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  1. I have written a series of different versions of this article for the various leagues I am in and I am going to do one more from the perspective of the EFL. It is a great way for me to get my 500 words in, but more importantly, it has helped me process my feelings on this subject and has made it easier to make some important decisions. Important at least so far as decisions about a hobby are important. The conundrum is that I have too many sim leagues I am part of. One immediately thinks that if one is in “too many leagues” it is because the number of leagues one is in has made it difficult to impossible to earn adequately in each. Actually, I have not found that difficult at all. I am usually max earned in 8 different leagues (if one counts SCFL, lol) by Monday afternoon. That will be true again today. The earning is not difficult though it does take more time than I’d like at this point. So, what is the real problem? I have found that being in so many leagues also means that I’m in that many discord servers plus. “Plus” because you are never in only one server per league. The EFL is actually one of the least offenders. Here I am only in my team LR and EFL Main. But in the PBE I am in eight! That is because I have the main servers plus ones associated with being a minors GM plus those associated with being an updater. You can either spend an inordinate amount of time staying up to date in all of these servers or being nearly IA in many of them. Neither feels right. Along with this proliferation of servers is the proliferation of league contexts. With 8 leagues, it can be the case that you are in the regular season in 4 of them, early playoffs in another 2 and drafting in another 2. It really is just too much to keep track of. At this point, I have to check the index just to know where we are at in the season. No bueno. So, I have decided to cut back. I just have to. I have made that decision based on three factors: 1) when did I join each one – the less time in the league often means the least buy-in and a league that needs to go, 2) how much fun is each league, and 3) how does each league compliment the other. I’m afraid therefore that the EFL is a league that I will be bowing out from. It’s one of the leagues I most recently joined and I have a good quitting window as I wrap up my EFCA career and have not yet been drafted by an EFL team. It’s only slightly less fun for me than my other leagues so that’s not a huge factor. But it very much does not fit with my other leagues as well. I’ve already retired from the SBA and I may be on my last VHL player for a while. I find I enjoy the “money” leagues more -especially since the PBE has always been my main league. They fit together in style and PT sharing just as EFL/SBA/VHL fit together best. And since I am already further along in the ISFL, I already have a football league I enjoy. Everyone has to find their level of sim league commitment and I think I have found mine. For now – 4 leagues and potentially only 3 within a few months. Thank you to everyone who made my return to the EFL a positive one even though I need to leave after the season concludes. 624 words
  2. I will be retiring Rhys Morgan and Luther King at end of the season and will not be entering the EFL draft.
  3. 1. Do you watch the NFL Yes, I am a Chiefs fan. 2. What's your favorite Sport Has to be baseball. They keep trying to destroy the sport from within, but so far it has survived. 3. Whos your favorite athlete Wow! All-time? I just can't do it. But for various reasons, I love: George Brett, Kenny Daneyko, Amos Otis, Salvador Perez, and Patrick Mahomes. 4. What's your favorite team in the NFL The Kansas City Chiefs 5. What's your favorite movie Notting Hill 6. What's your favorite book The Lord of the Rings 7. Who's your favorite player in the NFL Currently it would have to be Patrick Mahomes. 8. Who do you think is the GOAT of pro football The obvious answer is Tom Brady, but I just can't bring myself to say it. So, I'll say Joe Montana. 9. What do you think of OBJ getting released Not surprised. 10. Brady or Gronk Can I say neither? Just so unlikeable in my estimation. 11. What team do you think OBJ is going to join next Who cares? 12. What do you think about the Minnesota Vikings Nice branding. Otherwise, I do not think about them at all.
  4. Thanks for all the work put into the presentation.
  5. Generals 31 - 0 win over Wraiths? Ouch! But I'll take it. But Morgan 164 yards on the ground and 0 TDs. lol
  6. Rough loss for Trenton. 88 yards? C'mon Morgan. lol
  7. How amazed are you by King Leonidas' career? I can barely contain myself I am so blown away. Do you know of any other kicker who has been as good as Leonidas? That is impossible. He is the pinnacle of achievement. Coming up is Labor Day in the US. Do you have any plans/did you do anything? I try to stay very low on holidays. Use them as days of rest. What would you rather do on a weekend off? Camping, hiking, fishing, playing video games, binge watching TV, or armed robbery? Armed robbery seems like too much work. If it is fly fishing for trout in a beautiful stream, that is my option. What is your favorite TV show? Maybe Monty Python's Flying Circus. Did you know that Michael C. Hall from Dexter is the lead singer of a band called Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum? Nope. Not sure I have heard of any of these people or groups. Who is your favorite singer/band? The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, and The Beatles Do you enjoy the "pumpkin spice" time of year? Only in pumpkin pie. If you could only take one thing with you to a desert island, what would it be and why? A Bible. Hearing the stories of other faithful people would be very life sustaining. Do you have a favorite book? What is it? Hyperion by Dan Simmons or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien What's the furthest from home you've ever been? That would probably be Poland. Which highlighter color do you prefer to use? Yellow
  8. Exciting beginning to the season!
  9. Close one for the Ranges!
  10. Luther King, Jr. is a defensive back for the Trenton Generals. It is his second season in the league and he hasn’t really stood out at his position, but let’s take a little closer look at his performance. He had 62 tackles last season. That would put him very much in the middle of the pack for defenders. However, King made these 62 tackles in only 10 games as he came into the league part-way through the season. If he were to have played all 16 at the same pace as the 10 he did play, he would have racked up 99 tackles on the season. Now we are talking. This would have meant that he was the 25th leading tackler in the league which isn’t bad for a rookie season. On top of that, only four strong safeties would have had more tackles than King and at his own position of free safety, only one other player would have had more. This really shows what a great performance King put in for season 29. King is really looking forward to the new season which begins this week so that he can build on his excellent rookie season. A few more tackles and a lot more INTs and King will feel very good about his progress. 216 words
  11. SBA Affiliate Check for November +3 TPE
  12. Accept for Rhys Morgan and Luther King, Jr.
  13. What is your favorite color? Green. Very tranquil. I need that. lol What brought you to the EFL? Watching TH on the commissioner videocast got me reenergized for the league. If you could only spend $50 more, what would you buy? Probably food. lol How many times do you check the website during the week? Let's say an average of once a day for something so 7 times. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Wales. My favorite place on earth. If you could be a character in any movie, what movie would it be? How Green Was My Valley Have you ever broken a bone? I am very fortunate. No. Which season is the best season? Fall. Especially here on the East End of Long Island. If you could speak any other language fluently, what would it be? Welsh How many days until Christmas at the time of you writing this? About 55. Is there a certain candle/perfume smell that is absolutely repulsive to you? Sulfur. lol Who would win in a fist fight, @TacticalHammer or @Spartan? That's a tough one. Both formidable foes. I'm going to say they knock each other out, come to, and shake hands as friends.
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