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  1. Venom Press Conference -- 1. How do you feel being a Venom -- 2. Who do you think the best player on the team is -- 3. Who's the best AD -- 4. What are your goals for this season -- 5. Where did you get your players name from -- 6. What's your favorite genre of music -- 7. Do ya'll got tiktok -- 8. Chicken Wings or Pizza -- 9. Last throw to win the Superbowl who ya got -- 10. Who's the best player in ECFA history -- 11. What is ur emotion after a great play -- 12. How has your 2021 been treating you
  2. S25 Venom Signing Day -- 5 Million (2/4) Terry Marshall RB - @Ty3 Jaylen Moore Jr QB - @Malikk Quadri -- 3 Million (4/7) Rinis Kroks CB - @hedgehog337 Krisis Knarins WR - @hedgehog337 Brian Moreau WR - @weekz Smal Virgin FB - @Retu Charles Allen RB - @Wally -- 2 Million (1/7) Peter Parker RB - @Spartan
  3. Come here for goated Deotne content
  4. Coming out of college Deonte didn't have as much hype as other players did. It was even speculated he might have gone undrafted. In the 2nd round he heard his named called. He was heading to New York. He'd been the first in his family to go pro. He arrived in New York ready to work. -- In training camp he worked his way up the depth chart. He was usually one of the last to leave . He and Apollo quickly became close. They were always challenging each other no matter what it was. Whether it was during training or when they were supposed to be relaxing. Pre-Season came along and he got his f
  5. My player is so elite it's actually a turn on
  6. Venom Questions -- 1. If you were to reflect on your high school career how would you describe it? 2. What drove you to football? 3. Is individual Success more important than team success? 4. How important is education to you? 5. Do you have a player you say you emulate the most? 6. How would you describe yourself in a locker room 7. Which one of you is faster? 8. What's the most you can lift?
  7. Terry Played better than Kam btw
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