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  1. Well, that went poorly. Who would have thought these two players would have been even worse. Between getting covid and breaking my ankle, these players have been a terrible disappointment. Considering how much I liked these two pokemon, that's definitely on me. i don't think I should keep going with these two, but a part of me wants to try, just as a testament to try to preserver and grind through my injuries, and show that I can do it. I know that I probably won't play much, and that I'm really just doing this for the TPE for the SBA, which is the sport that I like the most, but still, I've been trying to change my mentality, and thus, this would be yet another good test for me. Another part of me tells me this is a bad idea. I'm already behind on the work I want to do for the SBA, and a part of me is just putting off this work already because I may have set a task that's too big for me. I should be able to control my destiny and my work, but sometimes, I fail. The therapist that I've been seeing has told me to work on positive affirmation and controlling what I can control, but I don't feel in control of myself and my moods. nor do I feel like I sometimes I really know what I want. I did pick myself up and do this point task though. I didn't want to, but I decided to do it, and held myself to this standard. I rewarded myself first by putting in my food order, and then told myself that I had to get this done. I'm happy that I ordered food, and its possible that my hunger is contributing to this, but still, I feel like that I can do more. That's it, I'm going to do to my SBA work after this. Thanks for listening to me rant.
  2. I told myself I'd create new players. I thought I was ready to start my journey again in the efl. I was fairly happy with how my career ended up with both players despite me not being the best user here. Sure the playoffs for me were a bit heartbreaking here. I didn't really get to accomplish much despite the good seeds that both teams had. I thought I really did anything to help the team's I just was here but still I try to be active in the locker room and be a good teammate and for both teams to have their seasons on like that was pretty heartbreaking. Also it really made me realize like these people care so much about this league and put in so much time and effort the locker rooms were great the GMs with great I have enough good things to say about them they're just so amazing they make me feel not as good about my own personal jamming style or my own GM in career. This has been kind of a down time for me in sim leagues I don't really feel that engaged right now and I didn't think it was fair to create a player now without giving him you know the best possible opportunity without said I do kind of miss all the things going on here so I don't know because going to wait till I feel better but it seems like a bad excuse. I definitely do want to give it a shot soon but right now my heart's just not into it but who knows maybe I'll try a character now and then make a second one later. But for Cheet Anh and Rhine Ceros, it was a great ride. I will miss them a lot.
  3. Pigsnout has just made me realize that both my teams are most likely playoff bound
  4. Both of my teams with 14 points currently hmm
  5. I managed to make the box score with one tackle. A fine day
  6. Two away games for my players - worried
  7. Wooo another td by me!!
  8. Did I really score 2 tds in one game?!?
  9. Horsepower vs steampower!!
  10. Eagerly scanning for my name even tho I wont show up
  11. I think this is the first time both of my guys played against each other
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