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  1. Hey now don't spread your evil words to us good people. Can't contaminate our pure minds with your filth.
  2. Guys I'm clearly a good guy. Never do a bad thing in my life.
  3. VOTE Goli I guess I'll go with the majority so we actually have a lynching for once and hope for the best. Not sure what to think right now.
  4. VOTE FLEX My results show FLEX has to be evil so I have to assume? Seems we have a few who may be confirmed now so that's good for us.
  5. I investigated him last night too. Your target could be a Framer, Vampire, Jester, or Hex Master.
  6. I think both are sus tbh. Was waiting to see where everyone went with it.
  7. This honestly stands out the most as sus for me. Unvote Goliathus Vote Tac
  8. Yeah that's incriminating unless I'm missing something. I'll happily change if I am. VOTE Goliathus
  9. This seems to match up with my inv results as I wanted to check someone who hasn't said much....so I investigated you: N2: Your target could be a Bodyguard, Godfather, Arsonist, or Crusader.
  10. Sure I'll go with everyone else here. Vote KDD Anyone you guys want me to investigate tonight?
  11. I dont mind investigating him either tbh if you wanna go on other targets.
  12. I'm not jailer expert, but I believe if they execute a townie they can't kill anymore so you typically want to be 100% sure.
  13. There can be multiple investigators. It's not unique.
  14. Gus is the Pinnacle of two face in these gamea I am an Investigator. Last night I investigated @Eaglesfan036 and got: Your target could be a Vigilante, Veteran, Mafioso, Pirate or Ambusher.
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