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  1. OD on my team is dream goals
  2. So somehow between now and the last time I checked the index, we got some more wins, and even ended the season with a 2 game winning streak?!?! I don't know what I was expecting when I was checking back in here, but I 100% was not expecting this to be the case. One of the wins was against the 1 and 11 Wisconsin Brigade, which isn't that surprising, even if it was on the road. But to be able to win our final game of the season, at home, against the 8 and 8 Toronto Skyhawks was a shocker to me, and it wasn't even a close game, with our team winning 62-24. In terms of personal performance, Ceros
  3. vhl +1 https://vhlforum.com/topic/96858-leflops-locker-room-take/
  4. I guess that fate ties me to New York in some way. In the SBA, I spent 3 season in New York, with the Rail. This season, as an SBDL coach, I'm playing against the Huntington Herd in the first playoffs. Here, in the EFL, both of my players are in the New York Herd. I guess some things are just meant to be. I'm having trouble figuring out how well my player is doing, but it looks like Anh is averaging about 1 catch a game, but those are some big catches, going for over 13 yards per reception. I'm not ready yet to invest time into a locker room, right now I have a lot of things on my mind and som
  5. Round 2. I'm going to look to recreate here as well. As a GM, I've seen the value of having some players who can be cap fillers and still fulfill a role. I have no idea what I'm going to make or when I'm going to make it, but it's certainly in the works right now. I remember being a part of USC and Hades Creek, and that was both a ton of fun and super educational. The stewardship of @Wally and @Sharkstrong helped provide me with a standard of running a team that I have yet to match, and I am still a long ways away from getting there. With that said, I'm happy with the career of Cer
  6. LefLop

    S18 NCAA Week 8

    @OscarTheSwagDude wtf i thought u were a good presenter. 118 fgs are easy to miss
  7. LefLop

    S18 NCAA Week 8

    Ffs dont give the ball to me
  8. LefLop

    S18 NCAA Week 5

    Woo sorry @Beowoofforgiveness pls
  9. LefLop

    S18 NCAA Week 4

    7 tackles a good day
  10. LefLop

    S18 NCAA Week 3

    Oh look i did a thing
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