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  1. Toronto somehow has the same record as SF. This does not feel right.
  2. Cole Kelley is still a beast. And it has been a couple seasons since he and Falk went at it
  3. What a game from Ioanni. Maybe next time he takes that one step for the defensive TD as well.
  4. Death taxes, losing to Wisconsin in the Finals
  5. Congrats Lookout, great to see them continuing that excellence.
  6. Can I retract my extension @NotSoGood88?
  7. Well, that was a good first quarter. So good that Beo refused to pass me the ball afterwards
  8. Tough games ahead for both teams. Hopefully we get some more wins nontheless
  9. Nice stats for Ioanni, but another tough loss
  10. Toronto is not good at this whole tanking thing
  11. Close losses hurt. Guess we will look for next season
  12. Damn, Wisconsin ran all over our secondary
  13. And just like that it was over. The first round loss of the Denver Steam to the Los Angeles Reign in the first round of the playoffs marked the end of two great stretches. For one it marked the end of the Steam franchise for the foreseeable future. But it also marked the end of Masood McCauleys 11 season career. While the former Defensive Player of the Year was only a shell of his former glory, he still managed to add 4 interceptions and 12 Pass Deflections to his portfolio, cementing his place in the All-Time Leader lists. “Not going to lie, it feels bad. Its not that long ago that we went to four consecutive EFL Finals. Four. We dominated our conference for the most part of the 20s and just because the current younglings aren’t looking that good, the league decides to contract the Steam? Same for the Wolverines. It just leaves a bad taste behind. But it is what it is.” When asked about his career retroperspective, McCauley shared the following. “It still feels surreal that its all over. When I started out in Oregon or Anchorage, it felt like the sky was the limit. I made up for Julians (Falk) mistakes every game, and eventhough we got drafted to different teams, we were able to revive that successful formula on the steam. We won a chip, we both won our respective awards and I could honestly not be more satisfied with it.”
  14. Can someone help me find out why my WR is doing well? Unfortunate loss but yet another 100 yard game
  15. Algren really loves his interceptions
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