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    Texas Implosion

    With week five of the NCAA football season underway todays game of Texas vs LSU was a very rare sight to see, the longhorns came in 3-1 hoping to get that fourth win of the season meanwhile LSU at 1-3 losing to Alabama whom Texas beat 61-0 in week one , so in it should have been an easy win for the Longhorns as this was a glorified bye week.Of course the reverse happened as LSU took a lead in first quarter 14-0 and seemed on track until Texas was able to score a touchdown to make 14-6 with PAT being a chip shot, but the kicker Aaron Wright botched it and missed.This would spark the worse game the Freshman would go on to have as Texas would drive down the field and score again only for Wright to miss again and it gets worse with the game close in the the third Wright misses a 43 yarder that would have given Texas a lead.The Longhorn defense through this game held on forcing three out and late in the game forced LSU to a field goal making it 17- 12 Tigers and the Longhorns would once again be in scoring position after driving down the field with ease leaving Wright to kick the field goal. And to keep the streak alive Wright missed a 25 yarder with the fans chanting, "Lionels Better." and booing the kicker, keep in mind this the same guy who helped force OT against USC.After this the LSU offense would falter and have a three and out, but sadly the Texas offense would turn it over with a fumble sealing a Tigers victory and a huge upset .And all over social media Gifs, memes and rants of Texas failure were wide spread all making fun of Wright or just the Longhorns poor performance which did not help the situation at all with some reports saying that Wright out of anger tossed helmet in the trash can.It was clear his confindence was gone after this game. When asked Wright simply refused to comment and walked out of the locker room pissed off and in tears as he costed his team the game against a very poor LSU squad.After all who wouldn't do that if anything Wright should glad he didn't get any death threats from fans yet, time will tell for that asmAaron Wright is officially the most hated man in Texas at the moment. Next week it doesn't get any better for the Longhorns as they face Michigan which should be one of the tougher teams they face all year and loss like this will be damning on the Longhorns player ability to get it done one the field. Prediction This game will be a huge victory for Texas in the rankings if they can get it done, but with Kicker struggles like this it will be hard to tell that's why the MIchigan Might have an easy time of holding a lead , but you can never count the Longhorns out. Texas 20 Michigan 14 - NCAA Insider Word Count:514
  2. Just kick the field goal.\ its on the 16 right?
  3. I don't know how but we still have a chance.
  4. With spring training camp underway, Texas Kicker Aaron Wright has a lot to live up to replacing former Texas Kicker lionel Bands, when asked about it he simply stated, "I try not to think about who i'm replacing or who i'm competing against for the job." Naturally the three star Kicker out of Natick, MA has critics after footage of his struggles during camp with accurate kicks and distance was posted on Youtube with some saying that a walk on would much better option at kicker for the longhorns, with even current De Salle Regents Strong Safety Nate Ray saying that he could kicker better than the Longhorn Kicker and that Wright would be a bust. When asked about the comments Wright said, "They don't know what goes into kicking for a team and personally Ray can shut it as he's an idiot and doesn't know anything to be honest." Nevertheless when asked about the teams goal this year Wright was confident that Longhorns would go far this year and possibly make the natty this year."I have a good feeling that we can make a deep run this season and could be in the National Championship this year with group of guys we have on the team." NCAA Insider
  5. Ray leading in tackles like he should
  6. Damn Nate Ray went off in his first game
  7. Name: Aaron Wright Team: Texas Longhorns Workout/Equipment Name: Purchase TPE +6 Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: 2.500,000 Cash you Have:3,000,000 Cash Left:500,000
  8. Growing up in a small city had effect on him from a young age and football was a way to deal with it as all throughout youth with his main goal to make it to the pros.He was star at running back and When he got to high school since there were better kids at his position he made the switch to fullback where would shine as while he didn't get as many touches as he would have liked he proved to to come in clutch when the important moments came up in the late game.Still he has his fair share of problems as he is known to starts fights and go a bit over board with his play with the most notable example being his beef with a certain Kicker taking a shot at him during the play causing a massive brawl that had the fame called. During his senior season of high school he rushed for 1,200 yards on the season with 15 rushing touchdowns and 5 receving touchdowns as a fullback, had recorded 10 pancake blocks and even had a 50 passing yards showing off his potential use to a team. Sadly he is only projected as three star and he remains unsigned as this current moment.
  9. Aaron Wright for the most part was a soccer kid growing up having many accolades and making his high schools Varsity team as a freshmen , but soon dropped the sport after having a lack of interest in the sport picking up Football, playing Kicker and Linebacker.From day one He proved as a kicker that he was best in the area, being able to hit 50 yard kicks with ease minus some accurcy issues and for the most part carried the load for when offense couldn't put points on the board and helped pin teams within the ten yard on kickoffs. This is without getting into his hitting as he did play linebacker at 190 lbs so he often got on the internet for his hitting skills for a Kicker which gave him a sense of swagger and a target on his back as he would often get into with opposing players including a certain fullback.Often making jokes about it and soon enough he started getting compared to Pat Macfee for his style of energy he would bring which very similar to Macfee. Currently he is rated as a three star recruit which for a Kicker is something to proud about Career Highlights -Career Field Goal percentage of 87 percent -Not a single missed PAT -All time leader in points for his school -55 yard walk off in overtime to help his team win a State title
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