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  1. VHL +6Recruitment Crew replaces PT
  2. VHL +6Recruitment replaces PT
  3. VHL +6Recruitment Crew replaces PT
  4. The thing that comes with letters from college is that once you start to get looked at every player on every team wants to use you for themselves. If they are on the same team they want to feed off of you so that maybe the scouts will also look at them. So I have seen team mates play weird coverage so that maybe I would take more responsibility and they could get an easy pick. Sometimes it works sometimes I get blamed since they worried less about their position because I should have taken care of it. It's great to get targeted by your QB but if he does it every play so that you pad his stats
  5. I guess my career in the EFL has not been as glorious as I thought it would be when I was a young kid playing the great game of Football. I always thought that I would be one of the biggest names just like every kid. Imagining what it would be like to have thousands calling out my name while I lift the greatest trophy in the land. Well thats not where I ended up and honestly I don't think it will ever be where I end up. Who knows. But I can tell you where it started as this could be start as a retrospective for my career. High school was a blur, since it was mostly just playing th
  6. Unless there is a house rule here Amnesiac cannot remember a cleaned/stoned role.
  7. VHL 9 + 6 for VHL Theme
  8. That is without question. $75
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