the rest of the Legend Conference. The Heroes have played each other close all season long. No team has more than three wins in conference play on the year, and a majority of the games have been tightly-contested. The frailty of this year's regular season can be best exemplified when examining the current top-seed in the Heroes Conference, the 7-4 Sacramento Venom. The Venom have been arguably the best team in the league all year long - despite a three-score loss to the Phalanx in Week 8 (the game was closer than the result indicated). They boast the No. 1 offense in ECFA led by a monstrous two-headed rushing attack. After allowing just three points total over its last two games, the Venom now own the best scoring-differential in the league having outpaced its opponents by 134 points on the year. Still, that may all be for naught in a few weeks looking ahead at Sacramento's schedule. Its next two matchups will see the Venom hosting the two Heroes contenders who are also holding 7-4 records, the Encounter and the Lookout. In fact, Sacramento's next three opponents will be against the three teams directly behind them in the standings before going on the road to finish its season in Trenton and Savage City. Though the Venom will likely be favored in every game along the way, a few miscues here and there, and the perceived top threat in the Heroes Conference could take a severe tumble down the standings - with a chance to miss the playoffs altogether. The Wraiths - who began the season on a disastrous 0-5 skid - have since fought back after rallying off four straight wins to reinsert themselves back into contention. The City of Savages have the quintessential "Giant Killer" profile with a balanced offensive attack and an opportunistic defense which creates turnovers at league-high rate. This time of the year, variance is one of the key factors in determining critical games. No team is higher variance than the Wraiths who have forced 26 turnovers on the year. It's like "Iron" Mike Tyson used to say, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". There's nothing more debilitating than orchestrating a long drive in a pivotal game only to have a defender jump a route for a game-breaking interception. The Wraiths have a chance to be Cinderella, and have already shown they have the ability to rally off wins consecutively. On the other side of the standings, the Legends Conference have four teams battling for three spots into the postseason. The 10-1 Phalanx will likely be playing host to the whatever team ends up with the 4-seed by season's end. With a 5-0 record in conference play Hades Creek feels comfortable matching up with any of its potential opponents - thought the Storm would love to get another crack at the top-seed after squandering an 11-point fourth quarter lead to the Phalanx in their classic Week 2 matchup. The four teams contesting for a postseason berth all matchup with each other in Week 12, with the lower-seeded Pirates and Growlers playing host to the Storm and Rangers, respectively. Both the Pirates and Growlers lost its previous game against their upcoming opponent back when the four teams all matched up similarly in Week 2, but all four squads have developed and evolved since then - particularly the Pirates who have rallied off three wins in four games after looking shattered just a month ago. On paper, it doesn't appear any of the Legends teams can contend with the Phalanx, but a late-season push could give another contender the momentum necessary to push Hades Creek in a potential playoff matchup. Can't wait for some Week 12 football.
  9. 1. Have you been keeping up with your player(s) stats so far this season? Of course, but I will say it's pretty easy to do so when you only have one catch! 2. We won three of our last four games! Any thoughts on the chemistry growing with the team? Clearly this turnaround started when the Pirates signed Ekko...but seriously, love how this team has turned things around and started looking like a competitor. 3. What player or combination of players in the NFL does your player(s) compare to? Well, right now, with 63 speed he probably looks more like Jason Witten running routes. But by seasons' end, Reshad is going to be looking like a young Emmanuel Sanders burning DB's from every spot on the field. 4. Five games left, how many games do you think we'll win? I'll say four, this team has crazy momentum and we look better on both sides of the ball with every passing week. 5. Do your player(s) have a nickname you'd like to be called? With a name like Ekko, you don't really need a nickname. 6. What was your player(s) greatest moment playing football in high school? Graduating :). 7. iPhone or Android? iPhone. Android purists are the worst. 8. What's your jersey number? No. 10
  10. Username: Playmaker EFL Team(s) wanting to cover: No preference Why you want this position: Think I can do a good job. Helps keep me interested and up to date with the EFL while my player is in college Any linked examples of EFL/SBA/VHL writing relevant to this application or position: https://simbaseball.forumotion.com/t559-crafting-sbl-s-most-optimal-batting-order https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/2678-predicting-the-winner-of-major-season-2-awards/ https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/2323-the-curious-case-of-the-new-york-herds-failed-season/
  11. With the season coming to a close, we have spent the last several weeks delving into some of the top prospects from the district. Well, folks, to nobody's surprise IMG Academy has some of the best talent in the area, from their decorated 5-star QB to its entire defensive line who will all be playing Division I football in the fall. Elsewhere on the field is a dynamic receiver who has turned some heads in Florida over the last two years, Miami-born wideout Ekko Reshad. Let's take a quick look at the speedster's career, and what makes him such a tantalizing recruit in the eye's of several schools across the nation: Freshman and Sophomore seasons - Reshad joined IMG as a two-sport athlete as freshman. Interestingly enough, Reshad was recruited to the program as a guard for the basketball team, and to this day insists basketball is his favorite and best sport. Nonetheless, it didn't take long for the IMG football staff to recognize Reshad's supreme athleticism, and he joined the football program just a few weeks before the season began. Joining a stacked IMG team, Reshad rarely saw the field in either of his two years, but he was productive when the coaches called up on him. In seven games as a freshman, Reshad scored five touchdowns on just 18 total touches. An 85-yard catch-and-run against Booker T. Washington was the longest play from scrimmage for the Ascenders on the season. During his sophomore season, Reshad's usage went up as he operated as IMG's No. 3 wideout and primary kick returner. Reshad was one of two Ascenders to gain 1,000-plus All-Purpose yards while leading the division in both kick return and punt return yards. Junior year - With word circulating around that Reshad could be a far more significant recruit on the gridiron rather than the hardwood, the 6-foot-0 receiver decided to step away from the basketball team and focus primarily on his role as IMG's top receiving target. Entering his junior season, Reshad won the role of starting X-receiver and received his biggest target share of his career. Hauling in 50 catches on the season, Reshad became the first IMG receiver to gain over 1,000 yards receiving in nearly a decade. Senior year - As a senior, Reshad was elected team captain by his peers, and entered the year with immense hype with the potential to emerge as one of the latest five-star recruits to hail from IMG. However, things didn't go quite as planned for the young wide-out. A foot injury kept Reshad out for the first month of the season, and by the time he had returned the field the offense had found a groove with a run-heavy attack. Reshad's numbers fell across the board, though he did finish the year posting a thunderous three-touchdown effort in the last game of the season. Projections - Reshad's disappointing senior season certainly hurt his stock a bit as the talented wideout tumbled down recruiting rankings throughout the year. Still, he has the top-end speed and polished route running ability to become an instant contributor at the next level. His ability to take a top off defenses cannot be taught, and he has barely even scratched the surface of his capabilities given his limited time on the field over the last several seasons. When the 6-foot dynamo was healthy, he was electrifying. If he stays on the field and the right coaching staff gets a hold of him, Reshad could light the college football landscape ablaze.
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