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  1. Thanks for giving Frucker a shot. He might disappointe this season. We got to fix his walker. His pds and his td really surprised me last season lol
  2. Sure, just figure out the whole GMing part and it will even out. Kills me how leagues are like "We need parity bc one team wins it all the time". That's bc that gm put in the work and time and has figured out what works. I've never hated or disliked a gm/team bc they just win. But I get its human nature to hate them also. So with that I say Fredrick is a 2x Champ and thanks @Cornholio!
  3. Dexter with his best game in Miami against his former team but wasn't enough
  4. IN CHARACTER: After last season Dexter Jackson thought about retirement but decided he would give it another go with either NY or somewhere else if offered. Knowing he would be a #3 option probably he was ok with that. "I know I don't have the speed and all I had coming into the league but I believe I can still produce. I still live the game of football and still believe I can help a team produce a championship which at this point in career is all I want, a chance." Dex said right after the season. Well free agency has come and his phone was silent." I honestly thought I'd get an offer from someone needing a wr 3 or 4 but apparently not. This game chews you up and spits you out so quick." Dex said by telephone to us yesterday. Looking at his stats he's been a consistent playmaker and his production didn't fall off much if any last season even though his age is getting up there as a player. "Yo if any team needs my services I'm available. Get with my agent and I'm ready baby." He's obviously stayed in great shape during this offseason as he has been seen on social media doing workouts and man he's a beast. He was recently spotted working out with some of his former college teammates and he looked good. While his speed has slowed down his hands and route running are still very crisp as evidence from the video of him running a up and out to the sideline as he toe tapped to stay inbounds. So while maybe not the deep threat he once was he should still be a good target in the red zone with his routes and ability to find a open zone for the quarterback to throw to. So what is Dexter's message to all the teams? " Yo if you need a wr 3 or 4 even I'm game to hop in and help you get a championship. That's all I ask is a chance to prove myself. If I can't then I'll retire but as long as I think I can play the game at a good level then I'll try my hardest." Will we see Dexter's on a football field again? " Who knows I surely hope so and in uniform but if not maybe I'll go into coaching. Who knows what will happen?" We will wait and find out soon enough. OUT OF CHARACTER: So I had thought of retiring both Dex and Fredrick but after Wisconsin and Fredrick winning a chip and then Fredrick resigning I thought why not give Dex another shot? But after receiving no offers I believe he might retire unless he can still sign somewhere. Not sure when FA is over with or if anyone needs a wr 3 or 4 but he's available. If nothing in a few days I'll officially retire poor Dex. Appreciate everyone that has given him a shot. Shout out to NY as @oilmandanhas been a favorite GM of mine to play for. He also coached my first ever player RB Hobo Jackson. Anyway I'll be taking a break after both retire from the league. I love everyone here and it's a great community just burned out being in 12 leagues lol..
  5. Times up. Where's sim?
  6. Yeah but when your in so many leagues like i am, about 12 right now, 500 words becomes alot each week lol.
  7. I'm curious where my best player goes, Fredrick Frucker. I'll miss the Wolfpack but excited for the future.
  8. I've been saying the word count is nuts. 500 is alot each week. When I claimed a sba article and was denied bc it wasn't 500 words it really turned me away on my first guys. I actually retired them soon thereafter bc I got 4 tpe in sba but couldn't claim here. ( I was new to Sims then and didn't know why. Thought got credit there should here as well. At least the 4 I got there which I tried to lol.)
  9. Thanks for having me these last 2 seasons. I enjoyed my time here
  10. Yay nice win Herd. LfG! Next year is Wolfpacks year baby
  11. Good game though to my Herd family. Wolfpack, we almost pulled the comeback
  12. Tough losses this sim for both my teams
  13. But a positive is Fredrick had a pd and int while D Jackson had 114 and a td receiving
  14. Sorry Pac, had to root for Herd to stay undefeated
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