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  1. E. Brothers Talk Sophomore Season "I liked the expansion draft and me getting picked by one of the new teams. I understand people who goes 'ah fuck, why do I have to go to this brand new and probably bad team for now?' but I like the challenge and fresh start of a brand new team. I am only a sopomore and I don't mind taking it slow. I understand that football is a physical-demanding sport and a career don't last very long, but I really don't mind helping out a new thing even though it feels like I might not be contending super soon. I think I can mature better with a fresh squad and we will be like brothers in war. I appreciate my first EFL team for drafting me and giving me the chance but I am liking this new thing here." Tee Pee E. said. "Fuck this shit, I didn't even feel like I get shit done and it's sophomore season already. I have worked my ass the whole offseason, fuck it I ain't here to play games, I am here to aim at you, probably maim you, like the OG motherfucker Jay Z. I expect total dominance out of the next few seasons or I am calling it quit. Fuck this and all the bitches on this Motherfucking Earth, I ain't playing this if I am not the best. I am here to bring the Kraken to the promised land and make them like the true Kraken in those games my nerdy brother played, D&E or something like that. I don't know what the flying mammal is a Krane but our logo looks alien and I want to be the alien among men here. The real terror." Ay Pee E. said.
  2. E. Brothers Talk Rookie Year So Far "The rookie season is nothing but a fresh start, and a year to adjust and adapt to the hardest league of the world. I think Rookie of the Year is a prestigious award but I also know that not everyone has the ability to get that. I personally find it more important to prepare for a long grind. Sure, football stars' career is far from the longest among sports, but I want to learn. This is a learning year for me, not a year to get instant results. There are a lot of veterans who taught me a lot of stuff already by now in the Miami Neptune. I want to learn and be great when I develop further. I have a lot to learn, this is just the beginning." Tee Pee E. said. "Fucking hell, the pro league is tough, I ain't gonna lie. This is tough. I am underperforming my expectation right now and it's clear as fucking daylight at noon that there are much better tight ends than me. I mean, that is expected as I am brand new, a freshly squeeze rookie, but I expect to be not so far from the best TEs out there. Well damn, I am wrong, so fucking wrong. There are a lot of things I can truly improve to have an impact in the toughest football league of the world. I have a long way to go. Playing for the Krakens, the pressure isn't as big as I expected too but I still want to be better. I appreciate the team being patience with me, even though those fucktard in the internets are talking all kind of shit, but hey mofos, I am trying my best here and I will try my best. If you all ain't happy with my performance, then fuck off and don't watch me, dumbass." Ay Pee E. said.
  3. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/46866-playoff-pt/&do=findComment&comment=796418 +6
  4. Disappointing End to The E. Brothers' College Career "It's an up-and-down season. We struggled, we prevailed, but ultimately, we could not get the one last victory to close our career at the highest note. We gave out all every year so it's sad that we couldn't get a ring over four years, the longest we could be. On one hand, this is not the end of our career, it's just one phase. And let's be real, there are so many pro athletes who have never won it all over their career. It's a part of life, and I have come to accept it. Is it disappointing? Yes, but that's part of life too. Fuck, am I being too zen right now?" Tee Pee E. said. Ay Pee E., as always, has a different take. ."Fucking hell, this is bullshit. We beat a team that is motherfucking 15-1, seen as championship favorite and yet we choked at the biggest stage of all. We choked! This is bullshit, I hate myself, and literally everyone in the world right now. I don't get why this shit always happen to me. Maybe I should have picked a solo sport, like diving, swimming, tennis or some shit. At least that way I know it's 100% me, so I can't find excuses. Now I am just mad mad, fuck. You know what, it's fine, I will win rings, multiple rings in my pro career. These bitches better be ready to rumble, cuz the Es are coming." Ay Pee E. said.
  5. All I can say is don't draft me high so you won't be disappointed.
  6. Goliathus

    S19 ECFA Week 16

    Awesome season for my team.
  7. Great game for my team.
  8. Goliathus

    S19 ECFA Week 13

    Go Phalanx. Keep up with the good performance.
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