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  1. Thanks man! I will celebrate that touchdown over a bag of Jalapeno Chips
  2. Sorry but we have more better hype that is supposedly "overhyped" than you
  3. How did I do? I can see the pictures?
  4. I'm not sure how to feel about Hawaii, I'm just a biased Washington fan though...
  5. Man, I just can't wait for the season! I mean the High School League I'm dominating, just imagine me during the regular season! But that's beside the point, also thanks O-Lineman! Life in South Beach is awesome! I really have settled in on campus and have learned some cool stuff. I am studying Business and Social Sciences and have some great teachers. I love traveling North to Melbourne Beach and spending weekends there with @StackTheRacks12. I know most of the time people at the same position are competitors, but Apollo and I are great friends, he (besides coach) has been a great person to hang out with and mentor me at RB. I also gotta say, Cuban Sandwiches are bomb. Who ever made them should be given a Noble Peace Prize. So the guys name is Francisco Ferlita and he made the sandwich in 1896, nice. Have I mentioned the Miami Zoo? It's a great place to go to! When the EFL season starts I will be going to Neptune games hopefully, my college career has just started, so my chances are high to go to one. Before I continue I just want to shoutout @LittleRiDog for recruiting me to Miami, this wouldn't be possible without him and he was the only guy that reached out, they had a need, and they picked me! So thanks man! Alright back to the main broadcast. I love going to Bayside Marketplace in Miami. Laserland is a really cool 3D art place that provides some fun time to kill. Champs Sports of course is a great spot to go to. And how can I say no to Crocs, I have 5 pairs, especially one for the U. Disney is a childhood memory so I can't not go there! Foot Locker is a great store for those who don't know, go there, quit reading this right now and go! If you're a gamer like me, you like some stuff at GameStop, NCAA 14 brings back memories and thanks to the 'Stop I got it! I like shopping at GAP, and Victoria Secret...Just kidding...unless? Little Havana provides a nice spot to have a day at, I tried Cuban Coffee there, would recommend for an all-nighter for college students with an exam. You have to go to Calle Ocho while you are there, Tuna Tiradito is a great fish dish with a nice Peruvian touch to it! And of course, I'm an athlete, so parks are in my DNA! David T. Kennedy Park is a great park! Free Yoga on weekends, so my flexibility is nice somedays. You can find someone playing sports at any time! A.C.'s Icee Truck is a great spot to cool of at after a long humid workout, and for an icee in general. Well that's it, I kinda gave a mini review of my life down south, i'll do one every year about Miami and how it changed. So if you have any recommendations let me know! Don't get me wrong that I get homesick, but I really have found a good second home in South Beach.
  6. I havent been under 100 yards yet im a workhorse
  7. Im absolutely a beast, pure 24k
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