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  1. Tough breaks and DVR strikes again with a beast squad as always! Best of luck in the next round and good fight by them Pirates, wasn't the greatest of seasons but we'll bounce back.
  2. Beatdown of epic proportions but dem Pirates will get back in the fold. GG Lookout, top of the food chain for a reason.
  3. As a Pirates guy, I'm gonna avoid naming this one. :kekw:
  4. Two goated seniors, I wanna see some more plays from you two and JM @ChefCook33 @lukechezzwoo @Raimond Jimenez
  5. I was hoping for one of those DDSPF "run the ball in obvious passing down situation" type of play here
  6. Oh hell nah, we got a dub to secure! Thanks to everyone for the love!
  7. smh, bot took my yard to make it 69, retiring Lol
  8. Thank you all for stopping by for the end of week 13! Looking forward to see how the games next week will help shape the conferences in check for the playoffs! Stacks signing off!
  9. 1:571st and 10MIA - 43Rush by Flinstone, F. for 2 yds. Tackle by Dunne, T.. 1:281st and 10WIS - 39Brigade Penalty on BOT172, B.: Facemask.
  10. 4:141st and 10MIA - 12Pass by Quebec, J., complete to Meyer, H. for 7 yds. Tackle by Tackle, M.. 3:302nd and 3MIA - 19Rush by Flinstone, F. for 11 yds. Tackle by PalpaTurner, G.. 2:591st and 10MIA - 30Pass by Quebec, J. to Rambo, J. falls incomplete. 2:522nd and 10MIA - 30Rush by Flinstone, F. for 8 yds. Tackle by PalpaTurner, G.. Another chance for the Brigade to get their offense back on.
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