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  1. As Hunter Higgins entered the Memphis Mambas' team facility for the last time, he couldn't help but feel bittersweet. This wasn't how he envisioned his time in Memphis ending, but he understood the situation and was excited for the new future that lay ahead of him. Cleaning out his locker, saying goodbye to teammates he spent the last four seasons going to war with, goodbye to the coaching staff that had drafted him and helped him develop wasn't an easy thing to do "It was tough to bid farewell to everyone within the organization that had treated me so well and that I shared in suc
  2. Hunter Higgins on going back to back I'm privileged just to call myself a one-time EFL champion let alone a two-time, back-to-back champion. It's pretty surreal to think about, from where this team was when I was drafted to sitting here as repeat champions and adding a second bit of bling to the fingers You know, last season it was euphoria and excitement when we won the first one. This time around, immense pride was the first emotion I felt when that clock hit zero. Pride in that we'd done something that is very hard to do in sports: Defend your championship successful
  3. Name: Hunter Higgins Team: Memphis Mambas Workout/Equipment Name: Stropko Burner Elites Equipment Gain(If applicable): +3 Speed Cost of Workout: $10,000,000 Cash you Have: $12,000,000 Cash Left: $2,000,000 Name: Tyson Kelly Team: San Antonio Wolfpack Workout/Equipment Name: Stropko Burner Elites Equipment Gain(If applicable): +3 Speed Cost of Workout: $10,000,000 Cash you Have: $12,750,000 Cash Left: $2,750,000 @Turner
  4. Tyson Kelly awoke that morning to the sound of his phone going nuts His head hurt. The light from the sun through his window felt like knives were being thrown at his eyes There’s was a note on his forehead, reading: “Tyson Thank you for last night, you were amazing BANANAS RULE Call me M” He was wearing a banana costume…wait, what? Tyson’s memory of the night before were a little hazy but he distinctly remembered he was wearing his sharpest suit when he left the house Never mind the banana costume, the buzzing of his phone was re
  5. Tyson Kelly on his expanded role this season During the off-season, the coaching staff and myself had some thorough discussions on the role I'd be taking this season. They really made it clear they'd be putting a lot of trust in me to lead this receiving core. The ball's yours, kiddo. Catch it and run with it, they said. I'd like to think that I've proven them correct in putting their faith in me as the team's lead receiver. I cannot overlook my teammates though. Peter La Fleur has been having an excellent season slinging the rock and has made my job a lot easier with
  6. Some would say the hardest thing to do in sports is repeat as a champion, even over just a winning a championship in the first place. Indeed, throughout the annals of sporting history, we have seen countless occasions of teams who climb the mountain one season, only to tumble right back down the next. One needs only to look at the EFL last season to see the challenges of defending your crown, as the then reigning champions Miami failed to even make the playoffs. For some, it is that their scheme and play style, once something that takes the league by storm, can be less effective on
  7. "It sucked. There's no other way I can put it, it sucked to see another team holding that championship trophy aloft" Tyson Kelly had just finished rewatching and reliving last season's EFL Championship game. For many players on the losing end, it's not something they'd be eager to do, having to sit there and re-watch everything. Every missed opportunity, every dropped pass...and crucially watching your opponent be crowned champion. For Kelly though, it was a cathartic experience he wanted to have. "I didn't want to shy away and act like the game never happened. Was it e
  8. Username: Higgo4 QB: Vince Carswell ($7) RB: Cheeks McIntyre ($2) WR: Takitscher Vorschlaghammer ($6) WR: Tyson Kelly ($4) WR: Henry McDolin ($4) FLEX: Margaret McPoyle ($3) TE: Apollo Cross ($1) K: Evenging Chong ($1) DST: Memphis ($2)
  9. This was quite long, I know, and apologizes for that if that turns anyone off. I kinda just kept writing and stopped keeping track of how long it was. It was when I was finished that I realized but couldn't really cut it down any further Yes, it took the entirety of the greatest hits of Carly Rae Queen to write Yes, I should 100% be asleep instead of worrying about ranking wins
  10. The Memphis Mambas are your S20 EFL Champions! For me, it’s a bit of a bittersweet moment, as one of my players also lost in the EFL Championship game, but I’m very happy to have played a part in Memphis’ championship win and that I can call Hunter Higgins an EFL Champion So, how I have celebrated this championship win? Invite some friends and family over for a massive party? A certain global pandemic and the subsequent restrictions placed on individuals have made that pretty impossible Share a glass of red with my significant other? Sounds good, apart
  11. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, being able to bring four different teams to titles games is a testament to your abilities as a GM/AD (and it'll just make when you do break through for that title win even sweeter) I certainly do not envy the job you and all the others GM do and you're doing an excellent job in San Antonio. I'm certainly very happy to have you as one of my GMs I know it's tough, especially when you are so invested, but keep your head, this won't be the last time we're fighting for the championship
  12. Tyson Kelly mere hours before the EFL Championship game This is it. What we all dream of one day doing. I'm joining a select few who have had the privilege of playing in an EFL Championship game. Who knows when or if I'll ever be able to get back to this point again? (although I'm certainly hoping this isn't the last time I get to play in the big dance) That mean only thing: Nothing gets left in the tank. Tomorrow isn't a thing, there's no second chances, no do-overs to make up for a bad performance. It's been a pretty crazy personal journey from me. I've got from prom
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