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  1. Fill out your mock HERE Predict the first two rounds of this year's EFL draft! For each correct pick you earn 1/2 TPE and you will earn 1 TPE just for participation! The following list is eligible for claiming the average due to being in the draft room: Admins/Draft Graphics GMs In case trades happen, if you have the right player in the right spot, but right or wrong team, it will still count. You have 2 GM picks set for you this season. Deadline: Thursday April 22th, 2021 15 minutes before the draft begins. TIM
  2. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/56338-all-time-sba-gm-records/
  3. I dont think that was the problem, you wouldnt have been hired if they didn't think you knew what you were doing. but there is difference between knowing what you are doing, and being able to teach someone else.
  4. Got a Ncaa championship, and an Efl one, now time to finish the ECFA championship here.
  5. [insert cool jif] This week your full 6 TPE Point Task is worth double - 6 additional uncapped TPE IF your PT is a topic on the following: •Playoffs •Championship Game(s) •Upcoming Free Agency •Upcoming Draft Presenters this week can claim the 6 uncapped bonus by linking their presentation. All 12 point affiliates may claim the bonus 6 as well. SBA & VHL welfare can be claimed for the additional 6.
  6. Nice! Thank you. Feels good to be recognIzed
  7. i dont think you understand the situation here lol. I am Memphis' GM, and am the one in trouble rn. Im not the accuser.
  8. waht. Dont think me on BOD had anything to do with anything.
  9. Would like to second Lefty, he helped on the trading card bot with Shark, I know he played a big part in that still helping make changes to improve the user expierence, as well as like EagleEye said, he made the scraper to get stops, and first down data, which is fun to see and valuable in awards discussions.
  10. New for Season 26: Turner Award nominations will be public this season and beyond. Anyone that would like to recognize a user for the criteria listed below, may make a post in this thread, with the user's name, and hopefully can add a short blurb on why they think that user deserves the award. If there is a need for any discussion that can happen in this thread as well, but just make sure, to make your nominations clear and easy to find, when I go to tally everything up. Will keep this open until Friday, around noon PST, and will start pulling nominations from here on Wednesday. Hope we get so
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