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  1. Draft Style bb. Participation in EFL fantasy gives you anywhere from 1-6 TPE for participating, and it's uncapped TPE so it's a great opportunity to make your guys better. We are trying something new this season and having draft-style groups! Everyone will be put into a group of 6 and participate in a snake draft. Our Roster is: QB: RB: WR: WR/TE/FB: K: DEF: Group assignments will be done shortly, but for now just sign up below! - Draft will be snake style, with the team who picks last in the first round picking first
  2. manchester has two, cause we didnt move our players to team page early smh.
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HE5i1kJjhAplwlYKxzgaRvTUBDWfxsXjew4YWWJuI5k/edit?usp=sharing here you can view everyones stuff. @McWolf tagging you, since ur historian, if you wanted it.
  4. @oilmandan Jake Davis, Mr. Roswell Filler, and Gustav McGustav signed
  5. MEMPHIS SIGNINGS ACTIVES Jake Davis @Josh S23: $minimum S24: $minimum S25: $minimum (already accepted on eflo) FILLERS Mr. Roswell Filler S23: $minimum Gustav McGustav S23: $minimum
  6. @Patdatass caps off his HoF career with a TD
  7. yea, i also double checked u had overbudget
  8. lmao, when i say contesting, i need like to know what team u had.
  9. Finally, early this time. We did have 5 over budget, so if any of you would like to contest it, just lemme know, and we can talk it out. But let us just get the scores out. Our winner this season is @Maki Hiro, congrats on that, getting a whole 1725.55 points. Also, I have not received a single message about ECFA Fantasy, so if no one asks, i'll be doing it again next season, which im fine with but always good to spread the jobs, so more people get job pay. Username Total Points TPE Earned @Maki Hiro 1725.55
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