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  1. Aaron Wright will enter the EFL Draft Jeff Warren will be retiring
  2. edit: Updater, if this entry is in the players update this week you are to deny it. User has been informed of the changes to the EFLO store to purchase tpe. Name: Aaron Wright Team: Death Valley Rangers Workout/Equipment Name: Purchase TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): +4 TPE Cost of Workout: 2,000,000 Cash you Have:2,000,000 Cash Left:0
  3. FNHurts

    S20 ECFA Week 3

    Please don't miss come on its the first attempt of the day.
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    S20 ECFA Week 1

    Only down two touchdowns to the Rangers, not what I expected.
  5. Now in his third year Rangers Kicker Aaron Wright announced yesterday over twitter that he would be declaring for the season 21 EFL draft, this a pretty shocking move considering when the year he was coming off of was not the best in terms of his production when it came to field goals, but wright was quoted saying "I feel like I can improve my stock with all work I've done this offseason so i'm confident it will show when the season starts." Still the reception has not been great by fans saying that Wright wouldn't be missed if he declared or that he could be easily replaced by another Freshman Kicker.Wright didn't seem to care that much as he was quoted "You miss a few kicks and fans will rag on you for it, This nothing new that i've been dealing with since my Freshman year."Overall it seems like he doesn't cares for what the fans think if they never gave shit about him` in the first place. When asked about how his teammates and Coaches will react to news Wright had this to say " There will be some questions, but they'll understand that its mu choice to declare so I'll can say is that Tac better find a new Kicker soon."Wright's impact on the team may have been small , but his attitude and how he held himself in the teams locker room will something that sticks and field goals can tell a story like that. ECFA Insider
  6. Name: Jeff Warren Team: Grand Rapids Growlers Workout/Equipment Name: 6 TPE +1 Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: $3 Million Cash you Have: $3 Million Cash Left: 0
  7. Name: Aaron Wright Team: Death Valley Rangers Workout/Equipment Name: 6 TPE +1 Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: $3 Million Cash you Have: $3 Million Cash Left: 0
  8. Jeff Warren Freshman year was pretty good considering the team he'd play for the worst team in the ECFAt hat being the Grand Rapids Growlers, a team that went 1-15 making NCAA Alabama proud .Warren showed how effective that he was at tackling racking up 41 tackles for a cornerback, but he also racked up 9 pass deflections and 3 interceptions on the year showing he can also be a okay pass defender on the college level. When asked about his future with the team he simply said that he has all the intention to stick around as he would most likely not get any other playing time anywhere else if he did transfer.How felt losing. multiple games in row was something else, he was quoted as being optimistic after every game knowing that eventually they would get a win and when they id, they would tear down the goalposts. It would happen when the Growlers beat the Venom 28-10 and while Warren didn't have a great game only have one tackle and one deflection it still was a team win at the end of the day.Andthe locker room was just as shocked and happy they won a game. One good Warren did have was where he had two pass deflections and an interception in one game against the Athens carnage while thats isn't much its something considering the team he played on.One thing Warren hopes is that they can improve next season and hopefully win at least three games because there is nowhere to game but up.When asked about the future of the team going forward Warren was quoted saying, "At least 3 wins next season as I feel we have improved alot since the end of the season."
  9. 1.Yep, hell coach Tac is the one who's embraced it most. 2.Winning is never boring , if anything we should be glad we can put out a contender every year. 3.Besides our motto I don't think we really have any other traditions that I can think of 4.Tripp, dude looks like our logo and looks like leader material. 5.Uh no comment I don't want t hurt anyones feelings here. 7.Depends, if I make my kicks then yes if not then i'm the most hated player out there. 10.Honestly It doesn't bother me as long as there's no weird shit going I can care less 12.Jeff Warren From Grand Rapids, dude is pretty chill guy and looks like he can win Heisman someday.
  10. Name:Aaron Wright Team: Death Valley Rangers Workout/Equipment Name:Purchase TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): 12 TPE Cost of Workout: 5 million Cash you Have:5 million Cash Left:0 Name:Jeff Warren Team:Grand Rapids Growlers Workout/Equipment Name:Purchase TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): 6 TPE Cost of Workout:2,500,000 million Cash you Have:3 million Cash Left:500,000
  11. Wright was a top kicker in High school he never really got any offers with the only one coming from the University of Texas and he expected without any hesitation.Coming into his Freshman year at Texas it was expected to be that he would easily come in continue to dominate in college and for the most part it did seem like that early in the season leading the NCAA in kicking for a short time.Until the first matchup against LSU, game in his control and he misses multiple kicks that would make Blair Walsh and Gary Anderson look better in comparison.Texas would lose the game because of this and Wright blamed himself for the loss as it seemed the Kicker finally had a bad game for the first time in his career. He would bounce back and hit a new career long a few games later and and get his revenge against LSU.And while the Longhorns were knocked out of the playoffs by Oregon, Wright was still able to forced overtime with a last second field goal only for the horns to lose in OT.With reason for this comeback being that LSU game, using that game as motivation to work harder and practice more on kicks to make sure he wouldn't miss again. Overall it has been an up and down season for the Freshman with the sky being limit in his improvement in then near future as the NCAA head into a new direction as it expands and rebrands itself.Death Valley will be back next year.
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