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  1. Pengu

    The North

    It's been a riot but now Pengu Lee sits on a bench... but not in a stadium. Refusing to retire, but all teams refused to hire him in free agency has been painful. But a penguin never forgets. If you frequent Minnesota's provincial parks, and you like to venture off the hiking trails, you might be able to find Mr. Lee training. However, he's not training himself but a new a young kid. Will this be the return of the flipper style of throwing? Time will tell. As much as Pengu's skills are deteriorating he learns something new every day and passes on all his knowledge. Expect great things from this Pengu 2.0. Sammo Waddlesworth, his brother in arms, might not have had as successful a career but he made his mark on the world as one of the best linebackers that played. Now he sits collecting a pay cheque, and returning to his martial arts roots. I mean tai chi in the park is cool right? Regardless Waddlesworth, similarly to Lee, has decided to pick up a pupil just like their old master picked them up. If you look hard enough Memphis' provincial parks you'll see trees knocked over with the force of a bear, however all they could find was football boot marks.
  2. Pengu

    The North

    Pengu Lee back at it again with a player brand and oh boy oh the last one was almost a year ago. A lot has changed for your All Star, Hall of Fame worthy Quarterback penguin. That's right. After a trade to the New York Herd, which resulted in another trade to Minnesota Frontier. Leaving baggage behind meant getting over being drafted so low. Leaving baggage behind meant forgetting about how incapable my play was. However, by leaving it all behind I was able to accept the word of Coach Reno. Under his tenure we've been to Conference finals. We won a championship and were robbed of one. Even the new Coach Ray we've been leaving our mark like unspoiled Dorito chip dust flaking in the winds of change. However, we keep getting robbed of our rightful Championship. Oh well. I'm glad to have met a wonderful cast of hardworking players. I'm glad my talent speaks for itself. I'm glad the people who passed on me have now voted I was a Quarterback of the Year. Man what a story. I suspect my days are ending soon but at I'll try and stay in the game for as long as possible.
  3. Pengu Lee is friggin awesome!!!
  4. some int right now or else
  5. nice throw pengu :c
  6. Hopefully my flappers are flapping right today
  7. Cookies and Cream
  8. #Earth-Day 1. As a public figure do you think it is ok to use your public platform to get political? Yes. Save my poles. 2. April 22nd is Earth day, did you do anything special to commemorate the day? Planted some trees and drank some cold hard lemonade 3. What is one environmental concern that you would be willing to be the face of ? What would you like to change? Climate change. Stop melting my home. 4. Are you an outdoorsy person? What do you like to do outside? How do you enjoy our natural world? Ice fish. Fish. Eating fish. Love the cold and the artic and alaska and antartica 5. Do you remember the first time you played football? what was the weather like? Cold, brisk, and I think it was snowing. 6. If we all planted trees and they grew based on the premise that they reflected our talent, how would your tree grow. What type of tree did you plant to reflect you? It would've started as a small sapling unable to get nutrients because of the other big trees... But the other big trees got cut down for lumber, and now as the sole tree I've been able to get the nutrients to grow into a Yggdrasil and its not profitable to cut down just me cause theres no other trees around. #Team-Work-Makes-The-Dream-Work 7. It's hard being a a team with so many wonderful people, no only do we compete with the other teams but we also compete and help each other gain stats and prestige. Do you ever find this dynamic hard to deal with? No, the only one making noise now is our coach. 8. What team do you think will surprise ppl the most and has come together in the offseason thus far? Us, for sure! Talent and timing. 9. Does attitude matter? Do you think your moods and words affect your teammates? Yes. No one likes a rotten randy. 10. In the end all we have is each other, tell me something nice you did for a teammate. I replied to their ping. 11. If you had a dream or a goal for the end of this season, what is it? Do you think it will change? Well I got 3 awards somehow so thats cool. 12.) As much as loving on your team can be fun, giving yourself some love is important. so lets all practice some self love and thank ourselves for something ;D Yes?
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