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  1. McWolf

    S21 EFL Week Five

    Who's not getting humiliated in the GOTW today? These guys!
  2. McWolf

    S21 EFL Week Five

    Let's not allow 40 points today. #SkyIsTheLimit #ButIt'sUnreasonablyHighForNow
  3. McWolf

    S21 EFL Week Four

    why was this the GOTW? that's just mean
  4. McWolf

    S21 EFL Week Four

    worst team in the league has the GOTW?
  5. NCAA Career Special Teams Records Top 20 Kick Return Yards 1. Lester McCorn (MIA), 1,896 kick return yards, S10-S13 - @Cornholio 2. Roosevelt Golden (LSU), 1,885 kick return yards, S6-S9 - @Anthony Ouellet 3. Cameron Millwall (TEX), 1,780 kick return yards, S5-S8 - @stevo 4. Tre Jaguar (USC), 1,754 kick return yards, S9-S12 - @Daybe 5. Boaty McBoatface (ALA), 1,740 kick return yards, S10-S13 - @Enorama 6. Victor Von Vanmort (MIC), 1,697 kick return yards, S12-S15 - @Abaddon 7. Ray Scar (ND), 1,693 kick return yards, S5-S8 - @PigSnout 8. Theo SIlva (USC), 1,592 kick return yards, S1-S4 - @sleepyvato 9. Dewey Jackson (ND), 1,465 kick return yards, S9-S12 - @Tater_Tot 10. Clint Cypher (ND), 1,431 kick return yards, S1-S4 - @Schultzy 11. Michelle Obama (LSU), 1,379 kick return yards, S14-S17 - @fonziGG 12. Tragedy Helmsley (MIC, ND), 1,337 kick return yards, S7-S9 - @Evans 13. Henry Erikson (ORE, LSU), 1,334 kick return yards, S8-S11 - @TheMemeMaestro 14. Lynn Stallworth (ORE), 1,311 kick return yards, S3-S6 - @hockeyis66 15. Ito Bush (MIA, ORE), 1,297 kick return yards, S15-S18 - @Bushito 16. Danton Howlson (ORE), 1,266 kick return yards, S12-S14 - @DonCutta190 17. Harry King Jr (ND), 1,232 kick return yards, S12-S15 - @11 Eleven T18. Isaac Martin (ALA), 1,228 kick return yards, S6-S9 - @Jetsqb101 T18. Desmond King (USC), 1,228 kick return yards, S10-S12 - @solas 20. Bucko Kilroy (ALA), 1,212 kick return yards, S1-S3 - @Spanx
  6. NCAA Career Passing Records Top 20 TD:INT ratio (minimum 400 attempts) 1. Logan Crawford (ALA), 2.80 TD:INT ratio, S8, S10 - @Symmetrik 2. Drew McPewPewPew (ORE), 2.67 TD:INT ratio, S11 - @MMFLEX 3. Teppei Renomitsu (ORE), 2.14 TD:INT ratio, S14-S15 - @Renomitsu 4. Max Byrd (MIC), 2.13 TD:INT ratio, S13 - @Trifecta 5. Harlon Connecticut (ORE), 1.69 TD:INT ratio, S8-S10 - @AW13 6. Nathan Lee (USC), 1.59 TD:INT ratio, S1-S3 - @124715 7. Ja LongArm (TEX), 1.56 TD:INT ratio, S7-S18 - @denns 8. Kaden Carter (TEX), 1.53 TD:INT ratio, S7-S8 - @Shaka 9. Martin Isaac (ALA),1.52 TD:INT ratio, S6-S9 - @Jetsqb101 10. Vince Carswell (TEX), 1.49 TD:INT ratio, S14-S16 - @LittleRiDog T11. Kai Wang (ALA, ND), 1.43 TD:INT ratio, S1-S4 - @punkhippie T11. John Smith (MIC), 1.43 TD:INT ratio, S7-S10 - @J.G.10 T11. Anderson Muller (USC), 1.43 TD:INT ratio, S9-S12 - @Sova T14. Dropstar Fromtable (LSU), 1.41 TD:INT ratio, S14-S16 - @DWill T14. Handsome Jack (USC), 1.41 TD:INT ratio, S16-S18 - @emidas T16. Gavin Rose (MIC), 1.38 TD:INT ratio, S9, S11-S12 - @PigSnout T16. Shawn Brady (ND), 1.38 TD:INT ratio, S10-S13 - @TheLastOlympian 18. Lyle Garrison (OSU, ORE), 1.36 TD:INT ratio, S4-S7 - @TheMemeMaestro 19. Michael Houston (MIA), 1.34 TD:INT ratio, S3-S6 - @Michael Houston 20. Matt Saracen (TEX), 1.31 TD:INT ratio, S10-S13 - @jmoney
  7. Can't wait for the 10-year anniversary of the day football died in Canada.
  8. 1. Under 2. Khalil Carson 3. Anchorage Storm 4. Over 2,250 yards 5. Davis 6. Over 7. Teppei Renomitsu 8. Killowe 9. Worse 10. Exactly 2
  9. By winning the TE of the Year Award in Season 20, Himalaya Griffintown didn't realize he was adding his name to a very exclusive group. In fact, despite the award being around for the first two decades of existence of the EFL, only 8 different players have ever put their hands on it, meaning that the winners got an average 2.5 TEotY Awards in their trophy case, leaving none to be shared among the countless other tight ends. This immediately propels Griffintown in an elite group of Joplo Crittenden - which is fitting, knowing that's what the trophy will be called starting next season - Commander Warsmoke, Suspicious Dave, Bobby Collins, Stephen Loth, Johnny Bravo and... well, it's not an exclusively elite group because I have no idea who Kobe Kleener is. Furthermore, Griffintown is one of only 4 tight ends to win the award at both the collegial and professional level, joining Crittenden, Bravo and Dave in this even more exclusive group. The fact the same players win this award over and over again makes sense. It's not a sexy position, very few members create tight ends and are motivated for long enough that they became award-worthy talents. But this exclusive group is probably on the verge of exploding, with Griffintown making the first push for the next generation of tight end greats. So here's a shortlist of tight ends who could had their names to this list soon enough: - Matt Saracen has been on the losing side of a couple of close TEotY races, most recently last season, when he lost to Griffintown by only a couple of votes. He'll start regressing next season, when he'll be starting his 9th campaign, but he probably has enough fuel in the tank to be a competitive big man for another 2 or 3 seasons. - Kip Silver is what I'd consider Griffintown's biggest rival in the years to come. Awards will depend on how their respective teams use both of them, but he has the raw talent to retire with more than one Joplo Crittenden Awards. - Antonio Gonzalez is another player that could steal Griffintown a couple of awards. The 4th-season tight end is great at both catching the ball and blocking, but might be limited by the Mambas' crazy passing offense. - Cormorant Bumberpuff might not be in the EFL yet, but if Griffintown was able to win the award in only his 2nd pro season, that means Bumberpuff might only be two seasons removed from making such splashes on the biggest stage. Can Griffintown protect the exclusivity of his little group? Can he fight off these 4 aggressors trying to destroy the sanctity of the Joplo Crittenden Award and win each and every one of these until he retires? Probably not.
  10. "And for the fourth time today, the Herd recovers the ball on the kickoff return fumble by rookie Pharaoh Aardvark. This is a blood bath. For the love of the game, please change the channel. This is not American Football anymore. This is torture in its purest form."
  11. Can we maybe touch the ball once now?
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