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  1. Pirates out there ruining everyones bets. Good game guys
  2. After being named the ECFA Cornerback and Defensive Player of the Year, Masood McCauley ended his offseason on another high, being drafted second overall by the San Francisco Frenzy. But once he hit the EFL, reality got back to him soon enough. McCauley had an incredible preseason game, deflecting 3 passes and intercepting 2 more but he was not able to translate this success to the regular season. He would appear in the upper side of the Pass Deflection leaders early on, but he slowed down quickly and proved to be unable to intercept any passes in his first 12 games. Finally he managed t
  3. Coming of a Defensive Player of the Year and Cornerback of the Year, hopes were high for Masood McCauley as the San Francisco Frenzy selected him with the second overall pick. “I am really glad that the Frenzy believed in me with that pick early on, but obviously I began feeling the pressure to perform well from the start” McCauley told reporters recently. According to his preseason debut, he looked like he would live up to the expectations. Being matched up with star Quarterback Teppei Renomitsu, he managed to deflect three passes and intercept one. The Frenzy still lost the game
  4. Julian Falk finished off his three year ECFA career with his first All-American First Team selection, before being drafted by the Denver Steam to become their franchise Quarterback for the future. With the scarcity of open starting positions at the Quarterback position around the league, he did not take the chance for guaranteed. “Everyone around the league knew, one of Randall, Juliet and myself would end up on the bench for some veteran QB. I was confident in my own abilities, but you never know what Front Offices value more.” Entering the season, it quickly became apparent that
  5. Falk rolling on, Frenzy gotta bite at some time
  6. Can't even intercept myself, what a shame
  7. New Week, new chance for masood to get his first Interception. Maybe playing a familiar face will help
  8. Storm have some homework to do for their 8 win per season subscription
  9. All I want for this sim, is to finally get an Interception on McCauley
  10. GOTW means I get to see Falks favourite word "dropped" again. Neat
  11. First chance for my players to trade INTs between each other. McCauley aint saving Falk this time
  12. EFL Predictions Champion: Memphis East Finalist: (New York, Miami, Minnesota, Memphis, Toronto, Wisconsin): Memphis West Finalist: (Denver, Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans): Seattle MVP: Tugg Bote Award: Teppei Renomitsu OPotY: Trey Masters Award: Teppei Renomitsu DPotY: Chocolate Thunder Award: Thorn Forg QB: Martin Isaac Award: Teppei Renomitsu RB: Marcus Johnson Award: Oscar Jebaseelan FB: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. Award: Robert Hunter WR: Colt Cream Award: Taktischer Vorschlaghammer TE: Joplo Crittend
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