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  1. 1. How would you grade your performance this season for your two players? 2. What's been your favorite moment in the league thus far? 3. What changes would you like to see made/ideas you would suggest for the league? 4. What's the first piece of advice would you give to new users?
  2. 48-0 and 49-0 in the same week? Shows how dominant DVR and BBP are
  3. Great wins for Wisconsin and Denver!
  4. 1. How far do you think the Wraiths can reach this year? At 3-6, they're somehow holding onto a playoff spot due to the weakness of Roswell. I expect them to maintain that 4th spot, but to get dominated in round 1 of the playoffs. 2. What advice can you give first gens? Just to have fun and not stress yourself out with this stuff. Sure, competition is fun but this is all simulated at the end of the day. 3. Which team do you think will win this coming season in the EFCA? It's really hard to pick against the Pirates. They're dominant on the field, and as their updater I
  5. Good starts for Denver and Wisconsin today!
  6. Wow very impressive win for the Rangers.
  7. 1. Where did your player grow up? Los Angeles for both of them. 2. Who was your favorite EFL team as a kid? The Reign, hard to look past the hometown team. 3. Was your guardian a football fan? Not really. Not quite against the sport, but definitely not big fans. 4. What is your player's favorite movie? They're big fans of Boyz n the Hood. Classic and set close to home.
  8. Dominant performance from the Lookout, completely shut them out.
  9. Wisconsin staying undefeated . Tough loss for Denver but 5-1 is still pretty fantastic.
  10. Obviously clunky preseason strats and all, but I love what I'm seeing from both the Brigade and Steam.
  11. 1. What does your player(s) do when they aren't playing football? Spend time with family. Football season requires a lot of time away. 2. Does your player(s) have any certain pre-game rituals? Nope, but open to suggestions! 3. If your player(s) could play any other sport, what would it be? Basketball for sure. The size and athleticism would translate a bit, and both are big fans of the sport. 4. What's the greatest moment of your player's career? For Osling, I think the recent championship would have to be it. Kazmeir admittedly hasn't had many standout momen
  12. Denver, Osling win EFL Championship Denver, CO -- Champions. The Steam have gradually built themselves up since being added in the most recent EFL expansion, and that process has finally hit a climax. A 14-2 regular season outing and a claim to the league's top overall seed had made the Steam presumed favorites, but it did not come easy by any means. The finals win over Minnesota came by just one point and required the opposing kicker to have missed 3 field goals. Regardless, a win is a win, and for sophomore Rayshad Osling the victory signified a moment of relief. He and other members of
  13. Wow that 3rd quarter. Close game until then.
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