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  1. Jalen Dawkins High School Review Jalen Dawkins was born in Plano, Texas to two former professional athletes. As anyone could guess, Jalen grew up playing football as all Texan boys do. After a couple years of flag football his parents knew that he had an amazing love for the game already. Then came Jalen's first tackle football practice and of course the first thing his team worked on was tackling. Little Jalen showed no fear and absolutely crushed his opponent in the Oklahoma drill and the rest is history. Jalen Dawkins knew he wanted to become a professional football player and h
  2. Congrats in advance to the draftees
  3. Pirates vs Phalanx Review Following a solid 8-8 record in the regular season, the Biscayne Bay Pirates made the playoffs as a 4 seed in their conference. Their matchup was none other than the Hades Creek Phalanx, the top dog in the Legends Conference who held a nearly flawless record of 14-2 going into the postseason. These teams met two times in the regular season which resulted in two comfortable victories for the Phalanx. However, everyone in the football world knows that anything can happen when the playoffs are involved. The Biscayne Bay Pirates are not your typical 8
  4. Malik Sanders (RB) and Jalen Dawkins (S) are looking for new teams to showcase their talents! They are now awaiting questions!
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