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  1. It is not @Beowoof. Any TI's?
  2. Oh are we voting Nykonax up yet?
  3. Nykonax looking at this and being the GF is like well I know who my first target is now
  4. No, I would have imploded from frustration
  5. Yo guys lets lynch @Nykonax N1
  6. I'm in yes plz, also Vigi should be Jack Sparrow just saying
  7. @HuddleHussy whats going on???? Why is this still a game???
  8. I would do so easily as long as no one made any sharp or sudden movements
  9. Week 6 Alabama v Oregon Notre Dame v USC Texas v Michigan LSU v Miami Week 7 Alabama v Notre Dame Oregon v Texas USC v LSU Miami v Michigan Week 8 Texas v Alabama Notre Dame v LSU Oregon v Miami Michigan v USC
  10. Ok everyone thank you all for participating in this, we now have our 6 winners 1st - McWolf - D3 and D2 2nd - @SnapTackleDrop D2 - D1 3rd @Turts 2 D1's 4th @OrbitingDeath D1 5th @LittleRiDog D1 6th @OnMyWings D1 Congrats to everyone! @Turner if you could please make sure that they get their free weeks from my pool
  11. Coin has been tossed and the result is
  12. Caboose Player 1: Mizzed Tackle FS Butter Fingers WR
  13. Coin has been flipped the result is
  14. Alright everyone so apparently 2 tie breakers wasn't enough for everyone.... Here is where we stand right now 1st - @McWolf T2 - @Turts T2 - @SnapTackleDrop 4th @OrbitingDeath 5th @LittleRiDog T6 - @OscarTheSwagDude @OnMyWings So here is whats going to happen for those of you who are still tied I am going to flip a coin. First person from to each tie to respond gets to call it. Meanwhile CONGRATS to our 4th and 5th place winners, @OrbitingDeath @LittleRiDog ,they will both receive a free week (D1) @Turner
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