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  1. I mean.... this isn't my real DC or real strat...
  2. Hey... at least you're not Sacramento
  3. S25 is finally here! We still have some haters in the crowd who dont believe we have what it takes to roll with the big boys. I think it's high time we prove that we do belong here, and we have what it takes to finally prove our haters wrong. #TusksUp @MMFLEX @Wheaties @okochastar @thatwhitegie @Frostbite @zamir @Rockstar @AW13 @fromtheinside @Garappogoat @Owenthegoon @Lil Karaboğa @RedSus Now for your S25 Captains reveal for defense we have And on offense your captain is...
  4. I know but that doesnt mean we havent bickered about who should have sole possession of it lol
  5. I would have taken over when you left. Basically my options were take Lincoln now or wait another season for Roswell or Sac. At least that was how it was presented to me
  6. Well for once in my life Im going to jump on the bandwagon of sharing what I feel have been my best and even worst decisions in my now almost 7 seasons of being the AD for Lincoln. Lets start it off with the worst ones... Choosing Lincoln to start my AD Career I know what people who have played under me will say about this. But when I was first hired I had the option of picking between Lincoln, Sacramento and Roswell. Obviously I went on to pick Lincoln and started immediately in the middle of S19. That honestly put a lot of undue stress on me to figure my shit out and
  7. Thats gonna be hard since Sharks can't breathe outside of water
  8. Seriously has town lost their damn minds?
  9. Bruh, that's the most NK thing I've seen
  10. Or you know, you're full of shit and a jester/exe trying to cause chaos. No hard feelings of course.
  11. Also considering that lynching either Wheaties or KDD would also confirm either of us. I'm slightly peeved I'm the one who is on the rope.
  12. I'm quite calm to the contrary and my argument has remained the same. I think people are being stupid in believing you, but that's their decision to make.
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