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  1. Hey so i did draft graphics, but vhl manager is odd and requires me to make a newlink so ima just use this. dont comment on this or ill poke you
  2. Sorry that was mean of me, but foreal it would be nice if you came in to improve your skills, theres alot of people who have a negative opinion (graphic wise) on you and its not fair to you to be honest but also not fair to them since this is their league too and they want it too look well y'know. So if you want the invite cool lets do it, if not its fine
  3. actually if hard feelings makes you join to improve then make them hard idc
  4. I have a graphic competition that you can join to help improve your graphics cus, this aint it chief, no hard feelings but ur kinda trash.
  5. Im a self proclaimed play boi
  6. Hes not a snack at all, my guys skin feels like a rock. And his jaw is pointier than keemstars beard
  7. 1: Well, ive been here for a bit now, but my first impressions of the league were "Wow this is like the sba" 2: I just kinda wanna be good lol 3: I have no idea since i dont really know football lik ethat 4: The Steam of course
  8. My guy is looking like a cheez-it
  9. You put your textures on his face, and now it looks like he has grooves and bumps on his face, same with the glass
  10. Totally unrelated but why is my guys face like super bumpy and textured? looks like his face has like ridges
  11. 5 layer trash graphic smh
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