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  1. Well, that wasn't fun. Lol Oh well, luck is gonna swing the Pirates way in due time. GG to the Wraiths, congrats on y'all first win of the season.
  2. Lmfao I'm watching a match with Randy Orton on YouTube as I read this, it's gotta be fate!!!!
  3. Hush, team that has more wins than mine Lol
  4. If we're gonna take a L today, hopefully the Encounter can get it done and keep us in the race. Keep em held off so we can make the late season grind for that 4th spot
  5. Let's go Pirates and Encounter!
  6. Keep it going, Herd!!!!!
  7. Looking into the high-octane twin sensation of Apollo King and Clinton King, its easy to see that their second bite of the Big Apple is giving them the juice to prove that they belong in this league. Yin and Yang are blowing expectations out of the water for second year players in the big leagues and the fact that they are doing it against the best of the best is what makes their jump from year one to year two so remarkable. Both players getting ample time to shine, its easy to see that the New York Herd General Manager @oilmandan is banking on their progress to be the foundation of the team working its way to being legitimate contenders in the EFL.Winning three of their first five games is a hell of a start but its time to dive a little deeper into how they've performed this season. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Rushing Towards Greatness Apollo King wasn't nervous when the reigns of the feature back was bestowed to him after the end of last season from his really good friend Starscream. After plugging in however he could as the #2 (sometimes #3) Running Back, he's taken his new found power and took it to heights most didn't think possible. At this point of the season, YIN has compiled well over 500 yards rushing in five games. Add three rushing TDs to go along with them with carrying a respectable four yards a carry. After being used heavily in the passing game last season, his load on that end hasn't changed one bit. Currently holding three touchdowns in that area, already breaking his personal season record in a span of five games (two last season). Just to add another wrinkle in his game, he tries his hand at Special Teams and Apollo showcased what made him famous in Roswell, returning a 101 yard kick return for a touchdown against the Mambas. Speaking of Roswell, he managed to make the Roswell/Miami Hall of Fame and was inducted during halftime of the Encounter's win against the Manchester Lookout. He's been doing the right things since day one. Always keeping his strengths with him and going hard in the paint whenever possible. He liked the grittiness of the position and there's more to his game than he probably realizes. I got a feeling he's gonna make the Herd fanbase proud for years to come. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Shutting Down The Critics Clinton King has been with his brother since the beginning and looking back at his career before the EFL, he wasn't exactly the most faithful to a university. Playing for three different teams in the same amount of years brought a lot of attention as to whether he can stay committed to one team. Well, he's already broke that streak for the Herd, playing his freshman season in New York and before the season started, signing a three year extension to stay here alongside his brother Apollo. Looking at where he is in his second season, he's showing out in every facet. He came into the league as a Pass Rushing LB and is now becoming a source of energy and fire for this Herd defense that currently holds the third best record in the Eastern Conference. YANG has started the season with the second most tackles on the team with 45, already on pace to break his personal best in his freshman campaign (79). To add onto that, he's has the second most sacks on the team with three sacks. Clinton also has a knack for forcing fumbles, notching two in that stat column. He has yet to get his first professional interception but plans on changing that this season. The best he has in the pass defense department is a single pass deflection. The improvement has been paying off in dividends for his overall game and looks to continue growing in the defensive scheme that is putting his name on the map. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX There's no telling how far these two can take the Herd with their amount of work ethic. Having such a strong bond with their teammates is making it easier for them to take off. With the new juice that will be joining them on their journey, you can expect New York to bring home all of the bacon before you can blink. Make sure you take some notes.
  8. At least my homie avenged my team's shortcomings with a extra point. Lol F
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