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  1. Player Name: Luther King Current Player TPE: 134 Combine TPE: 34
  2. Player Name: Rhys Morgan Current Player TPE: 139 Combine TPE: 34
  3. Luther “The Nose” King is not what you would consider to be a typical EFCA player. Well, not if you think a typical player is a complete jock who only cares about athletics – running, weight lifting, agility drills. Luther loves all that, but there is also another side to him. He is not all sports and competition. Luther is also a guy very much into developing his mind. His particular love is history. He really grooves on learning how people long ago – and not so long ago – dealt with the same kind of issues he is dealing with in the current day. He feels like if he learns about their challenges and how these forebears tackled them in their own time, it will better equip him to face his own challenges today. Two of his favorite figures from history are Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King, for whom he was named. Both faced enormous prejudice and resistance to black folks like them being accepted as co-equal to everyone else in the surrounding society. Both faced the challenge with honor and dignity and both made a difference. That is what Luther King hopes to do in his own time. Face his challenges on and off the field with honor and dignity. He will tell you from his own experience that barriers still exist – in the EFL and without – all the way to this day. King plans to do something about it. 240 words
  4. 1. What does your player(s) do when they aren't playing football? Morgan listens to podcasts - mostly baseball and fantasy football. King reads history and biographies. 2. Does your player(s) have any certain pre-game rituals? No, neither believes in any superstitions or things to do in a certain order. They don't want to be dependent on that. 3. If your player(s) could play any other sport, what would it be? Morgan was a great rugby player in Wales. King has always loved tennis. 4. What's the greatest moment of your player's career? It has not yet come for either. They've loved the overall experience, but feel like the best is yet to come. 5. How old was your player(s) when they realized they wanted to play football? Rhys knew he wanted to play football since he was 16 and first saw an NFL game played in London and shown on TV throughout Britain. 6. Does your player(s) have a favorite hobby? Rhys is a fly fisherman. King is a reader. 7. Who does your player(s) look up to? Both look up to their dads. 8. While the NFL is a far inferior league, I wonder, which team would your player(s) play for? Rhys has modeled his game after Travis Kelce's and he'd love to be a Chief. King also loves the Chiefs and Tyrann Mathieu.
  5. Great "redzone" presentation!
  6. You get to pick the song your team walks onto the field to. What is it? Born to Run by Springsteen Seems hype enough and he's a Jersey boy like us. You've made a huge play for your team. How do you celebrate? Drop the ball at the spot and hustle back to the huddle. Celebrations are for victories in the war; not the battles. Does your player wear a visor? No. Doesn't want anything between his eyes and the ball. Who is your player's inspiration? His dad. Hard working, good to people, puts family first. What NFL team would you NOT want to play for? Oakland Raiders. Grew up in Kansas City. 'Nuff said. Does you player have any pets? Yes, a pair of Welsh Corgis. Does your player have a #1 fan? Maybe his kid brother who is just graduating high school and plays QB for his team. What's the craziest thing your player has heard a fan say? If my team doesn't win, I'm going to shave my head to change their fortunes. Your player is named as the MVP, how do they celebrate? Take the team out to dinner for helping him get there. Did anyone encourage your player to play football? Not really. Just loved the game from the moment he saw it. What's your player's favorite TV show? Really doesn't watch TV. What hobby does your player have? He plays in these odd sim leagues you may have heard of, but never football - basketball, hockey, and baseball only.
  7. Oh my! The bots squeaked one out to avoid going winless. Poor Wraiths!
  8. 1. How do you see the current state of the EFL? I'm just back in after a bit of a hiatus with my first players Lanier and Hands. Sort of just faded away there, but happy to be back. Things seem abuzzin'. 2. What can we do better to keep members coming back again and again? I'm not really sure on this one. The VHL does have a thing where you can earn higher welfare if you have 2 or more players who earned at least 700 TPE each. I was kind of looking forward to that until I rejoined EFL and then joined SBA. Now, one 500 word article in one league gets me 18 TPE across three leagues. 3. Is it too easy to earn TPE? Too hard? Why and what would you change? I do find writing 500 words more daunting that 200-250, but when you hand out 6 TPE, it needs to be a bit longer. I think the earning difficulty is just about right. Wouldn't hurt though if SBA Quote and EFL Player Brand were interchangeable like the 6 TPE tasks. VHL.com article too thought that's few less words, right? 4. What do you think the EFL needs to do to get to the “next level”? Again, I find this a little hard to answer. 5. What can the EFL staff be doing better or differently to make the league more enjoyable? I think staff is doing a great job. 6. Does seeing our staff on zoom chats like Tac did with the other sim league commissioners interest you? Should we do more of these? Even with just our own staff? Absolutely. That's why I'm back. The buzz around the commissioner chats got me fired up to rejoin ISFL, EFL, and join the SBA. Yes, I think something with just the honchos of the EFL is worth a shot too.
  9. Poor Roswell. That's a tough one.
  10. Rhys Morgan, TE for the Trenton Generals, came into the league off waiver wires and has played his first five games. Over those five games he has 17 catches for 120 yards and 1 TD. This just doesn’t feel reflective of how Morgan sees his talent for the game of football. There is nothing flashy or exciting about these numbers. But then Rhys started to do some math. He is university educated after all. Morgan has put up his stat line after 5 games. There have actually been 11 games. Morgan wondered what would happen if you projected out his numbers had he played in all 11 games. If he averaged the same over the six games he did not play as he did in the five he appeared in, how does he stack up against his fellow pass catchers in the EFCA? 17 catches projected out over 11 games instead of 5 would be 37 receptions on the year. That places Rhys as the number 7 player in that category. Not bad. His 120 yards projected over 11 games would be 264 yards. Where does that put Rhys? 20th when you consider all pass catchers: TEs, RBs, and WRs. How about among his fellow TEs? It surprised and delighted Morgan to learn that his projected 264 yards would put him as THE leading TE for yards in the entire league! So, "not bad."
  11. Still new enough that I’m noticing for first time the growler in the paws of a growler. I like.
  12. Whoa! I feel spanked. 45-0!!!
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