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  1. Lets Goooo! Good win Michigan. Great bounce back from our previous game.
  2. Week 6 Oregon USC Michigan Miami Week 7 Notre Dame Oregon USC Michigan Week 8 Texas LSU Oregon Michigan
  3. Oscar 1. Who do you think is the better player, you or your brother? 2. When you were growing up, was there anyone you looked up to and wanted to be like? 3. Is there anyone in the EFL who you would consider your rival? 4. When you retire, do you think that you will make it into the Hall of Fame? LaVar 1. In your opinion, who is the better player, you or your brother? 2. When you were growing up, did you idolize anyone? 3. Do you have a rival in the EFL? 4. When you are retired, do you think that you will make the Hall of Fame?
  4. Not the best game for us, but we will come back stronger next game. Let's go Michigan.
  5. Week 3 Seattle New Orleans Miami New York Week 4 Seattle San Antonio Los Angeles Miami Week 5 Seattle Wisconsin New York Miami
  6. Let's go Michigan and continue the hot start.
  7. Let's go Michigan, time to start the season off right.
  8. Username: JorgTheGoat03 QB: Ja Longarm $6 RB: Gus Bus $3 WR: Ivan Zamora Jr. $7 WR: Deep Golding $4 Flex: Tre'Von Nailor $2 TE: Ay Pee E $4 K: Andy Mortenson (Michigan kicker) $1 DST: Michigan $3
  9. Week 1: Seattle, New York, San Antonio, New Orleans Week 2: Seattle, San Antonio,New York, Wisconsin
  10. Week 1: Texas, ND, Oregon, USC Week 2: LSU, Texas, ND, USC
  11. This is the only way that I could upload it.
  12. Name: Andy Mortenson Team: Michigan Workout/Equipment Name: Purchase TPE Equipment Gain: 4 TPE Cost of workout: $2,000,000 Cash you have: $2,000,000 Cash left: $0
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