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  1. The sun is rising over the city of Durban, located in the Province of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Durban is the hometown of Wide Receiver Nsikayesizwe Kolisi, a rising star for the ECFAs Manchester Lookout. Kolisi grew up in Durban, as a member of a family with huge ties to the South African rugby team, the Springboks. As such he seemed destined to pick up the family’s tradition and joined his local youth team when he was just 8 years old. He showed promising signs early on, with a knack for recognizing the open spaces in opposing lines and capitalising off those. But Rugby would not remain the only sport that mesmerized the young South African. It was during his teenage years, that American Football grew increasingly popular around the globe, especially the North American EFL. Many local clubs were founded and Kolisi was on the front of the new wave, playing for the Umlazi Warriors as a primary Running Back. It wasn’t for long until his talents were recognized and he was offered a spot on several training camps in the United States where he could showcase his talent. In the end, he was offered a redshirt scholarship on the Manchester Lookout. Kolisi would undergo a positional switch, focusing on becoming a wide receiver that could create space through his strength to catch even contested passes. While his impact on the Lookouts S28 championship was minimal, he showcased his impact as one of the weapons of Heisman Winner Vince Carswell II in their undefeated season in S29. But Kolisi was not done. During S30, he established himself as one of the best Wide Receivers in the ECFA, a position he filled with pride. He drew the attention from scouts around the league and going into his third scholarship season, Kolisi has set himself one goal: “I have talked this through with my family for a couple of weeks now. My life has changed quite a lot since I have departed from Durban a couple years ago and the change has not stopped yet. My goal for the upcoming season is to prove to EFL Front Offices that I am one of the best receivers out there and worth being drafted in the Season 31 EFL Draft. This will be my goal all season long, while trying to get back on top one more time.”
  2. Congrats to the Frenzy and their season. You guys are still young, the west is yours soon. That being said, back for the fourth time in a row. And this time no Wisconsin. Trying to get the old man one more ring.
  3. Rip the three-/fourpeat dreams Congrats Athens
  4. s/o to Nasty C for the name
  5. You keep on retiring players, not just here, and keep on burning bridges to the people that took a chance on you. Try to go all the way with your guys for once or stop creating. Its for your own sake.
  6. We are really doing this rivalry on the same position again @denns?
  7. Either Masood is washed or they were trying to avoid him at any cost. Cannot decide which though.
  8. Someone paying me more? Just kidding. Accept.
  9. 100 yards, thats nice. And DVR no longer undefeated? God damn
  10. Low scoring games are such a weird thing to witness, after getting used to the EFLs mayhem.
  11. Best of the West and still losing to the Brigade. I have seen this before
  12. Is Chef really talking to himself? Regardless, no stats but a win is a win, even with this version of Toronto
  13. Three interceptions and still a loss by 27. Ouch
  14. Kolisi is allergic to TDs
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