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  1. There have been many great athletes passing through the Elite Football League since its inception, but Julian Falk certainly is part of a minority as a german in this sport. Falk started off his career with the newly formed Anchorage Storm of the ECFA. While his rookie season would set a still standing record for most passing yards in a season, he would struggle to put up huge numbers in the following seasons. Part of this perceived stagnation has been the quality of his receiving corps, which lead the league in drops for his sophomore and junior season. The drops would follow Falk into
  2. Come on Denver, time to shift into another gear!
  3. What a game. Seeing Masood save the day is also neat
  4. Time to settle the Salad Debate for now @Kelsier
  5. Steam taking the day off before the playoffs. Not like it has any consequences
  6. 28.8 YPC, 3 TDs. Give McPoyle that WROTY
  7. Lookout rolling on. Business as usual, with VC2 copying his idol Falk with the 1 INT.
  8. Accepted. Time to see what the receiving end feels like.
  9. We will take that W for now. Would rather have it in the playoffs though
  10. Some things never change, DVR always on top.
  11. Need to get back on track, these last couple weeks have been lacking.
  12. Again closer than needed, but we take that W.
  13. Great start to the season. Games against SA are always so close
  14. Champions. After having spent nine seasons playing professional Football, the Denver Steams Julian Falk was finally able to bring a title back home. “Honestly, it still feels so surreal. After all those years of hard work, overcoming failures over and over again just to arrive at this point is a great feeling. It has been magical for everyone of us and this is something we all will never forget.” The Denver Steam spent the last season as the top team of the EFL, leading the west with a 14-2 record. “We really have come a long way. When I arrived in Denver through the draft, the Steam were a ne
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