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    mayne post sumn on here, i keep clicking back just for it to be a ghost town, 8 views but 0 comments help a young man out
  2. Studian sports is committed to helping players improve themselves both on and off the field boasting some of the best EFL players to ever do it such as Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, alongside Gorgon Gordon and Xavier Hills We also manage VHL players such as Angel Wachiure as well as the retired Xavier Hills who moved onto the efl, Lastly in the SBA we managed Xav Willy, Alex Wright, Shakobi Battle, Keshawn Harris, and Chih Han Chen.
  3. Steam in shambles ngl
  4. 1: I played football, like a football player would 2: Me and this SBA player Xav Willy were just chilling in San Diego/ 3: Dried Potato Skins 4: Not really any, I liked it, but it was boring. 5: 16-0 What else can I say. 6: About 800 yards and 10 touchdown 7: I bought a New mansion and Lamborghini, but im broke now and have to work at mcdonalds on the side, wojuldnt reccomend 8: Getting faster, I already beat Usain bolts world record time to break the limit of whats humanly possible and be able to run at 90 MPH, GODSPEED!
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    I tried

    I tried for a vintage anime style sig, came out more like a trash sig, but it is what it is
  6. I am also interested in the graphic position, Can do player or presentation, I was part of the team responsible for last seasons draft graphics (me and hatty)
  7. Hey so i did draft graphics, but vhl manager is odd and requires me to make a newlink so ima just use this. dont comment on this or ill poke you
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